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Chapter 51

Date: April 10th. 3:26 PM.

Location: Flint, richer district.

Character: Carlos.

Carlos just stood there next to the empty street, holding a clear, plastic umbrella over his head to keep the rain off of him.

Ignitus was once again perched on his shoulder, staring at the same building Carlos was.

It was Ignitus who spoke first. "This... is where you live?" he asked Jake; they were looking at one of those multi-million dollar mansions anyone would kill to have.

Jake nodded. "Yeah... I kinda made an understatement when I said I lived in an apartment." he muttered.

"An understatement? An UNDERSTATEMENT?" Carlos next to yelled. "Dude, I knew your family was rich, but holy mother of god!"

"Well, actually it's my older brother who's rich." Jake corrected. "My parents live somewhere else entirely."

Ignitus shook his head. "So am I going to expect a greedy-"

"No; my Brother isn't even home."

"Okay, so how the hell do we get in?" Carlos asked.

Jake took out a key and inserted it into a lock on the gate to the property. "He gave me the key just in case I needed a place to stay."

"Wait, you DON'T live here then?" Ignitus asked, sounding confused.

"Well, I do, but-" Carlos sneezed for the tenth time that hour. "You know what? Forget about it; Carlos needs to get out of the rain fast."

Carlos nodded and quickly followed Jake down the road leading to the front door. "Damn, I should've guessed he'd live in a place like this the minute I saw the card he used to pay for the hotel." He muttered; they had been staying in a hotel the three days or so because Carlos had come down with a fever.

But Carlos has only been outside for less then a couple hours, and already he was clearly coming down with another sickness.

Ignitus looked around. "Why do you have so much space to yourself?" he asked, regarding the rather large property. "A few hospitals could be built here, and you'd still have enough room for the mansion and a few other houses."

"I'm not the guy that made the deed for the property." Jake said pointedly. "I'm not even allowed in the same ROOM as the deed, much less to modify it."

"Where is your brother anyway?" Ignitus asked.

"As far as I know, he was in Harland City when the zombies decided to swarm the city."

"Oh." Ignitus muttered.

"You think his brother's..." Carlos trailed off at the thought.

"Most likely." Ignitus said. "You should probably stop talking." he added as Carlos sneezed three times in rapid succession.

Carlos nodded and stopped at the door. "Hang on, I got it." Jake said, unlocking the huge double door to the mansion. "Well, 'welcome to my humble abode' or whatever..." Jake muttered as he walked inside.

"Seriously, Jake, you couldn't think of any - dear ancestors Jake, how the hell did your brother afford this?" Ignitus asked as they walked into the front – which was the size of a basketball court and had three doors and two staircases leading to the second and third floors.

"I don't know." Jake shrugged. "Um, there's a guest room up on the second floor. Just go up the stairs and head left. In the hallway there should be a doorway with a light fixture embedded in the doorframe with a plant to the right of the door; that's the guest room... I think. You know what? I'll just lead you there."

3 hours later.

"Jake... this isn't the second floor." Ignitus said as he lied down on an old desk table. "You didn't even describe the door right; that was a storage closet."

"Well don't blame me if I haven't been here in over a year." Jake said indignantly.

"You got lost going to the front door to get your bearings!" Carlos yelled. "I swear to god, I didn't even think that was possible until now! I mean, how the hell did you get us lost going to the FRONT DOOR?"

"Considering the size of this place," Ignitus pointed out, looking around. "I'm not surprised – what the..." Ignitus trailed off as what sounded like an electric guitar started strumming.

Carlos looked over to see that Jake had taken his Ipod out with earphones and turned on some music loud enough that Carlos could hear it from all the way across the room. He could even tell what the song was; The Last Time by All That Remains.

Ignitus watched Jake go out the door and sighed. "I think the last few days are getting to him" He said, looking around the room.

The guest room, contrary to what Jake had said at first, was on the fourth floor and was the only room with a bed on that floor.

The room itself was three times the size of the hospital room Carlos used to live in, and in addition to the bed and dresser, it had a bookshelf and a computer desk with a Mac and a TV on it.

Carlos sat down in the chair next to the desk Ignitus was lying on. "Well, at least we're out of the rain." He said, opening a small packet of pills Jake had given him to help the cold.

Ignitus nodded. "Yes, and this place should be okay for you to stay in. Hopefully." he shook his head. "Carlos, I haven't really asked you this yet... but back at the hospital, how did you know how to use Dark Magic in that particular way?"

