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The legend of Spyro: Asgard Chronicles.

Part 1: Peace for Spyro and Cynder, worst possible hell for their counterparts in another dimension.

Chapter one: Cynder's recovery from enslavement.

Location: Cynder's room. Dragon Temple. Vespera Dimension.

Character: Cynder.

Cynder woke up to warm sunlight shining in her window in the temple.

She stretched, her joints cracking as her limbs stretched to their full extent, and got up. Her room was a small one, far away from the other rooms of the ones she used to fight. What are now her friends used to be her enemies.

She never imagined something like that, not before Spyro saved her from the Dark Master, Malefor. Not since that dark dragon forced Cynder to kill thousands.

She shook her head, trying to forget those horrid memories. She was thankful to Spyro for saving her from that beast's control. She had added her power to his power during the final fight of the dark dragon. If she hadn't, the dark dragon would have definitely won.

It was a deed that some thanked her for. But she was still remembered for the pain and suffering she had caused, unknowingly or not. She was grateful that the Guardians had forgiven her. She could live at the temple now, without fear of anyone trying to enslave her again.

She was still hated by some, though. Most refer her as the 'evil' one, while they showed nothing but respect for Spyro, revering him for being a savior of a race.

Speaking of Spyro, Cynder hasn't seen him since that final battle a month ago. She knew he lived in the temple, she even knew which room. But every time she went there and knocked on his door he wasn't there, and she hasn't been able to find him anywhere else.

Cynder sighed and got up. She had to find Spyro today. She had to tell that purple dragon how thankful she was. She had already told him about her love for him, and he had replied that he had the same feeling for her. But because of the circumstances of before Spyro released her, they couldn't be together. What would happen if everyone found out Spyro was in love with someone that had killed thousands, willingly or not?

It also didn't make things better that almost every female dragon in the surrounding countryside that was old enough to mate was next to throwing themselves at Spyro's feet, hoping that he would choose one of them. He was old enough to find a mate.

Cynder looked out the window. There was a storm cloud far off in the distance, but it probably wouldn't get here 'till nightfall. The sunlight reflected off her black, metallic scales and filled the room with small specks of light.

I've got to find him today. She thought. I've got to tell him… well, I've got to tell him 'thank you for saving me' for one thing.

Location: Spyro's room.

Character: Spyro.

Damn, what am I supposed to say to her the next time I see her? Spyro thought as he paced back and forth.

He had been avoiding Cynder for a while, afraid of what to say. Even though he loved her, he didn't want to end up with both of them in trouble when it became clear that he loved the person that was corrupted by Malefor.

Well, he also had Ember constantly hounding him. No matter how many times Spyro had told that dragoness that he only likes her as a friend and won't take her for a mate, she wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Well, Spyro thought that it was natural. He IS a savior, after all.

Well, not quite. He corrected himself. There is no way in hell I could have managed without Cynder's help in the end. She deserves as much credit as I do.

He sighed again. I just wish everyone would NOT call her evil in any way. She isn't! The Guardians cleared that up, already!

He looked at his arm, the purple scales glinting in the sunlight. And I wish everyone would judge me by who I am as a person, instead of judging me by my scales or by the fact I'm pretty much a savior.

He shook his head. Damn, I need to think of something to say to Cynder. I should definitely thank her for her help. But I love her. She was an enemy at one time, and people still remember her for that. If word gets out that I love her, it'll be a catastrophe!

Spyro looked at the door. But now she's a friend. Sure, there are people that hate her. But everyone knows that whatever bad deeds she did, she had done them out of a cruel trick Malefor played on her.

He sighed. If I'm going to talk to her, now might be the best time, while most of the dragons in the temple are still asleep. I hope I don't run into Ember, though. She's the last person I want to meet right now.

He opened the door and walked down the hallways to Cynder's room. Cynder had chosen a room far away from others. Yes it would mean a bit of a walk, but it fits her. Cynder wanted to be alone most of the time, away from those that still considered her as the 'evil' one.

