What's Happening?


A/N: Dedicated to Layla Grace Marsh and all of her family. I want to say I'm sorry for their loss. I've been praying, but I know that Layla is happy where she is now. Rest in peace lil' angel. May you dance in peace. Based off of Layla's story and the song Fix You.

Sam & Freddie sat on the couch while watching the very first episode of Big Bang Theory. 'What's Happening,' Sheldon mouthed. Carly walked in. She had some sort of news, they could see it in her eyes. She turned the channel. "Today in a town near Seattle, a little girl by the name of Layla Grace died of neuroblastoma, and she'd been fighting with it since birth." Carly sighed. "I really liked that girl," she said. "I've met her once. I'm sorry she didn't make it." Sam looked at the pictures of the girl. "What's her name?" Carly looked over from the chair she'd recently sat in. "Layla Grace Marsh." Sam looked up the name.

"It says here, Layla Grace was fighting with neuroblastoma,"she said. "We know." Sam all of the sudden looked worried. "I-It also says, the cancer she had, most likely start as some sort of little sickness when you were first born, and then it either carries on through your life, or starts right then." Freddie walked over. "Yeah, and? Why do you look so worried?" "I had something just like that when I was little." Carly & Freddie looked at Sam. "Look up the symptoms. NOW. I'm gonna go call Spencer."