A/N: Well I ran out of ideas for the law essay, that and well I need to go and get another book …. , anyway decided to use my time productively et voila.

It is a lot harder than it looks to rhyme, so I take my tiara off to those who do it so well.

Enjoy :)

What's In A Name

C is for confidence and control, the secret to success

O is for the overwhelming power she appears to possess

N is for nonsense, she will stand none

S is for scheming, but only when it needs to be done

T is for tradition, something she values a lot

A is for her ability to appear on the spot

N is for never wasting a minute, hour or day

C is for caring in her own unique way

E is for the emotions she tries not to show

H is for Heckitty, her former tutor, always a foe

A is for the Academy and those she holds dear

R is for the ruckus she always seems to hear

D is for dignity and deportment at all times

B is for boundaries, everyone knows not to cross the lines

R is for routine and standards she likes to see

O is for omniscient, which she seems to be

O is for only being able to dance to one tune

M is for Miss Constance Hardbroom