Challenge WOW: Coffee

Summary: Castiel is introduced to caffeine.

Word Count: 100

Sugar Rush

"This was a bad idea," Sam said.

"This is awesome!" Dean giggled.

"Whatisthisstuffcalledagain?" Castiel asked, speaking ninety miles an hour.

"Coffee!" Dean blurted, laughing. Castiel was bouncing up and down, on his fourth pot of coffee. He grinned.

"Ireallyreallyreallylikecoffee," he said happily. Dean started giggling again.

"Cas, never do what Dean says again," Sam glared at his hysterical brother.

"Whydidhedosomethingwrong?" Sam nodded. "He'smakingfunofmeagainisn'the?" Another nod. Castiel smiled, snapping his fingers.

"Cas, what did you do?" Dean asked. The angel giggled, glancing out the window. Dean looked and swore.

"SON OF A BITCH!" The Impala, gone.

"Seewhathappens whenyoumesswithHeaven?" Castiel giggled triumphantly.


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