Friday: Day 5 - The Fun Never Ends

Friday morning couldn't come soon enough for Haruhi. She was eager to get back to school work and was completely over proving her point to her fellow club mates. Not to mention she was sick of the girly shoes that had left such lovely blisters on her toes.

Currently she was eyeing said toes. Tenderly touching the pinky with it's slight bubble. Under her large toe she knew the blister there was much worse. She sighed and reached over to the table on her bedside opening the drawer to find a small emergency kit with a few bandaids for occasions such as these. A bandage was placed over each bubble-like area before she decided to slide the white stockings over her feet and on up.

She grimaced when her feet touched the floor and eyed the yellow dress hanging on a hook over her door. She gave it a slight glare before rolling her eyes and pulling it down. Even this unimpressive uniform was starting to loose it's appeal. Seriously how did those Ouran girls stand such a tortuous garment. Sure, beggars can be choosers and had Kyoya originally provided her with this uniform she would have accepted it but being in the male uniform for so long had her feeling just a bit uncomfortable in this yellow monstrosity. More than a little, the uniform annoyed the crap out of her.

She sighed, and slipped the dress over her slight female form with only her silken chemise underneath to cover her bra.

"Haruhi, Sweetie! The oven timer went off. Where shall I put your baked goodies?" Ranka trilled out from the apartment kitchen.

Haruhi bit her lip before responding. This idea was not something she herself would have concocted. Ranka insisted that brownies would make for a very nice treat for the boys. In other words, he thought the idea of Haruhi made brownies would cause more than a few faces to flush over the domestication of it all.

"Just turn the oven off." She shouted before finishing her work with the yellow dress. Once in place she glanced in the mirror and stared at herself. Yup, this was definitely the last day she would act so girly. This just wasn't her. Besides, it took way to long to get ready for school.

"Don't forget to let daddy do your makeup!" He sounded off. "I want my baby to look especially beautiful if she is never going to dress up again in that lovely uniform."

She scoffed. Lovely, right. If Ranka wasn't already a pro in high heels and corsets than she would offer the torture device to him for a week to see how long he would last. Rolling her eyes in an effort to erase the mental image of her father twirling around in the Ouran female uniform with a school girl giggle on his lips, she picked up her book bag and headed out to the living room.

Her father was not kidding, he had makeup all over the table. "I don't really have time for that." She looked at the table wary of her dads attention.

Ranka practically sulked with rejection for a brief moment before Haruhi sighed and said. "Oh alright fine."

A brief moment passed before her father's face brightened up, turning once again back to his normally perky flamboyant self. He began picking up foundations and blushes, holding the different powder packs to her face to gauge which shade would look best for this days final chapter.

Her dress swished back and forth as she tried to hide her wobble but the whole effect nearly caused Tamaki's brain to implode. How many times had he wanted to see just this. The girl he was spying on was still once again in that adorable uniform. True, this was a dream come true. However it also turned into a nightmare he just could not wake up from.

Haruhi skipped a step, stumbling over a small stone in the rode but he didn't notice. All he saw was the skip and his heart thumped. Was she holding a plastic food container? He heard commoners would bring plastic food containers around with them if they were bringing in a treat to share.

The question is... Who was she sharing the treat with?

His face picked up a pink tone when a vision of Haruhi beaming at him while holding a little box of cookies out to him. "Here Senpai. I made these just for you."

Tamaki pressed on hand to the glass of the second floor window while his other went to cover his mouth. He tried so hard to suppress the blush, he just didn't have the capacity to do it.

All his life he was used to women blushing over him. He was, after all, a creature of beauty. A simple glance, a touch, a whisper and girls were putty in his hands. Expect of course Haruhi.

He did all these things to her. Though he was unsure exactly why he did. Maybe it was to see if even a commoner would enjoy his presence. The old ladies at her home appreciated him, even the local school children who lived in her complex seemed to enjoy him. So maybe it wasn't because she was a commoner. Perhaps there was another reason.

