Chapter 1: Zoro is Loud.

It was a beautiful evening. The full moon hung like a saucer on the cloudless night sky, reflected as a silvered, bobbing orb on the gently rippling sea. It was warm, but the air was laced with a cooling breeze that brought back memories of perfect childhood summers spent in pursuit of nothing more than fun.

Zoro watched the moon through the porthole in the galley as it sailed past with unhurried, delicate grace. He noticed Sanji look at him and moved to meet his gaze but it had already swept away, so Zoro looked back to the moon. He had finished his meal, cleaning his plate as always. He wiped at a stray streak of sauce with the pad of his forefinger then slipped it between his lips and sucked on it, reliving the delicious flavour. This time, Sanji didn't look away fast enough and their eyes met across the dinner table. He noticed the cook's eyes flick down to his lips as he slowly but discretely withdrew his finger. To the casual observer Sanji gave nothing away, but Zoro noticed the bob in his throat as he swallowed.

Zoro scratched absently at the back of his head and leant his chin on the palm of one hand. The moon was half-way across the porthole now.

Luffy tried in vain to steal the last morsel of meat from Usopp's plate, becoming enraged when the sharpshooter swiftly shoved it into his own mouth so their captain couldn't have it. Living with Luffy had made them all wiser when it came to dinner. There was no food left on the table. Every plate had been picked clean. Luffy turned to Sanji with sad eyes, but was given a resolute, unwavering 'no'. Beside Zoro on the bench, Chopper was happily finishing a corn-on-the-cob out of sight of their resident glutton. Kernels were stuck in his fur and his nose was all buttery, but he smiled up at Zoro like a kid with a lollypop. He couldn't help himself but smile back.

Out of the corner of his eye, Zoro watched Sanji relax his black tie and undo his top shirt buttons, slipping a hand underneath to massage at tired muscles in his neck and shoulders. When everyone had finally finished eating, he lit a cigarette.

"Where are you looking so intently?" Nami asked. Zoro only half-registered what she'd said until he realised it had been directed at him.

"Hm?" He offered, giving her a puzzled look. Robin was sitting beside her, engrossed in an ancient history tome.

She turned to look over her shoulder again. "You were looking over there like something had offended you." She said, motioning with her thumb.

He shrugged at her and folded his arms. She sighed back at him and turned to thank Sanji for the delicious food, thanks he accepted like a love-struck dimwit, and went to turn in for the night. Luffy, Usopp and Chopper followed not long after, spouting something about Midsummer Pixies and making each other increasingly overexcited that they might find some in the tangerine grove. Sanji rubbed a thumb along his jaw and then pushed fingers up into his hair. He caught Zoro looking.

Robin was still sucked into her book.

"Good book?" Zoro asked her. No response. "I hear someone dies in the end."

"This is a history book. Everyone dies in the end." She got up, folding the ancient, black-backed book and went to find somewhere there would be fewer interruptions.

The door swung shut with a light thud, and a stillness descended upon the galley. Sanji coughed awkwardly and stood, swinging his long legs out from under the bench. He grabbed up some plates and took them to the counter beside the sink. The thump-thumping above their heads meant that the pixie-hunt was still ongoing.

Zoro stood, saying nothing, and helped with the plates. One-by-one, so it took a little longer. Leftover bones were scraped carefully into the bin as Sanji filled the basin with steaming water. Eventually there was a faint 'click' outside as the door to the living quarters closed: a fair indication that the elephants upstairs had retreated to bed.

When Zoro looked up from the last stacked plate, Sanji was already gazing at him.

"Zoro-" But Zoro's lips cut him off, soft but firm against his own. Then firm and needy, breathless as he pressed Sanji back into the counter. Zoro broke from the kiss and turned his attention to Sanji's neck, holding him firmly and dragging the flat of his tongue from the nape up to the cook's ear. Sanji had been hard for Zoro since about halfway through the dinner, not that he'd ever let on. The sly glances that never quite connected, the finger-sucking, the way the light played over Zoro's jaw and cheekbones when he tilted his head just so…it made Sanji weak, and he knew it. Self control was the last thing on his mind as Zoro kissed his neck and bit his earlobe, tugged his shirt free from his trousers and ground hard into him.

He tightened his fingers in the swordsman's hair, pulling his head back with a fierce grip. Zoro gasped, lips parted and eyes shut. Sanji's erection was throbbing with need. His other hand travelled down to Zoro's ass, holding him still as he thrust his hips forward. A grin spread across the other man's lips.

