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Chapter 5

Sasuke felt the tightening in his balls, the way his body was tingling and tensing, and knew he was about to finish soon. Glancing sideways, he saw the way Naruto controlled his breathing, slowing down his strokes as he did so, and imitated him. He felt the tingling, tensing, about-to-finish sensation ease up a bit. "Breathing helps you last longer," he observed with wonder. He was accustomed to holding his breath as he neared the end.

Naruto nodded. "When you're about to come, stop stroking. Wait till you calm down then start up again."

They worked at it, panting in the darkened living room, sweating. Occasionally one or the other boy would let out a moan. Once, Sasuke heard Naruto whisper his name so low that he could have imagined it. When he looked over at him, he saw that Naruto has his eyes closed, fist tight around his dick. He made progress. It was fifteen minutes before Sasuke lost control. Naruto was right behind him a stroke later. Sasuke was proud of himself. Then he noticed how his hands were shaking.

Naruto turned to him. "Looks like you got the first stage down. Ready for the second stage?"

Sasuke turned so he was facing Naruto as well. "Yes."

"It's harder."

"I think I've demonstrated that my Uchiha body can handle the stress of this jutsu."

Naruto dipped his head, giggling. "Guess you have. Okay. This time let me be the one stroking you."

Sasuke frowned. "Why?"

"Because it's harder to control yourself when someone else is doing it."

Sasuke was skeptical. "Okay."

Naruto fished something out of a back pocket. He held it up to Sasuke. "This is a lubricant. Lube. Going it dry starts hurting after awhile, and I know you've noticed how spit dries up quickly. This helps the process along." He squirted some into his cupped palm.

Sasuke was intrigued. The substance was clear, glistening in the dark on Naruto's hand as he closed his fist and smeared it on his fingers. He moved closer to Sasuke, reaching for his dick.

"Oh," Sasuke said in a small voice. "Oh." It was all he could manage.

Having someone else touch him made every nerve in his body scream in awareness. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was Naruto doing the touching. He couldn't imagine his breath freezing and his scalp prickling and his heart knocking if it had been Sai holding his dick.

That was all Naruto did at first, was hold it. He gently squeezed and released a few times, and Sasuke felt a deluge of heat swamp his entire body. He started breathing again with a convulsive lurch of his lungs. He was paralyzed, his body stiff.

Naruto grinned. "You like that?" he asked softly.

Like. Sasuke supposed he did. He hadn't really considered the feelings his body went through while practicing, but now he supposed they could be termed pleasurable. If pleasure could be defined as these wild sensations. He gave a single jerky nod. "Yes."

Naruto moved even closer. Sasuke moved backward, and Naruto kept moving closer until Sasuke was reclining against the arm of the couch. Naruto was reclining next to him, still holding him intimately. The blonde propped his head on a hand and stared down at Sasuke's face. "Just breathe, Sasuke."

Sasuke tried to. Naruto began slowly, and the distinction lube made was immediately noticeable to the Uchiha.

Beyond the obvious, there was a huge difference between touching himself and having Naruto touch him. Sasuke stroked doggedly until done. Naruto had a subtler technique. He twisted his hand sinuously as he stroked, dipped his fingers lower to massage Sasuke's balls, rolled his palm over the rounded tip of Sasuke's dick. Sasuke tried frantically to breathe as he'd recently learned, but it was impossible. Naruto was propelling him headlong towards finishing and nothing he did would stop it from happening. He was aware, through the fading coherence of his mind, that Naruto was being an excellent teacher, employing skill and knowledge of the jutsu to make Sasuke work for control. As he ejaculated on them both, he cried out three words.

"Thank you, Naruto!"

Naruto was quite worked up himself. The way Sasuke bit his lip, twisted and writhed, gripped Naruto's pants leg… it was fucking hot. Sasuke was hot. His dark eyes, previously squeezed shut, flew open at the moment he came. Naruto was thinking how totally kissable Sasuke looked, when the words surprised him.