Either way, her sudden change both thrilled and terrified him.

He watched her enter the building before hearing the clearing of a voice behind him. Kyoya, of course. His best friend was eyeing him, knowing full well by the blush on Tamaki's face that his friend spied the one girl who turned their world upside down within just a single week.

He for one was not looking forward to another lunch time display. He was not thrilled by Ranka's attitude about Haruhi's flirtatiousness these last couple days. Somehow Haruhi had gotten through to him and that did not sit well with Kyoya at all.

Ranka was the last playing card he had left. Nothing he could do now was going to work against Haruhi. Not even raising her debt. That would only fuel the male populace to have a reason to attend the club if they knew she needed a quota of guests. It still surprised him that Haruhi had made such a dent in her debt with her newfound popularity.

Sales of Haruhi merchandise was skyrocketing more than he would have figured now that the school views her as a female. These factors were not adding up to him. That's probably what annoyed and attracted him the most to her. He would be damned however to admit it to her- or anyone.

Down the hall, nearing the floor which held Class 1-A, Haruhi was lost in her thoughts. Which is why she let out a sudden yell when a hand reached out of an empty class room and yanked her in by the elbow.

"What the hell!?" She cried out as she nearly fell into the room. Her eyes took in her surroundings to meet the expectant faces of Renge, Momoka, Kimiko, and Ruri. All the girls were well known as her usual customers. Each one looked like they were desperate to ask something. Each look, however, made Haruhi's skin crawl.

"Alright Haruhi!" Renge's demanding voice dominated the room. She spun around and placed her finger to her lips. "Today is the day! We hit them and we hit them hard. Those boys will not know which way is up or which way is down. To do this we need to get you fitted for a brand new cosplay."

Haruhi's blood dropped. No way in hell. Today was not an official cosplay day. She would have heard about it from Tamaki or even Kyoya. Mostly Tamaki since dressing up is one of his favorite pastimes.

"As manager of the Host Club, It's my decision that we allow the male populace to join in on the activities today. Which means YOU, Haruhi Fujioka, will be wearing THIS!"

She spun around again and pulled out a lavish old western saloon girl outfit. Although to Haruhi it would look like something out of a brothel if it weren't for the colors.

"No way in Hell, am I wearing that!" She practically screamed as she tried to leave the room only to be blocked by Ruri and Kimiko.

Renge tossed the dress over to Momoka who practically squealed with glee. Haruhi took several steps back, trying to avoid Renge but to no avail. The girl grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her forward while the other two girls came up from behind.

"Stop fussing Haruhi, it's not like you have anything to hide." Renge chastised.

Haruhi's face lost all color as she felt the hands of one of the girls behind her starting on the zipper of her yellow dress.

Her heart was beating erratically while the others giggled. No doubt finally excited about seeing their favorite hosts "manly chest". All time stopped when she thought, This is it. This is how they are going to find out.

Haruhi let out one final shout of , "Guys, please. Stop!" when the door opened and all four girls gasped in horror. Thinking that they finally got caught. Relief filled their faces at the same time Haruhi lost the hope she suddenly regained when they saw Umihito Nekozawa at the door.

"Perfect Nekozawa Senpai is here!" Cried Kimiko.

"Hold him still for us." Ruri chimed. "He's strong for his size. We thought for sure we both could hold him still." She giggled.

Haruhi's eyes locked with his and he grinned. Shit, she thought.

Nekozawa reached out for the costume in Momoka's hands. "Today's outfit, I presume?"

The girls giggled and nodded. He chuckled darkly. "I don't think there is a need to do costumes today. Besides, how would a male student be able to fill the top portion of this garment? It would not do."

Collective sighed and "oh darns" were heard from each of the girls. Renge shrugged. "It was worth a shot. Come on girls. Lets go get front row seats to the Twin torture act. See you in class Haruhi!" She sang out while she and the others ushered out of the room leaving the two "male" students alone.