When he got to the door, he stopped. Damn, what the heck is she going to say if I'm here in front of her door when everyone else is asleep? What is anyone else going to say if they see me here?

He looked at the door. It was made of both ornamental wood and reinforcing iron, like most of the doors in the temple. The really good rooms belonged to the Guardians, by rule of the temple. Even Spyro the savior couldn't have a room like the guardians. Most people think he deserved more, but since Spyro wasn't complaining, they decided it was his choice.

My choice again. He thought. Because of my status, I could have virtually anything I want in this world. All I have to do is ask. No one would even think of saying 'no' to their 'savior'. I just wish they gave Cynder the same respect instead of taunting her.

He shook his head. What in the high hell am I doing here? I'll just find her later, when everyone's awake. If someone sees me thanking her, that might get her some respect, which is what she really needs these days. Unless its Sparx or Ember. Coming to Cynder this early in the morning might be a bad idea.

He sighed and walked down the hall.

Character: Cynder.

Just go find him, say thanks, and maybe try to have a conversation with him.

The same thought Cynder was thinking the last ten minutes. She was thinking out what she was going to say in her head the whole time.

She took a deep breath and opened the door. She looked around, and saw the tip of a purple-scaled tail go around a corner.

Shoot. I shouldn't have waited so long. He was right outside my stupid door! She thought as she walked after him. She turned the same corner and came to an intersection. Spyro could have gone down any hallway.

Cynder sighed and followed her nose, picking up his scent. She followed until she heard Spyro say, "- I've told you, I'm not interested."

"And I told you I'm not taking 'no' for an answer." Came the all too familiar voice of Ember. Cynder stopped. Ember hated her, and took every opportunity to tease and taunt her, almost always to the point of making Cynder want to tear Ember's wings off and leaving her body in a crippled state. Cynder was still trying to shake of the dark personality the dark dragon had given her when it corrupted her, but she had better control over it now. Although, occasionally she'd lose control.

"Look, Ember, just leave me alone, alright?" Spyro said. Cynder looked around the corner. Ember was right beside Spyro, wrapping her tail around his. Spyro didn't look like he was enjoying it. "Why don't you go bother Flame?"

Ember walked in front of Spyro, forcing him to stop. "Flame's not awake yet." She said.

Flame was one of the dragons staying at the temple. He also had a secret crush on Ember, but since Ember had eyes for no one but Spyro, he kept quiet.

Spyro stepped around the smaller dragon and continued walking. "Well, wait until he is." He said.

Ember grabbed his tail with a paw, and Spyro yelped as she pulled him back. "I'd like to spend that time with you." she said.

Spyro shifted a little. "Well, I don't." he said.

Ember turned her head to like at him in the eye, and spotted Cynder out of the corner of her eye. "Well, if it isn't the evil one." she hissed, turning to look at Cynder.

Cynder was torn between either saying something or just walking back to her room.

Spyro started and looked at her. "Cynder, um, how are you doing?" he asked, looking between her and Ember.

Cynder and Ember had somewhat of a fight a few days prior, which ended in one of the Guardians breaking it up. It was made quite clear that Ember still considered Cynder the enemy.

Ember hissed and turned away. "Go back to your room, you beast." She said. "It would be better than being in a cell." And with that, she walked away.

Cynder growled after her, then she looked at Spyro. She felt like she wanted to faint. "I've been alright." She said, answering Spyro's question.

Both of them looked at each other for a minute, then both of them said at the same time, "I want to thank you—". They were silent again for a few seconds.

Cynder sighed and said, "Spyro, thank you for releasing me from Malefor. I don't know what would have happened to me if you didn't."

Spyro shook his head. "No, I should be the one saying thank you. Without your help, the whole world would've been doomed. You don't even owe me anything. You paid me back during the last fight." He looked at Cynder. "What are you doing out here anyway?"

Cynder decided to make an excuse for more time with Spyro. "I was headed to the training room, but I got lost."

Spyro sighed. "Do you want me to lead you there?" he asked. "I was headed there anyway."

Cynder nodded. "That would be very kind of you." She said. Damn, did I really just say that? She thought.