I walked down the halls of the Irken Massive towards the Tallest meeting room. My boots tapping against metal floors and echoing through the metallic hallways, my maroon cape flapping behind me.

Bystanders in uniforms lingering in the halls bent down on one knee in a bowing notion as I passed by. Though annoying, I did appreciate it.

I continued walking until I reached two giant metal double doors at the end of the long hallway.

Two Irken maids waiting on both sides of the giant doors bent forward and bowed. I merely nodded and kept a stern look on my face. They stood back up and turned toward the double doors and pushed against them, opening them. How the were able to do it will be a wonder to us all.

I entered the large room filled with maids, servants, and nobles of the Irken empire. All of them waiting on both sides of the room chatting with one another. In the center of the room was a red carpet leading down the room and up the stairs to the plateau where the Tallest were waiting.

When I slowley started to walk across the room, all the chatting stopped and everyones eyes landed on me. I started to make my way cross the room. When I started to ascend the steps, I kept my eyes glued to the floor, and took my time in reaching the plateau.

I kept walking untill I was infront of Tallest Red and Tallest Purple. I bowed down on one knee, hands clenched into fists pressing against the floor on both sides of me. My head down, with my forehead resting against my risen knee.

Everything was silent until Tallest Red stepped forward and spoke up.

"Princess Lev, my Daughter, have you chosen which Irken you would like to mentor you in becoming an Invader?"

"Yes." I replied.


I stayed silent debating whether to tell him or not, knowing he wouldn't be pleased with the answer. I stood up and locked eyes with my Father, expression serious.

"Invader Zim."