What's Happening

Two; Spell What You Mean

Sam was riding home in the back of the car and looked over her doctors note.

"What's this called?" Sam asked, running her finger below the word.

Freddie looked closer at the word.

"It's Neuroblastoma." (A/N: that's pronounced Nuro blast oma.)

"What's that?"

"It's your cancer."

"That's a big word."

"You better know how to spell it. I mean, in case people start asking you what it is and how to spell it."

"Looks hard."

"Yeah." Freddie said, realizing what the word really meant. "Yeah."

"Freddie?" she asked, suddenly sounding quieter.

"What does this do to you?"

Freddie smiled and looked up at Carly in the front seat because she knew where this was going.

"That means that somebody's gonna sneek up behind you and tickle you!!"

Sam giggled with excitement, and tumbled all over the seat, rubbing against her lower back.

"Neuroblastoma!" Freddie said.

"Stop!!" Sam half yelped, half laughed.

"Please, Freddie!! Ow!! Ow!! It hurts!!"

"Yeah," Freddie said sarcastically.

"Ow!!" she said, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Freddie stopped and looked at Sam.

"It-it hurts!!" she said.

"Call the doctor, Carly." Freddie said, concerned.

"Sorry," he whispered.

"Neuroblastoma," she said. "It doesn't pay."