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Warning: Will have mild cursing.

You sit there looking at a screen. The screen is at first blank, but then words appear on it. They read,

"Calculating…" You wait for a moment until the words change, "Data calculated, now accessing internal files." On the screen was a loading bar, but it then changed to show a profile. It reads,

"Regiment #: 7

Unit Type: Spartan-2


Naruto (Sierra N-54) O.M. (OOC: For reference, OM stands for Original Member.)

Sakura (Sierra S-238) O.M.

Sasuke (Sierra S-421) O.M.

Kiba (Sierra K-26)

Shino (Sierra S-32)

Shikamaru (Sierra S-122)

Group Status: Red"


"FRAG OUT!" Naruto yelled, throwing a grenade which sent several grunts flying.

"I'll kill you!" yelled a brute, charging at their location.

"Go to hell!" Sasuke knifed the Brute when he came close enough. A grunt threw a plasma grenade into their trench.

"Move, move, move!" They moved out of the way as it blew up. Luckily, it only affected their energy shields.

"Last mag!" Kiba yelled after he emptied a clip into a brute.

"Here, borrow mine." Naruto said, giving him a magazine.

"Thanks." Everyone shot at the enemies. A blue beam shot at the group, barely missing.

"CRAP! Shino, sniper!" Shino switched to his sniper rifle, and counter-sniped a jackal. After killing the jackal, the group of covenant retreated.

"Everyone okay?" Sakura asked, pulling out her med kit.

"Yeah." They said.

"Good." She put it back.

"Alright, let's get back in there." Naruto ordered. They turned around and went into a building behind the trench.

"Status Report everybody." Naruto said.

"Green." They all said.

"Good, a supply pelican's coming our way. We're to defend the base until then, and when it get's here, we're to provide back up to a nearby unit. Got it?"


"Alright guys, fill up your guns, we're likely to get another raid by the covenant soon." A fuel rod cannon blast impacted against the wall, blowing a hole in it.

"Exactly my point. Once you're ready get to the trench!" Naruto ran out the door and dove into the trench, narrowly avoiding a fuel rod cannon blast.

"That idiot's gonna get killed some day!" Sakura muttered to herself. They filled up their guns, and entered the trench as Naruto did. They shot at the group of covenant, mostly the brute commander that blew a hole in the side of the building. He may have had a powerful weapon, but luckily he wasn't exactly a good shot. His blasts just ended up impacting either in front or behind the trench.

"Someone, throw a grenade at the Commander, I'm out." Sasuke was about to say "Sure" but, Sakura butted in.

"Why didn't you grab one before you dove into the trench?"

"I forgot."

"Idiot!" She bonked him on the head.


"GUYS, this isn't the time or place to have one of your "love" fights. We could get killed." Sakura looked at Shikamaru, but he couldn't tell what her expression was because of her helmet. 'Probably pissed…' He thought. She was actually blushing furiously. Meanwhile, Sasuke hurled a grenade at the Commander, killing him and several other covenant in the process. A wraith came into view, a ways away from them.

"OUT, OUT, OUT!" They got out of the trench when a blast from the wraith practically destroyed it.


"Right." She pulled out a Spartan Laser and blew up the Wraith. The covenant retreated.

"Back to the base!" They went back to the base. Kiba went up to his war dog, who was tied up to the corner.

"Hey Akamaru, it's all right now okay?" Akamaru was panting happily.

Naruto picked up the walky-talky which just beeped.

"Yeah? Over."

"Pelicans inbound. Watch out for tangos. Over."

"Got it. Over." He picked up a backpack, and stuffed food and other supplies in it such as grenades, magazines, extra knives, etc.

The Pelicans were heading towards the building as promised, but one thing or rather two unexpected things were following up right behind it. Some banshees were firing at it.

The group fired at it, bringing one down with bullets, and the other with Sakura's Spartan Laser. The two pelicans landed next to the base, both of the pilots got out.

"Thanks for the assist." They got back in, and dropped two Warthogs and other supplies down. They flew away.

Naruto and the others stored the supplies in the backpack, and got into the Warthog.

"I'm driving." Naruto said.

"I'll ride." Sakura said.

"I got turret." Sasuke said.

"I'll drive." Shino said.

"I call shotgun!" Kiba said both him and Akamaru scampering into the side seat.

"Guess I'll shoot." Shikamaru said. They drove a ways until they came to a covenant road block. They killed everyone there, even going so far as to blow up the sniper's post.

"You're in a violent mood today." Naruto said happily.

"What? I don't like covenant." Sasuke replied. They drove on for awhile until both drivers stopped.

"What's wrong?" Kiba asked.

"We're here." Shino said, pointing to a large group of covenant ahead of them.

"They haven't spotted us yet, so we should make a plan right now." Shikamaru yelled to the other Warthog.

"What do you have in mind?" Naruto yelled back.

"You guys go head on and distract them; we'll go around and flank them. We'll meet up at the base that's currently being occupied by our troops."

"Sounds like a plan, Stan!" Naruto drove forward, going straight for the Covenant while Shino drove around to flank them. Naruto rammed an Elite, sending it flying into another elite which had an energy sword. Sakura killed it, while Sasuke shot at other Covenant. Naruto drove into a brute, killing it instantly.

Shino was driving around them, when they came up to a road block.

"Crap, they have this path secured!" Shikamaru yelled.

"Can't we just plow through it?"

"Yeah, but it's going to be harder since we don't have the others with us this time."

"We won't die will we?"

"You know as well as I do that that's never a guarantee."

"Let's do it then." Kiba always treated that kind of answer from Shikamaru as whatever he wanted to hear.

"Fine." Shikamaru started firing at the road block, but nobody fired back.

"Hm… Seems deserted…" A Chieftain could be seen yelling "RAAAAH!" and charging towards their vehicle.

"Never mind. Back, back, back!" Shino went in reverse as Shikamaru shot at it with his turret, managing to kill it before it turned on its invincibility.

"Go, go, go!" Shino drove through the road block. He eventually came to the army of covenant, and plowed through that, coming to the base where their fellow soldiers were. They drove into its vicinity, then got out and ran into the base.

"You guys are here just in time!" A marine said, "We couldn't have held out much longer…"

"Just be glad we're here."

Meanwhile, Naruto's warthog was driving up through the army of covenant. He swerved out of the way of a rock, but instead ran into another one. This sent the warthog flying. It did several flips before it landed in front of the base, almost crashing into it. As they got out, Sakura started yelling at Naruto with her helmet in her hand.

"HEY! Where the hell did you get your drivers license, the back of a rations box!?"

'Sakura looks really pretty today…" Naruto thought, just staring at her with his helmet still on.

"You know what?! I shouldn't even expect any less of you any more! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!?"

"Hm, what?"

"Idiot!" She bonked him on the head.

"Ow, that hurt Sakura!"

"That's the point, dummy!"

"…You're Sergeant Naruto, right?"


"Yeah, he is. I've got no idea how the hell he got to a higher rank than us, but yeah, he is." Sakura said.

"…Well, I was told to give you this." The marine gave Naruto a clipboard.

"What is it?"

"It says all the soldiers that are in this unit."

"Why're there x's beside some of the names?"

"Those are the people who're dead."

"Oh, right." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Well, you guys should come with me. I'll take you to our sergeant, but I gotta warn you, he can be a bit… Unpredictable."

OKAY! Done with first chapter! The reason Hinata's not in the group is because she has qualities that I'm not really sure would fit in a warzone. Besides, they needed a Strategist with a leader like Naruto, let's face it. :P