Capricious: Into Society

A/N: The following is a compilation of what I hear on campus now that I'm a big girl now and in the incredibly cultured environment of college. Timeframe for Jinx: she's left the Hive Five, but is still mostly a free agent.

Disclaimer: I only own the situation. The two students' words are their own.

"I'll have the Molten Chocolate Cake, please," Jinx said, finally, after thoroughly studying the extensive dessert list on the diner's menu. The waiter smiled, a tad nervously, and graciously thanked her for the order before sweeping away to the kitchen. She sighed and briefly rolled her eyes. So she was categorized as a punk hoodlum gangster out for trouble. She'd thought by now, after she'd ordered a meal and finished a meal perfectly normally and everything, that the waiter would have relaxed a little and realized she wasn't going to go around spouting emoisms and shooting everyone up. Well. Whatever. She wasn't about to change her hairstyle and wardrobe (that would require money she didn't have), not when her eyes and skin and hair were never going to approach anything "normal" anyway. And she definitely wasn't going to stuff colored contacts in her eye sockets and waste money on skin bronzer and hair dye just to assuage the fears of this stupid city. She was what she was, she couldn't change her mannerisms or what she looked like. Take it or leave it.

As the waiter came back around with her deliciously warm dessert, two girls barreled through the front entrance, backpacks slung nonchalantly over tanned shoulders, exuberantly asserting their party of two to the hostess. College students, Jinx thought, rolling her eyes, and daintily shaved off a little chunk of chocolately goodness into her spoon. The two settled into a booth a few ways away from her, chattering up a storm as they waited for a waiter to take their order.

"Okay, so like, you know how I have this Asian guy as my TA for econ, right?" Girl A declared. "Ugh, oh my gosh, he is, like, soooo hard to understand! Like, he's always mumbling and he can't even spell things right when he's writing on the board."

"Wait, wait, what's your TA's name? 'Cause, like, I totally have this Asian guy for my TA too and he' s totally like that!" Girl B replied enthusiastically.

"Uhh I can't really remember, but it was like Fuwaykuh Me or something. I don't know. It's hard to remember their foreign names."

"No I totally understand! Like, is it like F-U-I-K-E—"

"—M-I? Yeah, I think that's what it is! It's what I put on my sheet anyway when we had that pop quiz during lecture. Like I don't even know. It's so dumb." Jinx briefly imagined Girl A gesturing the extent of the dumbness.

"Yeah, seriously, it's like, go back to China and eat some rice or something. Jeez. You'd think that they'd hire people that could actually, like, speak English, you know?" The waiter hurried over to their table and took their orders. There was a lull in their conversation and Jinx contentedly enjoyed the gooey chocolate center of her cake. In time, though, the waiter hurried back past her to the kitchen, and Girl A started back up.

"Anyway, like yeah, how hard can it be? There are sooo many people that can speak English. Like, why even hire this foreign guy that can't even speak friggin' English?"

"I know. Like, this is why we're in a recession, you know?" Girl B flipped a hand in a "what can you do" motion in Jinx's mind. "We keep outsourcing or whatever. We should just hire American people that can actually speak English. Like jeez. Seriously." Something clattered at their table—seemed like the water had come back with their drinks and food. It was still early; the lunch crowd hadn't arrived yet.

"Oh my gosh that totally reminds me! Okay okay, so I was sitting in the TA section one day, right? And I overheard this guy sitting a few rows behind me say—I don't know, it might've been his friend or something—'doesn't his name sound like "fuck me"?'. I like died when I heard that." Jinx's jaw clenched.

"Wait wait. Fuwayke...oh my gosh you are so right!" The image of a slack-jawed Girl B materialized. "That's so funny! Oh my gosh I can't believe I didn't think of that! You need to, like, get that guy's number or something!"

"I know, right? Like come on!"

Jinx's eyes flashed pink for the briefest of moments, and the girls' raucous laughter abruptly peaked into horrified shrieks amid the squelching sound of erupting food. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as she'd thought it'd be—the girls had ordered mostly salad, how disappointing—but at least it would be less work for the custodial staff. The dressing, at least, had exploded nicely.

And in the pandemonium that followed, Jinx quietly finished the rest of her dessert and left the diner. The crumpled bills she'd left on the table probably covered what she'd eaten today.