Disclaimers: Rurouni Kenshin is not mine. Neither are furbies (SCARY).. eheh. o.Ox;;

Author's note: This isn't one of those fics that I kept to myself. I wrote it and posted it. What else to say.. oh! A year ago I was obsessed with Tenchi Muyo! and I wrote a fic with the Tenchi cast dealing with furbies. I might decide to post it later. lol, My obsession with Tenchi ended when I was introduced to RK. ^^x;; Anyway, I found it recently while I was cleaning my room (sorta..) and I thought of the RK cast dealing with furbies. ^^x So.. here it is! (It's kinda stupid.. No, actually, it's very stupid.. I think..)

RK and Furbies
By Mutya

Furbies: yawwwn!>

Kenshin: Oro..?

Sano: What the hell are those things?!

Furby #1: facing Kenshin> Me! Love! You!

Kaoru: ..fumes>

Furby #1: Kiss! Me!

Kenshin: O.Ox;;

Furby #2: facing Sano> Me! Hungry! Ah.. ah.. ah.. leaves mouth open>

Sano: o.O Am I supposed to feed it?

Megumi: Of course. Baka.

Sano: How the hell am I supposed to feed that thing?!

Furby #2: Ah! Me scared! Ah!

Megumi: Put your finger in it.

Sano: What the f—? Feed my hand to it?!

Megumi: Ohohoho!!

Sano: ..tries it>

Furby #2: Yum! Again! Ah.. ah.. ah.. leaves mouth open>

Sano: O.O;;

Furby #3: facing Tsubame> Dooby dooby doo..

Tsubame: hides behind a plate, scared>

Yahiko: glares at Furby #3> You're scaring her!

Furby #3: Dance, boogie! Doo doo doo! Doo doo doo!

Yahiko: grabs wooden sword and bonks it over it over>

Tsubame: O.O Yahiko-kun!

Furby #3: flies in pieces as it's being beaten up>

Furby #4: facing Ayame and Suzume> Cockadoodledoo!

Ayame: WAI!! KAWAII!!

Suzume: KAWAII!!

Furby #4: Loud! Sound!

Furby #5: facing Saitou> Me.. scared..

Saitou: ...

Furby #1: still begging Kenshin for a kiss> Kiss! Me!!

Kaoru: IYA!!!

Kenshin: Oro?

Furby #1: Ah! Me! Scared!

Kaoru: You better be! grabs wooden sword and bashes it into pieces>

Furby #1: a piece shoots out and hits Kenshin in the forehead>

Kenshin: @.@x Oro~!!

Kaoru: stops bashing it> Oh no! Kenshin!! Gomen!!

Kenshin: lies on the floor, swirly-eyed> Oro~..

Furby #2: Pet! Me!

Sano & Megumi: stop arguing and look at Furby #2>

Sano: realizes it's now facing Megumi>

Megumi: ........

Sano: punches Furby #2>

Furby #2: goes flying> WEEE!!

Megumi: looks amused> Sanosuke got jealous because it was asking me to pet it?

Sano: ..blushes slightly>.. clears throat> Why would I be jealous of that thing?!

Megumi: sly smile>

Furby #2: lands on Yahiko>


Everyone else: looks at Yahiko>

Sano: Oops. (still blushing>)

Yahiko: ..looks at Sano, catching his breath> WHY DID YOU THROW THIS AT ME?!

Kaoru: huff> These things are evil!

Saitou: ..looks at Furby #5>

Furby #5: Doo doo, DOO doo doo, doo doo, DOO doo doo, doo doo, DOO doo doo, doo DOOOO doo! ... Heheheh!

Saitou: picks it up and throws it into the air>

Furby #5: WEEE!!

Saitou: Aku soku zan. quickly draws his sword>

Furby #5: Heheheh! Fun! Agai— is now in two pieces>

Yahiko: sweating, puts wooden sword down, and wipes sweat from forehead> Whew.

Furby #2: lies there, in pieces, alongside with Furby #3, which is also in pieces>

Tsubame: hides behind plate>

Misao: sitting there; hasn't been talked to by a furby> I think they're kinda cute!

Yahiko: looks at her with disbelief>

Misao: What?

Yahiko: sweatdrop> You've got to be kidding.

Furby #4: Heheheh!

Everyone (except Kenshin, who's still swirly-eyed): looks at Furby #4>

Ayame & Suzume: playing with it>

Kaoru: Ayame-chan, Suzume-chan! No!

Ayame & Suzume: look at Kaoru with big, innocent eyes> Why not?

Kaoru: They are bad things.

Ayame: Ohh.. bad!

Suzume: Bad! Bad!

Kaoru: Yes.. picks the thing up>

Misao: NO!! Don't kill it!!

Yahiko: You're crazy..

Kaoru: bashes it>

Misao: Poor thing..

Kenshin: wakes up> Orooo.. What happened?

Furby #4: a piece flies at Kenshin and hits him on the head

Kaoru: stops>

Everyone: looks at Kenshin> LOOK OUT!!

Kenshin: O.Ox;;;;; Oro~!!! falls over> @.@x

The End