Title: Writing it all down

Author: me

Disclaimer: you know it by heart!

Chapter 12: My children, My children

It's been a while, so hopefully my memory still works!

Pup, was just as much of a handful as Duckie! But Ro was putty in his little hands. I suppose some can say the same about me and Duckie, but it ain't about us right now. It was like he and 'Ro had a secret deal going on and they didn't bother by tellin' me! Why was it that I get hosed down while changin' his diaper. But 'Ro managed to stay dry? Somethin' fishy goin' on there!

Let's see, there's a lot of shit t' catch up on, but most likely I won't be able to get to everything. Umm, Pup, well, he's a good boy. I hope I can teach him to be a good man, but he has this quiet mischievous side. With Duckie, it was just out there for the world t' see. She didn't hide it, but lil' man is another story.

Well, when he started t' crawl we had to keep all of the fun stuff out of his reach. It's what you do with any baby around. When he started to teethe I don't think there was a safe face in the house. Cheeks were his favorite chew toy until he found he liked things green and leafy. That's right, "Ro's plants! One day I was just relaxing with the boy in the loft and we fell asleep. We're men, we're allowed t' nap occasionally! Anyway, when I didn't feel his slobber on my chest anymore I woke up. I didn't see the kid right away. I wish I would have! He sat his little diapered ass 'Ro's Ficcus tree and was snaking on the leaves of her Spider plant. I pulled him away but not in time. There, all over the lower leaves were the imprints of his newly acquired front two teeth. At that moment I wished I had the ability to heal plant life like my healing factor.

"Pup, you've just signed my death warrant! Your Ma ain't gonna blame you for this, but I'm damn sure gonna get it!"

I picked the kid up and put him in his playpen, so I could clean up his little mess. I so hoped 'Ro wouldn't notice. But I knew when it came to her babies, both children and plants- she's come to notice everything, just my luck.

I was in the bathroom when she came in. One minute I was fine, just taking a leak, the next I'm grasping my ears cause 'Ro's a screamer!

"What happened to my plants?"

After quickly washing my hands, I went to see what was wrong, I thought maybe something happened to one of the kids. But there was Ororo, water can in hand but arms folded resting on her stomach and she was one PO'd goddess. She looked right at me.

"I didn't do it. He did," I said pointing to pup. He just started to bounce up and down and grinning like a wino in a vineyard with only his two front teeth in his mouth! Of course 'Ro thought that was cute! Damn she's fickle sometimes. I almost lit one of her plants on fire with my cigar one day and she almost sheared me. That shit ain't right!


When Duckie was 8, Pup was 3. That's when he officially got the name Pluckie! It just never stuck, so I call him Pup, whatever! He really reminded me of that baby cartoon duck that kept stuff shit, not literally, down the toilet and he liked to push the buttons on the elelator, or some shit! You know the one I mean. Anyway. One day he wondered in the kitchen. He's as quiet as Duckie was! Anyway, Duckie left her Cheez Puffs at the end of the table. Big mistake 'cause it was right in his reach! Too bad he didn't know right side up 'cause they all fell on the floor. He dragged the bag across the floor as well. The entire kitchen was bathed in orange crumbs and there he sat in the center of the kitchen floor with wide eyes and an orange mouth.

"What dadu?" he said with his orange palms turned towards me and shoulder shrugged towards his ears. His white t-shirt had his little citrus fingerprints all over it as well as on his overalls.

"Innocent, my ass! You know what you did. Come on and let's get this cleaned up!" he picked up each puff one by one and stuffed it in his face, the little devil. This was gonna take a while.

I vowed at that point, if 'Ro and I are to ever have another kid, he or she'll be strapped to one of us at all times! I must've jinxed myself 'cause 'Ro found out she was pregnant again. So, I'm good at what I do, what can I say? I'm an animal and she's a goddess, 'nuff said.


Duckie, she started to change and she was no longer my little girl. She was only 8 but the previous year she was a precocious little girl still turnin' up in odd places and shit like that, but now, she's a lot like 'Ro. I mean, she's grown quiet and observant. I've started teachin' her self-defense and I can tell she may surpass me someday soon. Only if she controls that temper. That she gets from me unfortunately. She got a bad temper.

One day at school there were a group of boys who were playin' kickball or something at gym time and they wouldn't let her play. They wouldn't let any girl play for that matter, but that didn't stop Duckie. No, she got mad and punched one of the boys in the face. I honestly don't know whether to be happy or angry. Frankly, I'm happy she stood up for herself and wouldn't take no for an answer, but I also know she can't go 'round knockin' little punks out. Hell, no I know I'm kgettin' soft! But she did, she knocked his little ass out, therefore was suspended for a week.

'Ro was pissed. Not so much with Sanaa, but for the length of time she would be out of school. Suspension just gives a kid a week off, it's like a vacation. Not in this place though! 'Ro was angry with Sanaa for losing her temper, so she devised a series of punishments. She got lectured alright!! She was forced to meditate with me everyday and had her lessons. She was home schooled by Hank, mostly. She wasn't allowed to watch television 'til Saturday morning. She had to read every evening after dinner. It's some of the things she was doing anyway, but with all of the fun things taken away, 'Ro hoped she would learn her lesson.

Things were going great until about the third day into her punishment. "Ro, Sanaa, Nathaniel and I were outside for a change, as a family. It was a beautiful day, wife inspired of course. Nathaniel was fast asleep on the blanket, partially across 'Ro's lap, but 'Ro was really there 'cause she wanted to see how Duckie's progress was going in the self-defense area.

Kidlet forwent the gi that day. That was fine, it was a little warm out and no doubt it needed to be washed. All except the belt that is. Well, she prepared with a offensive stance, it was as if she wanted to avoid me from the beginning. I advanced and she blocked, I advanced and she blocked, but I could tell she was starting to get mad. I stayed continuous in both speed and strike, but she was getting frustrated. Just then, I advanced and she struck. Her open palm to the center of my chest sent me flying, veering backwards into a tree.

'Ro was so startled. Her first action was to run to my side to see if I was okay because I wasn't getting up. 'Ro looked at Duckie and Duckie was looking at her hands. They were glowing blue. Little sparks flickered. She lived in a house of mutants but I don't think Duckie ever thought she could be one. When she was younger she'd draw pictures of her flying with her ma, side by side, but it was obvious that the little girl who drew those pictures was the scared little girl in front of us now. She looked at me, then looked at 'Ro and then just as she was about to run, she collapsed.

I got up and ran to the kid.

"It's okay, Logan. I put her to sleep. She broadcasted some very strong emotions. She is unhurt."

"Thanks, Chuck."

"I have told Ororo, what I have done. Please bring her inside."

We did, but we didn't go to the med lab, we took her to her room. There was no way she was gonna wake up scared in a cold place. I still carry the images of Weapon X experiments. My little girl isn't gonna know anything like that.

She woke up in a cold sweat and breathing hard. Then we were forced to take her to the lab.

Hank said something about Newton's Laws and some shit, I wasn't really followin'! To make a long story short she manipulated energy. The energy I used to attack, she used against me. She can also consume, absorb and produce various levels of energy. This was a lot to explain to a scared little girl. Her cat eyes seemed vacant like her shine was gone. I can't let that happen to my little girl. She's my life, my heart.

That night she slept between 'Ro and I. She was afraid to be alone. I wish I could take that all away.