Haruhi let out a relived sigh. "Thank you Senpai"

"It was nothing." He smiled. "Though I admire your composure."

Her eyes went up to his. She noted the hint of amusement there and true to her blunt nature asked. "So you know then?"

"An amazing thing the human body can be." He began. "Gender can easily be detected in many ways even by one who is androgynous such as yourself."

Nekozawa adjusted his cloak around his body and before stepping into the hall finished with, "The human skull is a fantastic indicator of such things. Do not worry. I will keep my conclusion to myself."

The chuckle he let out turned into an ominous guffaw only let out by cartoon villains. Though it severed his character well enough. She shivered.

"Now that was creepy." She muttered before adjusting her dress and picking up her bag and container of brownies that survived the onslaught of frisky Ouran Academy girls. Bringing her further to her conclusion that girls at this school were just plain weird.

"What the hell is up with the girls today?" Hikaru asked Kaoru as they walked into class. Each one looking around noticing all the faces seem to turn bright pink every time they caught their eye.

"Beats me." Kaoru replied. They headed to their seats and looked down at the empty one in between them. "I'm still not used to it."

Hikaru huffed and leaned back into his seat. "Me neither."

The boys let a moment of silence pass as they observed the class. For some reason their classmates were unnaturally silent. A few glance back towards them. Even Renge, who would normally be gushing about the latest developments in her romantic pairings, be it fandom or reality, was slowly "reading" her text book. That made Kaoru frown, when did Renge put effort into her studies?

Something was up and it's been going on all week. Today was just weirder than usual.

The opening of the classroom door sounded loud with all this lack of activity and the twins were seriously grateful to see their friend finally arrive to class. Even if they were still a little perturbed by her choice of clothing.

"Hey," She said. Completely natural in her tone as if nothing was wrong or weird.

"Hey," They both responded with uncertainty in their own voices. Their nerves were evident. Even if they wanted to hide it she would notice.

Their eyes were glued to her as she settled down into her seat, crossing her ankles and pulling out a notebook and pencil. Nothing in her movements were out of the ordinary. However her smile at them was still unsettling. How could she be so damn calm like this?

"Are you wearing makeup?" Kaoru asked suddenly.

"You're right. It's too dark." Hikaru rolled his eyes. "You should just go back to boys clothes."

Finally, Haruhi thought. Hikaru was finally dropping into his rude self. This was something she could work with. It was interesting to see him flush and fumble all week but seeing Hikaru go back to his tried and true method was something she would have expected to happen sooner.

"I asked my dad to help me. Maybe I should have just asked you two instead." She smirked at him only to be rewarded with an involuntary flinch.

Kaoru sighed for what felt like the billionth time this week. "Seriously Haruhi. You should just go back to the way you dressed before. This is just... weird"

For a brief moment, Haruhi paused. She glanced at either side of her taking in their desperation and then let her eyes travel around the room to all the students who were pretending not to be listening. Boy were they failing miserably. Those girls were being too obvious- wait, does Renge have a camera under her desk!

Blinking quickly she shook her head and let out a nervous giggle. "What's so weird? You were always putting me into dresses before?"

Haruhi was mentally baffled by the obvious camera. Regardless, she knew that her fumbled response was weak. After a week of being snappy with come backs, flirts and retaliations.. it seemed like she was finally running out of steam.

The twins shared a glance. Both of them sensed the fumble and glanced back down to the girl between them.

Her hands quickly left their position on her desk to grasp at the fabric of her skirt to hide the nerves that were starting to display themselves. Only to have her drop her mechanical pencil.

She muttered a swear, and leaned over the exact same time Kaoru had reached under his desk to retrieve the thing for her. Their heads collided and both swore before they looked at each other, mere millimeters apart. A simultaneous blush appeared across their faces when they realized how close they were but neither moved. Haruhi looked into his eyes watching the reaction her closeness was having.

