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The warm sun lifted the warm spirits of the jounin of the leaf village. Sakura got up from the soft bed and looked out the big window of her apartment. Naruto smiled up to her as he himself was getting ready for another beautiful sunny day in Konoha. The warmth faded and turned to despair as Sakura herself, collapsed onto the hardwood flooring.

Naruto, as fast he could, ran to her side. His best friend was lying in his arms unconscious. The hospital was full of tension as the nine rookies including Lee's team were waiting to know if their best friend and comrade, would make it. The large doors that lead to their hurting friend, swung open as a very shocked Tsunaede walked out the door. Everyone waited to hear the news, that little did they know was something that could cause a riot between everyone who loves her, yet at the same time bring them together.

Tsunaede gestured for Sakura's teammates Naruto, and Sai, and her sensei, Kakashi to follow her into her big office. The hokage sighed deeply and looked up with such a serious expression. "I'm afraid, Sakura has been hiding something from everyone for a while. Kakashi, did you ever notice that Sakura bruises way too easily?" Kakashi turned to her and nodded yes.

It was true, she always bruised easily, even as powerful as she is. "Did you know that when she first became a rookie, she didn't train hard until then not because she wanted to look good for Sasuke, but for a whole other reason to just look good." Kakashi nodded yes.

He always knew she was hiding something, but didn't know what. "Hold on Tsunaede-sama, where exactly are you leading with these questions?" Tsunaede gave in to Sai's question and decided to tell them now.

Tsunaede hesitated for a second then spoke the words that brought everyone to fall deep into a moment in life of worries. "Sakura has Leukemia. She always has. Ever since she was four or five." All four boys mouths dropped open. Shocked at what they just heard.

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