E/O Challenge

Word: Coffee

Count: 100 on the nose!

A/N: Inspired by a wonderful friend. Written at 1 in the morning.

Muffin Madness

"Dean! C'mon! We gotta get this article finished!" Sam spat as he cursed at the printer that ran out of paper.

Dean groaned, "It's just another gig Sammy." He rubbed his tired eyes.

"Undercover for the New York Times isn't just another gig!" Sam said while still typing furiously on his laptop.

Dean groaned, "Is it before two in the afternoon?"

"It's eleven."

"Wake me up a three."

"I have coffee. Move your ass!"

"I want a muffin."


"You heard me. I'll only get up for a muffin."

"Fine, Okay."


Sam leaves and Dean falls back to sleep.