Kaoru's face burned. His nose was almost touching hers when Hikaru started to laugh. The younger twin sat back into his seat faster than if someone had put an ice down his shirt. Haruhi on the other hand reached back down to grab the stray pencil. She took mental note of how she had enticed such a reaction out of Kaoru. Not only that but the level of intensity he had when he stared at her. If it hadn't been for Hikaru's laugh at them for nailing their heads together, who knew what Kaoru would have done? Who knew what she would have done? That right there was a scary thought.

Hikaru was still laughing over their headbutt when the teacher arrived in class. He probably would have continued if Haruhi hadn't glanced his way. He would have probably still found it amusing if it wasn't for the way she brushed her hair behind her ear and smirked his way.

The only thing on his mind at that point was whether or not Haruhi just flirted with him. It was subtle and not completely unlike what had been happening all week but for some reason, he felt that one was just for him. Great so much for focusing on class. He thought to himself.

Haruhi would never know that thought, nor would she know that the other side was stuck on whether or not Haruhi would have kissed him.

Haru-chan was a good girl. Haru-chan wouldn't act rashly and start dating the first guy who hit on her. Nor would she date the first guy to tried to kiss her.

These were the thoughts that ran through Mistukuni Haninozuka's mind. He battled with his dark self so much this week. Those dark thoughts that made him want to protect her from boys, the dark thoughts that wanted to keep her to himself and the extremely dark thoughts... that he would never admit out loud. Such things would not do for his character.

He continued to rationalize that the sweet Haruhi that he knew and cared for was just as oblivious as she had always been. She didn't know she was alluring. She wouldn't deliberately flirt and break her character. She was a good girl.

"Mistukuni" The clear deep voice of his cousin broke through his thoughts. "You broke it."

Honey glanced down at the pencil in his fingers, which he noted had been snapped in half. He frowned and let go of it letting the pieced drop to his desk.

"Sorry, Takashi." He nearly whispered. Slightly ashamed that he let his strength take over his body while his mind was otherwise occupied.

Mori blinked slowly and nodded once. It was all Honey needed. He knew his cousin well enough to understand him. No words necessary but it was nice when he did talk. Right now, he needed him to talk. It was too bad that Mori's talkative nature only ever rose to the occasion when he was beyond sleepy.

It was just lucky for him that Mori knew Honey just as well. He reached over from his desk and patted Honey on the head. "We will go early. I will skip Kendo"

A slow grin appeared across Honey's face. "Yeah, That sounds good."

The twins felt like they were in the middle of a furnace. They could not keep their faces from the red that rivaled their family heritage. They lost it. Officially and completely lost it. No thanks especially to Renge and her big mouth.

Free study hour was left unattended which on a normal day would bring round of laughter and a series of frivolous conversations. Along with the occasional game. Today would have been just the same, if it were not for the suggestion of that crazy otaku.

Momoka had turned to the twins and asked them if they minded playing the "Which one is Hikaru" game. Kaoru didn't say anything as he for once was actually using the study time as it was meant to be used. Hikaru, who still hadn't stopped stealing glances at Haruhi all week long, shrugged and said sure. It was better than being bored after all.

He was the one who teased first, a semblance of his old self returning. "No cheating, ladies. Haruhi is disqualified since she knows us all too well." He smirked but lost it when her eyes locked on his. Her eyes looked almost sultry with that makeup. Despite what he said about it being too much, it really wasn't. It was just too good. Still he dropped it and turned his charm back on. "Ready Kaoru?" He asked as they continued a few rounds of the game. In which everyone was wrong.

That's when she did it. That was when Renge threw out her hysterical giggle and practically whined when she said "It's no fair without Haruhi. How about we give her a handicap." She pulled out a silken scarf from seemingly nowhere. "How about it Haruhi? Wanna play?"

