Yumehara Chiyu

Nozomi's school uniform fits me a little tight. It's just an old one- outgrown months ago. I don't know if she's maturing or just getting chubby.

I feel so anxious for today. I've never been to school and I've never really "met people" before. I can't stop staring at Nozomi's new item, the Curemo. She's a much different Cure Dream then the one I met. She is so much stronger, more fierce. Nozomi herself is even more confident. A little to perky sometimes... I can see her friends up ahead. The blonde one is emphatically waving (she wants to be an actress. yeah- good luck with that), the purple haired one looks like she wants to smack me (I'de like to see her try), and the rest look aprehensive. But maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe I'll get along alright.

Or I'll kill the blonde one. Either way- its bound to be interesting.

Mimino Kurumi

I think Chiyu's going to kill Urara. I'd like to see her try, though. I'll smack her over the head with my Physics book. At least then I'd be getting some use out of that stupid thing. I don't trust her. Dark Dream was destroyed when her crystal was smashed. But somehow she survived, living in a parallel space. But when Cure Dream went to rescue her, she attacked! I don't know how Nozomi does it. She chooses homicidal entities to take home with her. She's a villian, not a gerbil.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

Kasugano Urara

Chiyu has been giving me strange looks all the way to homeroom. I was so excited to see her- now I'm freaked out. Nozomi keeps assuring everyone that she is fine. She's convinced that Chiyu is harmless. I want to believe her, but I also want to avoid a headslap.

Natsuki Rin

This is going to get Nozomi into trouble.

All through homeroom, she's been fumbling over her backstory for Chiyu. First she's a cousin, then she's somebody's twin, now I hear whispers from the front row that she's an alien clone of Nozomi! Honestly, I think I may start going with that story. It'll give Komachi something to write about.

Nozomi has been stressing me out since we were 5. All I can say is I hope this is the last evil entity Nozomi adopts.

Akimoto Komachi

I've been here in the library for only an hour and already I've heard 3 different rumors about Chiyu. I like the one about her being an alien. I think I'm going to write a story about it.

I like her. She seemed to scare Urara a bit this morning, but I'm sure she's just nervous. She's never been to school before. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's never experienced anything outside of doppelganger warfare. And a creepy playroom Nozomi described.

I think I'll use that in my alien story, too.

Minazuki Karen

While everyone else is watching Rin's soccer practice, Chiyu has been watching me play the violin. I could see on their faces this morning how nervous she made the others. I understand why- after all, she did maliciously attack Nozomi.

To me, she seems alright. Her eyes are troubled, but not evil. She's seen so much darkness; Nozomi will be the perfect medicine. She can pull anyone into the light.

And if not, we can always resume doppelganger warfare.

Yumehara Nozomi

Whew! We made it through the day and Chiyu didn't belt Urara in the mouth! Or anyone else for that matter. I think she really wanted to tackle Mausko-san, though. Kurumi looked like she would have helped.

Kurumi is joking with her now. I'm so happy! I was sure Kurumi would give her the cold shoulder, or at least argue with her like she does with me. It seems just the opposite. Huh- that's weird.

I slip my hand into hers. It's still a little weird for her, but I see a smile creep up.

This is going great.