They lay there for a few moments, Sasuke breathing noisily, and Naruto studying his face. When Sasuke was calmer, Naruto asked, "What do you mean? Why are you thanking me?"

Sasuke took a final deep breath as his body worked through a last shudder. He felt drowsy. "I hate it here."

That was an odd way to answer the question, Naruto thought.

Sasuke stared up at the light patterns on his ceiling from the street lamps outside. He felt weightless, comfortable. Naruto's warm body was pressed all along his right side and his spunk was cooling on his midsection. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to tell Naruto what he could never tell anyone else. He felt that weak, needy feeling again, but this time it didn't make him think about kissing. It just made him feel incredibly close to the blonde. "You have no idea what it's like for me here, Naruto. I can't stand it.

"It's like being in prison. I'm watched. I don't mean by Sakura and Sai, I mean by ANBU. By Kakashi. By Tsunade. It's why Team 7 still exists. It's supposed to keep me in line, to make sure I don't leave and that no one approaches me. I keep waiting for Kakashi to admit the real reason Sai is still on the team even with you back, but I already know. He's there to prevent me from leaving, too."

Naruto released Sasuke's dick, which he'd been lightly holding, and rested his hand on Sasuke's stomach. He'd had no idea that this was what Sasuke was going through.

"I know no one cares about me finding Itachi and killing him." Sasuke continued. "No one really wants me to get stronger. They think I'll forget, that I'll be able to live my life knowing what he did…"

Sasuke's eyes glazed over with tears. One slipped free and ran down the side of his head. They were tears of utter defeat and frustration. Naruto was shocked. "Sasuke…" The Uchiha didn't try to hide or dry his tears. Naruto felt awed and humbled to be allowed to witness them. There was silence for a while. Naruto kept his eyes on Sasuke's face, inexplicably angry on his behalf.

"I saw him do it," Sasuke whispered hauntingly. "Itachi showed me. He showed me how he killed everyone. How he killed our parents. He expects me to come after him. I have to do it, Naruto, and the only one helping me at all is you." Sasuke turned his head to look at the stricken blue eyes. "So thank you."

Naruto wanted to vomit. He was disgusted with himself. Sasuke really thought he was getting stronger, and all Naruto was doing was exploiting his deep desire for revenge. He was the worst friend ever. He sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the couch to lean his head in his hands. He felt like crying too, now. He heard Sasuke sitting up beside him.

"I'm not helping you, not really," Naruto said quietly. "You shouldn't be thanking me, Sasuke. I'm… just being selfish."

"What do you mean?"

Naruto peeked at Sasuke. He saw the curious frown on those handsome features and found that he couldn't admit the truth of the Jack-Off no Jutsu. He couldn't heap more disappointment on Sasuke, not after hearing the hell he lived with daily. He amended what he was going to say. "Sasuke…"


"You remember what I said to you in the hospital that time? After our fight?"

Sasuke thought. "About how you would have helped me do anything?"


"What about it? You are helping me."

Naruto hunched his shoulders uncomfortably. "I'm not. I mean… I can help you more."

Sasuke moved to pull one of Naruto's hands down from where he had his head leaning in it. "How?"

Sitting up straighter, squaring his shoulders, Naruto turned to meet Sasuke's eyes. "I'll help you leave the village."

It was a second before Sasuke could understand the words. No. No way. "Orochimaru?" he whispered.

Naruto nodded. "You're my friend, Sasuke. My best friend. I can't really sit by and watch you suffer like this. I'll… I'll help you with your revenge. With getting stronger for real, and finding Itachi. All of it."

Thoughts and possibilities tangled up in Sasuke until all he could do was splutter. "Are you serious?"

"Dead serious."

Sasuke stood up quickly, closing his pants as he paced up and down. "It can't be done. There's no way out of the village, Naruto."

Now Naruto smiled. "Oh, I'm sure we can come up with something. How many ways can you split your chakra?"

Merchants regularly traded with Konoha. Wagons came and went, laden with goods. The wagons were searched at Konoha's gates by the Chuunins on guard.