Taken aback for just a brief moment, Haruhi smiled in an attempt to stop her eyes from rolling at the mere suggestion presented to her. She stood up, brushed the skirt of her yellow dress and reached out for the blindfold.

The boys fell into shock. No words, not a single protest escaped them while they watched Haruhi place the blindfold on, allowing the class president Sugo Kazukiyo to tie it. He chuckled at the idea of knowing full well that this was just so very wrong in so many ways.

The girls all clapped and squealed, they grabbed ahold of the twins and forced them to move around and placed them right in front of Haruhi.

Reaching out to find the fabric of their jackets, she tentatively bit her lip. This was unusual. Sure she knew how to tell them apart by the way they acted and talked. She was pretty sure she knew them based on posture and sure, there were subtle differences since even identical twins had some features that didn't match perfectly. Blindfolded, this was new territory.

Her hand went up the arm on the twin to the right of her, feeling the tension her touch had inflicted on the boy. Based on where she was standing she knew she faced them and she knew she was touching the right twins left arm. Her other hand must be holding the left of the others. Those fingers were stiff and would not close around her grasp. She ended up dropping it and worked both hands on the one boy. Both hands rising up the arms, to his chest, up his neck and then grasping his jawline.

She couldn't figure it out quite yet. So she leaned closer pulling his face down and attempted to listen to his voice, hoping he would make a noise of any kind. She was unsuccessful as all she ended up doing was causing his breath to catch.

Nothing. She ended up letting him go. Once released he sighed and she tried to catch it based on sound alone, but no such luck.

Her hands then traveled over and found the other twin who quickly tensed every muscle in his body, unable to let her move his arms or anything for that matter. She had to raise herself on tip toe to get near his face.

She didn't hear his voice but she did hear the collective gasps and suppressed giggles of the other students. Something must be happening and it was just too bad she couldn't see it. She could however feel it. The boys were never this tense with her. Well maybe not, there was that one time she found herself trapped with Hikaru in a net and even then he held himself rather still and unyielding.

After a few moments, based on what she knew of the boys, she was pretty sure who she was touching.

The stiff posture didn't move so she tugged down on him a little harder to guide his face just mere breathes away from her. Her nose touched his and she let a sly grin grace her lips as she said, "You are Hikaru."

A loud cry of surprised erupted from the twin in her hands while he jerked away from her touch. The class cheered her success for the short time allowed before the teacher walked in. His arrival did nothing to dissuade the cheers but it did cue the class that it was time once again to return to their seats.

She pulled the blindfold off just in time to see the look of complete mortification at what had just happened on the boys faces, before they turned away and headed back to their seats. Unable to meet her eyes for the next few hours.

They still didn't look at her when the classes ended and they all headed out for their lunch hour.

Haruhi was actually content with the silence and the fact that the two didn't seem to want to hang over her shoulder like they normally would. She knew this wouldn't last, especially when they found out that this whole weeks worth of torture was nothing more than revenge. A mere joke, that would have been something they themselves would have concocted. A prank that if they were not the target they would have cheered her along. It made her curious and a little anxious to get to the end of the day. What would they really say? How would they treat her after all of this?

Her smile slide away when she saw the angry look on Honey's face when they meet the Host Club at their lunch table.

"Did I miss something?" She asked sitting down with the group, her bento firmly in hand along with the brownies she brought to share. The group looked at her clearly troubled by something.

Clearing his voice, Kyoya received her full attention. "I appears that we have been petitioned by several male students to allow them to join the Host Club activities for the day." He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and openly stared at her. "They requested to sit with you."

"Oh" was all she could say to that. She didn't sound thrilled, scared, excited or pretty much anything for that matter. She just accepted it and that was probably what irritated them the most.

"You're allowing it?" Hikaru asked clearly annoyed.

Kyoya shrugged, "Originally, No. However Renge made a point earlier when I received the requests. She seems to think that allowing these boys to enter the club it will increase the female guest count if they believe that Haruhi has found a love interest."