"In what way?"

"When we were fighting the Elemental, remember? You destroyed that hallway."

"Oh." Carlos swallowed the pills. "I don't know, really." he said. "I guess it was just instinct."

Ignitus sighed. "I thought as much..." he trailed off. "How're you feeling?"

Carlos fell on the bed, feeling like he was going to fall asleep at any moment. "Like I got run over by half a dozen trains."

"Well, then I guess you better rest." Ignitus said.

Carlos shook his head. "My head's too full of thoughts to allow me to."

"Like what for example?"

"How did I end up using Dark Magic in the first place, for one."

Ignitus seemed to think about that for a few seconds. "I don't know; I guess you were born with that capability, but you just didn't use it until that first time." after that Ignitus started explaining how dragons were capable of using magic from the moment they hatch, but only gained the intelligence to use magic after they reach a certain age... Carlos didn't catch much; his head ache wasn't helping.

Carlos felt his head ache get worse. Yeah, I don't think I should ask Ignitus any more questions related to that... "Now that I think of it, why are you worried about those two people you're looking for?"

Ignitus started, then sighed sadly. "Well..." he coughed nervously. "Well... one of them is my offspring."

"Wait, you have kids?"

"Yes, I do..." Ignitus layed his head on his claws again. "I made some mistakes, and they ended up costing my family dearly... I guess you could say i'm looking for forgiveness. Hell, those two don't even know that I ever HAD a mate."

"oh, that's bad." Carlos said without thinking. Then he caught himself and shook his head. "Whoawhoawhoa that's not what I meant-"

"I know." Ignitus said. "Anyway, we need to-"

Carlos suddenly stood up. "Um, is there a bathroom in here?" he said quickly. Oh crap, I can't be THAT sick!

Character: Ignitus.

Something's wrong... "I think it's right over there-" Ignitus pointed to a door with a paw.

Carlos didn't even wait for him to finish; he ran into the room, hand over his mouth.

Wait, is Carlos about to- a sound that was unmistakably Carlos heaving into the sink answered his question before Ignitus had a chance to finish it.

Ignitus jumped down and walked into the bathroom. Carlos was leaning against the sink, wiping his mouth with a paper towel. "You okay?"

Carlos shook his head. "No, no i'm not."

Ignitus stepped to the side to allow Carlos to walk out the door. "do you need help? I think I can heal a couple symptoms, but I can't outright cure you."

Carlos shook his head again as he sat down on the bed. "Nah, I just need to rest, I think..." he said. "I can't rely on everyone else all the time. If i'm going to figure out what's going on with me, then I need to be able to stand on my own without help."

"Well that's very admirable of you, Carlos, but seriously, I think it might be best if I heal you." Ignitus insisted.

Carlos shook his head. "Ignitus, if I have you helping me all the time you'll never find your kid. I have to be able to stand on my own."

Ignitus jumped up on the bed next to Carlos, curling up with his injured wing still held stiffly. "Well, just warn me if you start to get suddenly worse, okay?"

Carlos nodded before lying down on the bed. After a few seconds Ignitus was sure that he had fallen asleep.

Ignitus sighed and jumped back onto the desk. "I have to be able to stand on my own..." I think I said those words a few times over the course of my life. Ignitus shook his head. I guess Valhalla was right about Carlos been my counterpart; we do have similar personalities in some cases.

Ignitus' thought went back to the last few days. It had only been a few days since the Water element attacked the hospital, but still, the constant rain had all three of them constantly on guard in case it decided to strike again.

Ignitus thought about the spell Carlos used in the hospital. … That was no normal Fury spell; too powerful and precise. If that was a Fury spell the entire hospital from that floor up would be gone. While granted that probably would have stopped the Elemental, it also would have killed me and jake and any survivors.

But that's besides the point; what Carlos used wasn't a Fury spell... let's see, what is more powerful than Fury... Ignitus looked at Carlos, a little worried now. Now that I think of it, there are 5 spell levels... there's the Standard level, obviously, and then after that there's the Adept class... after that is Fury... there are two more classes above Fury; the next highest is Master, which was my most powerful class before I became that Chronicler and I only used it as an absolute last resort...

After Master is... Redemption Class. The most powerful class out of all of them... those that have even a little knowledge of spells in the Redemption class have been well known to take out entire armies with only the one spell. Redemption class spells are well known for been very versatile, like a Standard class, but having even more power than the Fury and Master classes put together.