Kakashi passed a farmer selling chickens on his way to pay his respects to Obito the following morning. He stopped, letting the donkey-drawn cart with its squalling burden pass him by. He noted idly that one of the chickens had blue eyes.

At the grounds, he saw Sasuke and Naruto training in the far distance. He nodded satisfactorily to himself, wondering if Sasuke had ever had that talk with Naruto. He'd seen Sai and Sakura an hour ago. Both had been blushing furiously. Some of Sakura's bruises looked suspiciously like love bites. He'd have to have a talk with them all later on. If his team was going around screwing each other behind his back, then they needed to know about taking precautions.

But then he got to the monument and several hours were lost. Kakashi figured tomorrow would be as good a time as any to approach his team.

All in all, it wasn't until nearly two days later that Naruto and Sasuke were discovered missing. The Fifth had the village turned upside down, all guards on duty questioned violently. The Fire Country was scoured by ANBU. Every merchant that had entered or exited the village during the past week was tracked down and searched, questioned, and threatened.

No one knew anything. No one had seen them. They were gone.

Weeks later, Kakashi passed a child holding a stuffed chicken and remembered the chicken he'd seen with blue eyes, but it was too late for the information to be of any use.

Sasuke and Naruto had reached the Sound village. They approached factions there who worked for Orochimaru and were directed to another hideout, and from there to yet another hideout. That went on for weeks, until finally they reached the upper echelon of Orochimaru's network. A month to the day since they'd left the village, the two boys stood looking into the distance at a facility built into the side of a cliff. Orochimaru, their latest guides had said, was waiting for them both.

"This is it," Naruto said quietly.


"You really going to give your body to Orochimaru?" Naruto said this without taking his eyes off the hideout.

Sasuke snorted. "That was never my intention, actually. I'll use him until I don't need him anymore."

Naruto nodded. "Guess you won't be needing the Jack-off no Jutsu now, what with all the stuff you'll be learning from him, neh?"

"I like doing it. With you." Sasuke turned his head to look at Naruto. "You'll be learning from him right along with me, but I hope that doesn't mean we have to stop practicing. You were going to show me the third step. A blow job, remember?"

Naruto nodded. Then he said, "It doesn't really make you stronger, you know."

Sasuke stared at him. "It doesn't? Then what is it about?"

They were standing in a copse of trees at the edge of a ravine. The cliff housing Orochimaru's hideout was on the other side of the ravine. Naruto backed Sasuke against one of the trees now. "This," he said. And he kissed Sasuke's parted lips.

Sasuke's breath was taken away. His body felt the way it did when he was practicing the Jack-Off no Jutsu, all heat and tingling awareness. Then he realized that Naruto was actually kissing him and he hastened to kiss him back, imitating what the blonde was doing to him.

I want him, Sasuke realized giddily. Whatever that means. And he wants me, too.

They broke apart, leaning their foreheads against each other, breathing heavily. The kiss wasn't mentioned. Not verbally, anyway. They touched each other's arms and shoulders shyly, aware of the new dimension to their friendship. They hugged and it wasn't uncomfortable. It was good. Whatever barrier that had stood between them, left over from their rocky beginnings, was gone. There was no awkwardness. There was just the two of them, two young men who were closer to each other than they'd ever been to anyone else in their lives.

"It's going to be dangerous, studying from Orochimaru." Naruto said when he could speak. "He'll probably have us doing some evil shit."

"You'll be with me, though."

"No doubt."

"No matter what happens."

"No matter what. I got your back, Sasuke."

"And I have yours," Sasuke replied. He touched Naruto's cheek with a finger, making the blonde lift his head to pin him with those clear eyes. Sasuke dropped his hand, slightly embarrassed. "Let's go."

They turned towards the ravine to begin searching for a way across. Naruto reached for Sasuke's hand and held it as they headed towards their new lives. Sasuke squeezed the strong hand in his own tightly, feeling Naruto squeeze back just as hard.