Tamaki spit up the soup he had just sipped. "No way! Haruhi does not have a love interest. That's not allowed, I will not allow it." He threw his arms around her since she had chosen this day to finally sit beside him.

"Be that as it may, Renge has a point. Our profit margins will increase as they have been all week. For some reason Haruhi, your products have been selling rather well considering."

She took a bite out of her lunch, chewed and swallowed while she tapped her lips with her chop sticks "So what you are saying is that you want me to entertain these boys."

The boys all glanced between each other in silent protest, and open curiosity at what their Shadow King would decree. Even her own scrutiny had him feeling uncomfortable about the next words. He despised relinquishing control so he sighed and said "You will entertain the guests as you would any other."

She nodded, "Okay. By the way, I made brownies. Enjoy." She pointed at the box before her and watched as each hesitated before eventually taking a piece. She let her head shake back and forth while she giggled. They looked at her, "Guys, I didn't poison them. Don't make me feed them to you like I did a few days ago."

Tamaki and Hikaru flushed at that before they hid it by shoving their treat in their mouths in an attempt to cover their faces.

"Here is what I don't understand." Haruhi spoke to the twins on their way to the third music room. They held their hands in their pockets and flanked her sides at the three walked together. "What is the point in wearing a corset underneath a dress when the dress can be compensated by wearing a tutu thing underneath."

They stopped and looked down at the girl between them. Did she just ask them a fashion question?

"Well..?" she asked pausing to look at them. Her eyes blinked slowly when she was genuinely curious and the two could not help but think about how cute she was.

Kaoru was able to break free of the spell first. "It's called a petticoat, not a tutu. And the point is to accentuate the figure. Cinching the waist helps with posture as well as give the illusion of a tiny waist. Why?"

She shrugged. The history book as these photos of women with the life being sucked out of them and wondered if those things were really necessary. Her father wore one on occasion but she never really put too much thought into it's purpose.

Even though it was an innocent question it made them wonder at why it even came up in the first place but they didn't' get a chance to ask because the club doors opened and the trio stood there stunned at the activity inside.

There were more girls than usual and even a few boys milling around the room. Haruhi stood shocked. Was this all because of the prank? What did Renge do?

Hikaru and Kaoru wandered over to their usual table tossing concerned glances around the room and towards all the other club members.

Given no other option she found herself heading towards the table that her usual guests claimed. Upon seeing her arrive they all beamed at her and jumped up to pull her down to their spots. Several others meandered over to their table, a couple boys included.

"Oh my gosh I can't believe it's almost over!" Kimiko Sakurazuka gushed.

"I know what you mean." Sighed Ruri.

Momoka giggled. "So what's the next move, I am dying to know."

Haruhi shrugged and looked around the room. Hikaru and Kaoru were talking with their two usual guests. Honey was slicing a piece of cake for Reiko who caught her eye and nodded in her direction. Mori was listening to the conversation of the two other girls who join him and his cousin. Tamaki was preening for three of his own guests while Kyoya sat at a table with Yuriko and Azusa.

There were other guests who were partaking in a buffet spread near the back of the room and sitting upon lavish sofas. A few male students had taken to flirting with a few of the girls beside them. However all their eyes were darting all over the room ready for action at the drop of a dime. The only unfortunate thing was that Haruhi herself was completely out of ideas.

Her sigh gave her away when she looked up at the girls before her. "I have no clue."

Every face at the table fell from hopeful to disappointed. Haruhi felt bad but truthfully she was done. She had done all she could think of and was pretty much out of ideas. Hell she had been out of ideas pretty much the whole time. If it wasn't for the help of the other students, she would have blown her ploy ages ago.

As it were she was just plain tired of wearing the yellow dress and was ready more than anything to get this over with. Only without a climax to this thing, she wasn't sure how to end it. Should she just walk up to them and say she was kidding around? Should she just go home and come to school in her usual attire next Monday? Neither seemed like an appropriate end and based on the faces before her, she knew that she was right.