Zoro hoisted him up with little protest and spread him on the galley table.

"Oi bastard, not here!"

"Why the hell not?"

"This is where everyone eats, we can't do it here."

"The way I see it, I'm still owed dessert."

Zoro was hurriedly unzipping Sanji's trousers, ignoring the man's objections.

"Stop, damn asshole!" Sanji growled, pushing away at Zoro's face and shoulders. The swordsman grabbed his hands and pulled them out of the way, then bent over and mouthed Sanji's boxer-restrained erection. His protests stifled immediately, much to Zoro's amusement.

"Stop, or don't stop? Which is it?"

Sanji lay his head back against the table, breathing hard, saying nothing. Zoro licked slowly over the fabric, feeling the taut, flexing erection beneath. He pressed his teeth gently to the head of Sanji's cock, where a wet patch was starting to appear on his boxers. Zoro sucked hard on him through them, and Sanji let out a ragged, guttural gasp. The tension in his wrists dissipated and Zoro let them free, feeling Sanji's fingers curl gently into his hair. The thighs around him spread encouragingly, and Zoro knew that victory was his.

It's not right, it's not right to do it here

He felt Zoro gently pull back his boxers, resting the waistband over the base of his erection and his balls.

We shouldn't

He waited for the connection of lips and tongue, but felt nothing. His toes curled in his shoes from the tension.

We should stop, this shouldn't go any further

Zoro blew over his head, and he could feel how wet he was from the sudden, dripping chill. He put a hand over his mouth, unsure whether it was to stop sounds of pleasure or the protestations in his mind from escaping through his lips. He felt his own legs spread wider around Zoro, his feet raising on tip-toes.


He tilted his hips, presenting the tip of his cock to Zoro's lips.

Please don't

He pushed Zoro's head down, curling the fingers he held in his hair.

Don't fuck me here

Zoro's lips parted around him, agonisingly slowly.

But holy-fucking-god I want it

He arched his back, almost involuntarily, trying to stop himself from thrusting into Zoro's mouth, into the soft, wet, warm space that was surrounding him, teasing him cruelly. He was so hard and wet already from knowing how good it would be, knowing from experience that Zoro would touch him in all the right places, and he was impatient for it. He didn't care if Zoro knew.

The swordsman was taking him slowly, allowing him to feel every caress of his tongue, every ridge on the roof of his mouth, every pass of his lips from base to head. Sanji wanted to yell out with frustration, and bit down on the back of his hand as Zoro sucked him tightly. He felt what he was waiting for – his trousers and boxers pulled down together and left to dangle off the foot of one leg. Zoro repositioned himself so that he was effectively sitting at the table, and traced a hand up the cook's thigh.

"You're fast tonight." He said, almost in a whisper. His tone was rich, nowhere near the usual mockery. Sanji propped himself up on his elbows, ready to retort, but nothing would come. Then he noticed Zoro had something in his hands.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Nothing to worry about." Zoro said, squirting some of the viscous liquid into his palm and slipping the bottle back in his pocket. "Lie back."

"Tell me."

"I'll show you." He said, meeting Sanji's eye with that seductive determination he had, wetting the fingers of his other hand.

If he hadn't been so addled, Sanji would have responded with a swift, violent rebuttal, but if he was honest he was intrigued. And he wanted Zoro to fuck him, so co-operation was key. He lay his head back against the table and waited.

He jerked as Zoro's fingers connected, trying to stop trembling from sensitivity. His touch was firm, leisurely, stroking slowly back and forth as he worked with his mouth. The sensation of those fingers was fantastic; he'd expected cold but the fluid had already warmed from Zoro's hands, and he could feel it slick and smooth over his ass. He wanted Zoro's fingers inside him, wanted Zoro's cock inside him, but wasn't about to say so explicitly. The way his body was responding, he was fairly sure he didn't have to.

Having Sanji spread on the galley table, hearing him pant and feeling him respond almost desperately to every touch, using every last ounce of restraint not to beg for what he wanted; these were the reasons to take it slow. Sometimes the situation demanded swiftness so they wouldn't be caught pants-around-ankles, but today had provided circumstances that meant Zoro could take his time, do it how he wanted. And today, he wanted to tease.

