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Summary again: "If anything, I'm far from shameless! How dare you even suggest—"- Alice "Oi, I think your left strap is slipping off."- Boris

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"See you later, Julius." Alice waved to the Clockmaker nervously as she was carried out by a grinning Boris and Bloody Twins.

It wasn't that she was exactly opposed to the idea; well, she really was considering the fact that she was in her nightgown and practically thrown out of her own bed just to appease them. But of course she'd never tell them that now seeing as they looked so happy to be out with her so early in the morning.

"Are you guys sure you couldn't wait until I changed my clothes?" Alice asked while rubbing her cold shoulders.

Boris gave a laugh, "Oh, we're pretty sure we could have, but where is the fun in that?"

"Besides, we think big sis looks pretty when she's wearing that!" Dee complimented her causing her to blush as she began thinking about what she was really doing out in a forest dressed so ridiculously.

"Not only that, but Dee and I only have these first couple of hours before our shift starts at the mansion." Dum sighed.

Alice inwardly groaned. "So where exactly are you guys taking me?"

They each glanced at each other before shrugging, "Where do you wanna go?" Boris questioned.

Crossing her arms, Alice narrowed her eyes at each of them, "Back to the Tower, I can't possibly stay out here like this!"

With that in mind, she couldn't even begin to describe her fear on the prospect of Peter seeing her out like this. It'd be a disaster waiting to happen.

"Nothing's wrong with what you're wearing, you know." Boris waved off at her.

Though normally she would have been flattered, considering the fact that this was Heartland where they had unbirthdays, guns that could be made from everyday objects, and clocks for hearts… She had to shake that off. Everything, after all in this world was twisted.

"Yes, there is. In my world going out in your sleeping wear is considered unruly and quite frankly, weird." Alice defended herself with a firm nod.

"I suppose if you think about it, big sis' clothes are a bit shameless," Dum said while inspecting her.

"I agree, a real lady shouldn't be out wearing such things." Dee finished.

Alice felt her face redden, "Precisely my point, so I think—"

Boris cut her speech off with a snap, "Women who wear themselves out so publicly are usually real loose, aren't they?"

Loose? If there was one thing that Alice Liddell knew that about herself, it was that she wasn't loose. It was enough to have the infuriating Hatter call her that once, but for these three? That she wouldn't leave unscathed.

"If anything, I'm far from shameless! How dare you even suggest—" Once again the pink cat cut her off,

"Oi, I think your left strap is slipping off." He commented covering both Dee and Dum's eyes with his two hands. As he turned his face away that had become a light shade of pink.

Embarrassed, Alice quickly readjusted her straps back to the top of her shoulder blade.

"Aw, big sis' clothes are really bad,"

"They aren't kid friendly either."

"Not kid friendly, but they certainly are rapist approved." Boris said with a hand on his chin.

"I wonder if a rapist was the one that sold it to her."

"Don't be stupid! A rapist would have given her less to wear, it was probably a molester."

"No! A rapist!"




Alice watched speechlessly, her face growing redder and impatience getting higher. Boris, on the other hand watched the scene obviously amused.

Stomping her foot Alice glared at them, "Will you stop with that!? I can't just let you talk about me that way when I'm right in front of you! And I have you know that my clothes aren't even that bad! They're absolutely fine to me! You're all just over-reacting!"

Boris and the twins gave each other mischievous smiles,

"Alright then! Let's keep going!" Boris declared walking ahead while taking a hold of Alice's hand and dragging her forward.

Alice stumbled to go forward attempting to keep up with the Cheshire Cat's pace, "What?"

"You said so yourself, your clothes are perfect." Boris grinned at her widely.

Alice looked into the cat's eyes suspiciously, "You set me up." She mumbled.

"Hehe, but on the plus side, I think what you're wearing isn't shameless at all. In fact I think it suits you." He sent her a wink.

Alice felt her face flush harder. "You and your stupid reverse psychology."

"It isn't reverse psychology if you know what it is…" Boris retorted. Alice sighed but continued going on. She'd let this slide. He was Boris after all.


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