Shrugging she looked around to the room once again and said, "Will you ladies give me a moment?"

They nodded and followed her gaze to where Kyoya sat. Maybe she wasn't out of idea's after all? They hoped this was true, they hoped that there would be something one last thing to tip the scales and they were not disappointed.

On her way over to get this whole thing over with, she was intercepted. Haruhi had finally reached the lack of creativity for which she was never strong in the first place and was about to just go up to her Senpai and tell him the whole thing was nothing more than her attempt at a joke.

She didn't make it far as one of the boys who sat at the sidelines waltzed right up to her and grinned. His hands were in his pockets and his uniform had the top buttons loosened along with his tie. She regarded him with curiosity. Nope, she didn't know him. He might be class C or class D since she didn't meet many of them. Most of the students she familiarized herself with were those in her class, club or the girls that visited her.

The boy leaned down to whisper to her. "The girls say you are out of ideas"

Haruhi blinked and looked back to the group of girls at her table then at the wall of potential clients. How the hell did news travel so fast?

"Yeah." She said, shrugging. "I was just about to.."

"I have an idea but let me get this straight right now." He glanced at the other hosts who seem to have noticed him talking to their Haruhi. "I'm not gay."

"Um... alright." She frowned in confusion as the boy stepped closer to her. "I don't see what being gay has to do with-"

For the second time that week she was kissed by a boy. This one however baffled her more than the first and lasted a shorter amount of time because in the brief second it took for his face to make contact with hers, the host left their guests and seats.

A round of female squeals drowned out the sound of screeching chairs as they slid from the floor and before Haruhi knew what was happening, Mori pulled her into the air. Honey reached the boy and held him by the neck pinning him to the floor. While Tamaki and the twins went straight to Mori and attempted to reclaim her to protect her. They would have taken care of the boy but with Honey in possession of him the only thing they wanted to do was get to Haruhi.

Silence filled the room. The girls stopped giggling, and no one could even utter a sound. Such displays of violence had never filled the Host Club room before and no one knew what to do at this point.

Honey turned his head back to his cousin to see that Haruhi was safe before his glare returned to the boy on the floor. He was about to say something but the silence was broken by the one he held captive.

He started laughing.

Startled Honey released him, Tamaki and the twins stared at him while Kyoya who was near by with his note book closed stepped closer to the scene. His eyes dark and fixated in it own angry glare.

Soon enough the remainder of the guests started laughing as well, which added to the confusion of the Host Club members. The boy was released and while laughing used his elbows to prop himself up.

Renge bounded up and helped him stand. "That was brilliant!" She squealed. "Absolutely wonderful. I can't believe how MOEEEE that was!" She did a little pirouette with her skirt twirling around her and placing a finger under her chin to add to her 'adorable' stance.

Mori slowly lowered Haruhi when she cleared her throat to get his attention and nodding at him letting him know it was safe to put her down.

"What the hell just happened?" Hikaru demanded.

Haruhi brushed her dress back into place before walking past them and towards the girls who were no longer sitting at her table.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your uniform. I will get it back to you this weekend." She smiled at them and they nearly fell into each other arms with their swoon.

"No problem, Haruhi" Momoka gushed before throwing her arms around Haruhi's shoulders.

Haruhi blushed at the attention that everyone was giving her when they witnessed the hug. She especially blushed when the caught the eyes of Hosts. Their questioning looks were still unanswered. Carefully she patted the back of the girl hugging her and released her.

"Care to explain." Kyoya's cool voice approached her. His face was stern, hiding the fact that he was both confused and concerned.

Haruhi shrugged, "Momoka lent me her uniform for the week."

"So, this was a joke. This whole week?" Kaoru stepped up.

"You were playing a joke on us?" Hikaru followed.

