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Right Where You Want Me.

Ted was surprised to see John Cena at his and Cody's hotel room door. Even though Cody was with Randy for the night, John had never come to his room before, stating that he didn't want other people to know about their relationship. Ted understood and didn't mind sneaking around, it added a thrill to their relationship.

"Hey Teddy." John greeted him with a kiss.


Ted led John into the room. The two sat on Ted's bed and the younger man watched as John pulled his hat off and nervously wrung it through his hands. After a couple of minutes of silently watching him, Ted finally covered John's hands with his own, getting the other man to look at him.

"What's wrong?"

A dimpled smile appeared on John's face. "Nothing's wrong."

"Then why are you so nervous?" Ted was confused now because the normally boisterous man was shy and quiet.

John didn't answer him, he just dug around in his pocket until he pulled out a long velvet box and handed it to Ted.

The younger man raised an eyebrow.

"Open it," John urged.

Ted stared at the older man for a couple more seconds before opening it. He didn't know what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this.

"Are these...?" Ted couldn't even get the words out.

John smiled. "Yeah, they're my dog tags. I know you hate presents and all but, they mean a lot to me and you mean a lot to me. So, I thought I would give them to you. Plus, I want people to know you're mine, Teddy."

Ted gasped. "You mean–?"

"Yeah, I want to go public about us." John took the dog tags out of Ted's hands before slipping the necklace over his head. "Perfect."

"But what about when you have matches?"

"You can give me them before the match and after it I'll give them right back."

Ted smiled, leaning over to give John a kiss.

"Perfect," Ted repeated.