The only one who was ever allowed to throw up on sir Percy's cravat (and the one who did)

When Percy and Andrew entered the bedroom, Marguerite was sitting up in the bed, propped up against soft pillows. Percy looked in wonder at the child in her arms, and he smiled and walked up to fall on his knees beside the bed. He took the baby in his arms, gently cradling it.

"Say hello to Tony" Marguerite said.

"Our own little pimpernel..."

"Oh no, you are not taking him out on one of your adventures!" Marguerite said and laughed.

"Why, I think that he will grow up be just as brave as his mother."

"Or her father, for that matter."

"Brave? Me? Sink me, I am not the one who has just pushed a whole human being out of me!"

They laughed.

"Can I hold him?" Andrew asked.

Percy handed the child over to his friend.

"Look at him" he said. "The only one who will ever be allowed to throw up on my cravat."

"But what about me?" Andrew asked.

"Oh, you are not getting away with that again!" Percy said. "I shall have to challenge you to a duel if you do!"

"Andrew!" Marguerite exclaimed. "Is this true? Did you throw up on Percy's cravat?"

Andrew tried to speak, but Percy interrupted him.

"Oh yes! He was so drunk, you would not imagine..."

"All right, I admit it. Just do not tell Suzanne, will you?" Andrew asked sheepishly.

"Certainly not."

"Oh Percy!" Marguerite said mockingly. "He is your dearest friend, and you will not even allow him to throw up on your cravat?"

"I am afraid not, my lady. Even the greatest of friendships has boundaries."

"And what about love?"

"My darling, you have already thrown up on my shoes."

"I was pregnant!"

"Yes, but not the first time."

"God, how many times has she thrown up on your shoes?" Andrew asked.

"Only twice. But I think that will be enough."

"Certainly" Marguerite said dryly. "Although you asked me to marry you afterwards, so I can hardly complain. But if you ever tell anyone that story, I shall have to divorce you."

Percy looked away, looking slightly guilty.

"You already have, have you not? Oh, Percy!"

"Only to Andrew!" Percy tried to defend himself.

"All right, have you never heard of a woman drunk as a sailor before? It is not only you men who know how to drink!"

"I would never assume, my dear" Percy said.

"I was not the one who passed out on the Prince's ball five years ago" she said triumphantly. "I found him under a table!"

"Andrew tricked me into drinking all that brandy! Besides, I think that our son has heard enough."

"Oh no, do not try to get away, Percy!"

"Certainly not. As long as you do not divorce me."

"Oh, I will not. Our son needs a father, after all. And I do love you."

"And I do love you, my darling" Percy sad and kissed her.

"God, you two are so sweet that I might have to throw up" Andrew said.

"Lord! Just stay away from my cravat, will you?"