"Why?" Tamaki asked calmly. He was looking at her with curiosity, and just a little bit of sadness but he held himself together rather well. Considering how easily he is prone to fits.

Haruhi shrugged, "My turn, I guess. After all, you boys are always playing pranks of me."

"I have to say I'm impressed" Kyoya shook his head in disbelief. "You were not only able to keep this ploy going, but you were able to involve the entire school. The professors, the students and somehow you managed to considerably lower your debt."

He smiled at her. Despite his annoyance at the fact she had him flustered, baffled and confounded beyond belief all week long, she was an impressive force to be reckoned with.

Renge popped up beside Haruhi, "I have to say Haruhi. We were treated for some show. Here check this out." She whipped out a stack of photographs from some random place. Each one featuring a Host with a full blown blush on their cheeks and Haruhi Fujioka dressed in the female attire. Each one of those shots captured the moment perfectly and Haruhi couldn't help but laugh.

"If you guys don't mind I'm going to change back into my other uniform." She shook her head and picked up the bag next to her usual table. Inside of which she had her spare uniform. She was glad to be liberated of this yellow monstrosity.

On her way over to the dressing room she was followed. One host just wasn't done with her. One host just could not hold back his peace. As she pulled back the curtain to the room his hand fell upon her shoulder causing her to pause.

Turning slightly her eyes locked with Hikaru. "Don't do that again." He said to her.

"Do what?" She asked unsure if he was referring to joking around, leaving them out of the joke or the fact that she flirted relentlessly over the week.

"Just don't." He stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Next time you play a joke, tell us."

"That would kind of defeat the purpose." She rolled her eyes at him.

His eyes narrowed, questioning her but she just picked his hand up off her shoulder and let it drop down. Before closing the curtain behind her she said. "Next time you boys get bored find another 'toy'?"

She smirked and began to undress, dropping the dress down stripping off the white stockings she was just grateful for this day to be over. Her pants went on first, and she pulled the shirt on. Slowly buttoning it up as she let out a sigh. It's good to be back to normal.

She finished up and headed out. Closing the curtain behind her, she realized she was still wearing makeup. She huffed and turned around heading to the closest restroom. Only she had to exit through the Club room.

The room thinned out a bit as the boys had left, only a few of the most frequent guests remained. Particularly those that were involved in the prank. Each one rehashing their role and stating which flirtation was of their own creation.

Her hope of making it past the room without notice was dashed when Tamaki swooped in and held her close. Twirling her on the spot. "It was all a joke, you didn't leave us. Never never never ever do that again. I am so glad that you are going back to normal. I am so glad that - wait, are you wearing makeup still?"

"Yes Senpai. I need to go clean it off." She pushed him away. "I won't be dressing like a girl for a long while after this, if that makes you feel any better."

"Haruhi," He paused, "Are you still mad at us?"

Her hand was on the handle of the club room door when she paused and looked back at him. Not just at him but at the rest of the club. The club full of idiots who tease, torture, and toy with her on a daily basis. Those who mess not only with her studies, but her emotions and even hormones. She looked at each face, all worried that maybe they had crossed the line with her. Then she smiled.

No, she wasn't mad anymore. They were just being themselves and even if it drives her nuts. She wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

"I'm not mad. Just keep the cake stains and paint buckets to a minimum and we can call it even." She giggled. "Besides, I'm done with pranks."

Each host looked at each other then back at her. She grinned at them and left the room.

She considered for a moment how this whole week played out. Yes it started out as revenge for their mocking and teasing. In the end, it was really a testament to how strong her friendships were. The boys didn't really abandon her, in fact they defended her. Not only them, but the students in the school rallied around her more than she ever would have anticipated.

Perhaps this school wasn't so bad. These spoiled rich kids may not put much into their studies and they may have more free time than is humanly possible but they did were pretty great. The only question left is how would they feel when they find out that their favorite host really is a girl.


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