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Chapter 2

Sasuke took Sakura's chilled hand, staring at her angelic face. He was waiting for warmth and comfort from her beautiful jade orbs, that capured light and warmth every time they rested upon him. He wanted her to smile, that dearly loved smile. A slow tear trailed down his cheek. He felt guilty and saddened that he left her.

"Sasuke, It's almost time for your trial." Sasuke looked up angrily to Naruto sorrowly.

"Sasuke, I'm sorry," Sasuke's glare had increased when Naruto spoke the words of his apology. Thinking over every word implanted and had him take his eyes off of Sakura for even a second.

Sasuke stood and leaned in to kiss Sakura gently on the forehead.

He stalked off with Naruto as he thought, 'I'll be back, Love.'

The Hokage's office was just as he remembered. Tsunaede, had her hands covering her head. As if pain wailed violently in her head. She looked up and smiled at Sasuke. "It's been a while Sasuke," Sasuke saw her expression satisfied, but serious, "I have come to the conclusion that as punishment, you will not be executed, however I will take you off of missions for four months. In the mean time you will be under the surveillance of ANBU. If you make any life threatening movements you will be immediately executed." Sasuke nodded in agreement.

Sasuke was eager to take Sakura's hand again. Even more eager when her eyelids began to flutter open. Her smile returned, as tears of joy leaked out of her eyes. Sasuke looked into her eyes and saw relief, and joy. Sasuke leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, Sakura Haruno." Sakura smiled even bigger.

"I love you too, promise you won't leave me again." Sasuke smiled at her.

"I promise, never will I ever leave you." Sasuke leaned in again and kissed her gentle lips as Sakura pulled him closer.

The kiss grew more passionate. Sasuke never felt so much love for her neither did Sakura. When pulled away they captured each other in their eyes. Staring into them, never wanting to look away. "Sasuke, when did you fall inlove with me." Sasuke hesitated to answer for a second.

"When you said you loved me when I left." Sasuke cringed at the memory.

More guilt washed over him as he thought of how could he have left her. Sakura comforted him. Seeing he did not like that memory either.

Evening crept slowly. Sasuke slept on Sakura's hospital bed with Sakura. He held her close to his chest. Daring anyone to object. He didn't want her to him alone in this world. Sakura is his. And he is hers. Nothing will change that. He leaned down and kissed her lovingly. Leaned down to her ear and whispered softly, "Good night, Love, I will see you again in my dreams." Sasuke held her closer and closed his eyes to rest.

Authors Notes: I hope this chapter isn't too fluffy. But as I always say, can't get enough of SasuSaku! I hope you enjoyed it!

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