I don't want to think about it, but it's possible that Carlos' constant use of Dark magic every day over the last 7 years has increased his magic level to extremely high levels... perhaps enough to be able to use Redemption class spells instinctively.

If he's reached that level, then it's possible that Carlos, frail as he is, can go up against the whole of Malefor's armies single-handed and be done with them by the end of the day without a scratch on him, even Malefor himself wasn't able to use Redemption class spells, so Carlos has a huge advantage over hi -

Ignitus buried his head under his paws, growling at himself. Damn it, what the hell am I thinking? Carlos is still frail; he can't even hold a sword steady without a lot of effort, so putting him by himself against Malefor would be suicide. Even if Carlos had help, I shouldn't even begin to think of having him as a front line of defense against him. He's a child, for goodness sake!

Ignitus sighed, looking at Carlos again. Still... if worst comes to worst it's very possible that Carlos can hold his own against most of what Malefor has to throw at us.

Ignitus looked at a calender on the wall. …. It's the 10th right now... one week from now Malefor is going to raze Flint to the ground... only four people made it out of Flint that day, and none of them were Carlos or Jake.

I guess I can probably get Jake out of Flint by next week, but Carlos is a different matter; he's too sickly to leave Flint...

Ignitus suddenly had a thought. It wasn't exactly the most calming of thoughts, but the more Ignitus thought about it, the more sure he was.

. I'm going to ask Carlos if he'd be interested in helping me find and possibly fight off some ancient evil first... if he doesn't give me an answer immediately, i'll give him until the 16th to think about it.

If he says yes, then i'll have to just bring him along with me when I go find Spyro and Cynder... though how is the question...

Carlos coughed again at that moment, getting up weakly. "Damn, I can't sleep..."

Ignitus shook his head. "If you try, you probably can... probably."

Carlos sat on the bed with his legs crossed, looking somewhat depressed. "All my days spent outside of the hospital have been spent sick... I wanted to leave so badly and yet now that i'm out I want to go back so i'm not feeling like this all the time."

Ignitus sighed. "Carlos, I should tell you something..." He's going to find out one way or another anyway...

"What is it?" Carlos looked at Ignitus, obviously curious.

Ignitus bit his lip. "Well... you did hear about the rumors of a large black or dark purple dragon burning down cities and the like, right?"

"Yeah. Kinda impossible not too..."

Ignitus sighed. "And you do know that as a chronicler, I do have access to some knowledge of the future, since I kinda went back in time by accident?"

"Yeah... Ignitus, what are you getting at?"

Ignitus took a deep breath, then slowly said, "On... on April 17th... one week from now... that same dragon is coming to Flint... the scientists are working on an Anti-virus to the virus that's making those walking dead outside, so this dragon is coming to stop it..."

Carlos was silent for a few minutes. "You mean... flint's not going to make it past the 17th?"


Carlos, once again, was silent for a few minutes. "How many people will make it out?"

"Out of everyone that will be there that day, as far as I know only four will make it out alive."

"Are me and jake two of them?"

"No... truth be told, I don't think Jake is even there that day..."

Carlos sighed. "So, basically I have a week to live?"

Ignitus shifted a little. "under normal circumstances, yes..."

" 'Under normal circumstances?"

Ignitus nodded. "Yes... originally I doubt I was supposed to even be here."

Carlos perked up a little. "Um, once again, what are you getting at?"

Ignitus sighed. "Since i'm here now, there might be a chance that I can sort of re-write the timeline... only a tiny bit, but still, I can probably change one or two things."

Carlos was silent again. "And you're telling me this because...?"

Ignitus looked at Carlos, took a deep breath, and said, "Carlos, I have to ask you something... would you be interested in helping me find those two people I told you about?"

Carlos nodded. "Yeah, I kinda wanted to ever since you first told me."

"Are you sure? It'll be dangerous... for the most part, i'm enemies with that dragon and Cauldur."

"You mean the mad scientist that started the virus?"

"Yep. Now, I want you to be absolutely sure about this, Carlos; depending on what you choose, your fate could drastically change, for better or for worse I don't know."

Carlos seemed to think about it. "okay... i'm sure. I'll help."

Ignitus smiled a little, nodding. "Okay then." Now to figure out how to get Carlos to safety.