Me: I'm actually very sorry about this.

Entire cast: *Glares*

Me: No, really….

Edo: You left me in an unfinished story FOREVER.

Me: I don't own anything, and I'll start typing right away.

"This was a bad idea."


"You won't believe me, but I am sorry."


"I have heard you speak goddammit and I know you can."

"I'm aware."

The conversation came to a screeching halt when Itachi and Edo slid into an alleyway, out of sight. The one issue with Itachi's innocence was mainly that Tsunade hadn't announced it. He'd been taken to a hospital room to wait for a few days while preparations had been made, the medics had been made aware and his possessions (meager though they were) were taken to a storage facility. Itachi had been stealthy when walking around before. Unfortunately it seemed that a mixture of exhaustion and hunger had managed to slip his defenses. Needless to say the second Itachi and Edo had left the building, all the villagers had vanished and the A.N.B.U had appeared. They were hidden now.


"Better than my ideas today."

"I thought it was a dream. But I know you, don't I? You're my cousin?"

Sitting up in bed Sasuke was clutching at the glass of water that Neji had brought back like a lifeline. His throat felt better, but he wouldn't be able to talk long, already his energy was ebbing. He'd been asleep for far too long.

Jun slid his hands into his pockets and tuned his head to the side slightly. Looking at Sasuke from the corner of his eye he just said "Yeah."

"So. You aren't dead?"


What've you been up to?"

Sakura almost punched herself, leaning over to Neji, she hissed "What, they don't see each other in years and this is all the conversation they can muster?"

"Hn. Uchiha's."

"Oh, like the Hyuuga are any better."

"Oh I don't know, Edo can be downright chatty. Especially when he's nervous."

Neji and Sakura whipped around to face Kakashi.

"When did you get over here?"

"When the awkward started."

"Eh. Got married. Came here."

For Sasuke's part he wasn't overly social, for Jun's part, he was about ready to pass out. He was the high strung one of his friends, or…adopted family. The last time he saw two family members in close quarters he was disowned.

"That's nice. So….you're good?"

"…..For the most part."

Even Neji groaned at that.

Edo slid in the door, carefully scoping out the area, before motioning Itachi inside. At which point the dark haired man slid his long pale hands over his face and sighed in exasperation.

"They are so persistent."

"I feel like that's a good thing for the Black Ops."

A red eyed glare was all Edo got in response before the eldest Uchiha in the building swept up the stairs.

"A misadventure. But intriguing nonetheless. " Edo murmured slowly ascending after his erstwhile cousin-in-law.

As luck would have it, Sasuke finally lost the fight with sleep mere moments before Itachi opened the door. So he instead entered to the sound of a deeply relieved sigh, and a small group to the side who seemed as if they had all developed sudden migraines.


"No. Just….No." Was Sakura's only reply as she leapt from her chair and bolted past the new Uchiha, and almost colliding with the newly discovered Hyuuga. Apologizing swiftly, and leaving at a more sedate pace.

"Soooo, what was that?" Edo questioned, brushing imaginary dirt off of his clothing as he entered the room.

Jun sagged slightly and blushed lightly. "My conversation skills are slightly above that of a comatose patient."

"Nothing new then."

"Not really no."

At which point Kakashi looked up from his book "That's…sad. But I think we have other things to work on."

Neji closed his eyes and raised both hands to delicately circle his temples, Itachi closed his eyes and counted to ten. Very slowly. Jun developed a pounding headache and Edo just intoned "Regrettably" in a solemn voice.

How was this going to happen? For all of the time they enjoyed being lighthearted in the early hours of today, there was much to do, and it weighed heavily on them all.

I'm sorry this is mainly filler, I'm still really struggling with writers block. I needed something lighthearted, I'm working on some other updates and oneshots, but I'm truly sorry for the slow update time.