It was dark outside when I finally decided to try and confront Zim again. After the episode on the side walk hours before, I lost all courage until a undisguised Gizmo scolded me for giving up.

Sometimes I wonder if Dad put a motherly sence in her chip.

I ran across the street and slumped against Zim's wooden fence. Making sure anyone looking from the base couldn't see me.

I looked to my right, checking to see if Gizmo hadn't wondered off to explore. (She is known to do that.) I was relieved when I saw her cat form, crouched down on the pavement. Ready to pounce if needed.

(We decided to keep our disguises on just in case someone saw us.)

I looked aroud the fence and examined Zim's lawn. It was odd just like the base on it. It had lawn gnomes, pink flamingos, puffer fish, and an "I Love Earth" sign.

Though strange, it looked harmless enough. But I decided not to take chances.

Grabbing a abandond empty aluminum can off the side walk. I threw it over the fence and ducked back down. Me and Gizzy slowly peeked into the yard and watched as the cam clattered across the ground.

The gnomes turned towards the can, their eyes started to glow red, and the sound of charging lasers were heard. A few seconds later the gnomes shot the can. Leaving only its burning ashes.

Me and Gizmo looked at eachother and nodded.

I jumped into the air, and onto the walkway, landing in a handstand, one legstraight and the other bent. The gnomes faced me not a second after I landed. Once again the sound of charging lasers started to ring through the air, as the gnomes eyes started to glow red.

I propelled myself into the air and landed crouched down on the front dor step before the gnomes had a chance to change their aiming course. In the end causing their own destruction.

Gizmo jumped in over the smoke after I had done my part and shredded anything else that could be a threat to us, which was pretty much what was left of the lawn decorations, andlanded crouched on my shoulder.

I stood up and turned around, smirking at the damage we caused.

* * *

Zim was in his lab working on his latest plan for world domination.

Sparks went flying when two pieces of metal were being melted together by the torch in Zim's hand. His goggled eyes concentrating on his work. Everything had to be perfect in order for his plan to be succesful.

He started attaching the second piece. Not paying any attention to the blinking monitor behind him.

"Incoming transmission from the Tallest." The computer announced.

He growled and lifted up his goggles, letting them rest on his forehead.

The interuption had startled him and almost caused his perfect machine to be ruined.

He took a moment remembering what the computer had interrupted him for and gasped in relization.

"Computer!" Zim yelled as he sat down the torch and completely removed his goggles, "Put them on screen!" The machine was the least of his worries.

Zim stood infront of the monitor and watched the screen blink before a image of Tallest red appeared glaring into the screen while Tallest purple was farter back, watching.

"Zim," Tallest red spoke, looking at what he could see of the lab to find his reason for calling was not there. The red Tallest's eyes sharpened, "Where is my Daughter?!?!"