Sanji's body had already been hot and tense when he'd started, so he was sure it was unbearable now. Every time his fingertips passed over the cook's opening he felt the other's hips tilt, trying to encourage him to enter. He slowed his fingers, resting a fingertip just at the entrance, then stopped. Sanji tensed around him from frustration, powerful legs shuddering. For a moment he wondered whether a kick might be coming in his direction, but right now that was probably the furthest thing from Sanji's mind. The fingers in his hair clenched tight and the taste in his mouth changed as Sanji leaked pre-come. Breath was rushing sharply in and out through his nostrils, his mouth still guarded by his hand.

Zoro slipped a finger in, just one, and that was nearly enough for him to lose it. His only thoughts were of Zoro's lips, his hot, wet mouth and those fingers that moved over him like they were made of silk. Two fingers, and it felt even better. He didn't give a fuck how needy he seemed. Shit, he was needy, thinking only of how he wanted to feel good, wanted to come deep in Zoro's mouth, over his face, over his ass, anywhere would do about now.

Inside, Sanji felt incredible. Zoro could feel the tension in him as he shifted between squeezing and relaxing, all soft and hot and inviting. He thought of how it would feel to have his cock in there, sucking Sanji harder and faster as he fantasised about it. His own trousers were uncomfortably tight and restrictive, but he hadn't a free hand to relieve them. That and he was afraid he might come outright if he touched himself at all. He shifted his weight to see if that helped things, but the fabric of his underwear rubbed against his head in a way that was assaultingly pleasurable. He groaned slightly around Sanji's erection from it, making the man gasp. Zoro kept moving his hips, gently enjoying that feeling as he shifted his focus to what his fingers were doing.

Sanji remembered that Zoro had done this once before, experimenting with how to touch him inside. He'd found a spot that had made Sanji go to pieces, made him unable to do much more than moan and cry out. He remembered his annoyance at Zoro's amused face as he made him leak uncontrollably. Zoro had found that place again, and Sanji felt his eyes rolling back into his head. He knew he should be yelling out, shouting Zoro's name in desperate frustration, but no words would come. He couldn't take it any more. He knew it would feel good, but there was only so much pleasure a man could take before it broke him.

Oh god I want to come…Zoro I want to come…

Both of his hands went to Zoro's head, one on top of the other, pushing down forcibly. He drove his hips up, feeling Zoro's lips part around him, fingers still working inside his ass.

Zoro had been unprepared for Sanji's reversal from frustrated obedience to frustrated aggression, and it had caught him unawares. Sanji held his head down tight as he thrust up and fucked Zoro's mouth, becoming more and more erratic. Zoro pressed harder inside, hugely satisfied that he'd driven Sanji to such a point that he couldn't take it any more. Then he realised that Sanji's thrusts were pushing him to the same point. It felt too good to stop rocking his hips, gently pushing himself towards the point of orgasm, but still a comfortable distance away. Or at least it had been, until Sanji had started fucking him. He felt it, and stopped moving his hips, but it was too late.

Sanji felt Zoro shudder, his mouth losing tension and his fingers stopping. He almost lost it in irritation, thinking that Zoro was playing him, but then the things that he missed returned with renewed focus. He felt the blood rush to his cheeks and his cock, felt his orgasm building like a blinding light. Zoro pressed hard and sucked him deep, and his body finally relented, leaving him panting, sweating and exhausted.

He leant up on his elbows again and looked at Zoro, trying to force his eyes to focus. Zoro withdrew his fingers and wiped his mouth with the back of his other hand, looking worse for wear himself. His eyes met Sanji's, but he wasn't sure of the expression. He was still holding his legs open, expecting Zoro to climb on top of him. Zoro got up and stepped out from the bench.

"I need a shower." He said, turning towards the door. He seemed oddly embarrassed.

"What the hell! We aren't done yet."

"Yeah, we are. Later." And Zoro was gone, leaving Sanji to scrabble together his clothes from under the table and dress his lower-half before he could follow.

As the hot water from the shower filled the room with vapour, Zoro removed his clothes, sticky underwear and all, looking disappointedly at the mess he'd made in his pants and over his cock. It'd felt good at the time, but the afterglow was short-lived and he didn't want to have to explain to Sanji that he'd come so hard and so easily just from him taking control. He'd never live that down.

He pulled back the curtain and stepped in, feeling his body warm and cool under the heat from the spray. He closed his eyes and pushed his face into it, holding his breath. When he re-opened them, there was a figure standing on the other side of the curtain, silhouetted by the bathroom light, coming closer and holding up a knife-

The shower curtain was ripped back to reveal Sanji, having broken into the bathroom using a slender kitchen knife to unhinge the lock. He looked accusingly down at Zoro's relaxed prick.

"Ok, no-one could jerk off that quickly, not even you, marimo." He said, looking at Zoro accusingly instead. "What was that?"

Zoro pulled the curtain back. "Nothing, shit-cook."

"We've had sex plenty and you've never run away before."

"I didn't run away."

"You left before I even had a chance to get my clothes back on."

"What does it matter anyway?"

"I can't enjoy myself when it's one-sided."

"Look, whatever, I'm just tired or something." No response. "So get out of the bathroom asshole, it's weird." Still nothing. Zoro jerked the curtain open. Sanji was undressing. "What are you doing?"

"I saw your underwear."

Zoro blushed behind the curtain, grinding his teeth in annoyance. "The fuck difference does that make?"

The curtain pulled back, and Sanji stepped in. "You had an unfulfilling experience."

"It wasn't-"

"It doesn't have to end there." The back of Sanji's hand was travelling up his inner thigh, re-awakening his erection. Zoro leant against the wall of the shower, parting his thighs so that Sanji's fingers could reach him. His other hand appeared in front of Zoro's face, brandishing the bottle of lube he'd obviously fished out of Zoro's pocket. He squirted some into his palm as Zoro had done, and placed it on the rim of the bath.

He looked Zoro square in the face, hair beginning to cling to his forehead from the wet of the shower. "I don't like it if you're left unsatisfied."

"Look," Zoro started to protest, but Sanji's hand cupped his balls and his mind went blank.

"I don't want to feel that I'm taking and not giving enough in return. It's not that hard to understand, dumbass." His hand rose up over Zoro's hardening erection, smooth and frictionless as they kissed forcefully. Zoro raised a leg and rested his foot on the rim of the bath, rubbing the head of his cock against Sanji's. Sanji's fingers dove into him, with none of the restraint Zoro had shown him earlier. He was about to bite his lip when Sanji bit it for him, kissing up to behind his ear, pushing his tongue inside it in ways he knew got to Zoro, the actions of the fingers inside him making him rock his hips against Sanji's leg.

Sanji turned him around, pressing him into the tiled shower wall, and fingered him from behind. Zoro felt blood rush to his cheeks and redden his face, making the tiles feel cool against his skin. The cook was working his erection with one hand and fucking him with the other.

The man's double standards were amusing. Having sex where everyone ate was a bad idea, but doing it in a communal bathing area was apparently fine. Zoro looked back at Sanji and any thoughts of teasing evaporated. His expression was one of concentration, serious despite the blush lighting his cheeks, betraying his need to get things right. He noticed that Zoro was watching him, and his expression shifted over into the 'annoyed' spectrum.

Zoro turned to the wall again, placing his forehead against the tiles. "You feel good," He said through a grin, imagining Sanji's face. The fingers pulled out of his ass and were swiftly replaced by Sanji's wide, tight erection. He gasped, his fingernails scraping for purchase on the slippery tiles, digging into the grout between. Water cascaded down his back, turning into wet noise as Sanji thrust into him. The direction of the spray shifted as Sanji turned the shower head towards the wall. Zoro became aware that he was panting and made a conscious effort to slow his breathing, trying to regain control of his body. Sanji's hands were at his hips, gripping him tight, running up his back with gentle pressure and holding his shoulders. He was panting again.

Sanji's fingers slipped between his own, curling around his hand and holding him close. Zoro felt him bite at his neck and shoulders, sending trickling sensitivity down his spine and making him tense and shudder. Sanji's other hand pounded Zoro's erection, driving him towards the edge.

Sanji's talented fingers felt good, but this was ecstasy.

"I'm going to come…"

It came as a sudden surprise to Sanji when Zoro shouted his name, the way he had in the hotel when they'd been alone together, with no restraint whatsoever. He'd managed to cover Zoro's mouth before the whole of the second 'Sanji' came out, the rest following as a muffled stream. Just like back then, hearing Zoro call his name in that tone was endlessly erotic and he came hard for the second time that evening. Zoro's head dropped back against his shoulder, and he kissed his cheek. He looked exhausted.

"You can't be that loud when we're on the ship you moron, people will hear."

"I was loud?" Zoro said, turning his face towards Sanji's neck.

"You don't remember?"

"Not really."

"Maybe I should only fuck you when we're on dry land then."


"Sanji! I heard Zoro calling for you last night."

"It's ok Chopper, I found him."