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A Teen Titans FanFic

By SkilletFan000


Chapter 1: Raven Likes What?

[February 13, 2010, Titans Tower, Jump City, California, 9:56 PM, (PST)]

Cyborg was playing videogames in the common room at Titans Tower. He had finally sucked up enough courage to actually use the gamestation after a previous encounter with Gizmo, which involved him, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, the Gamestation, Jedi, and Ninjas. (A/N See my other story, The Way The Game Is Played. If you haven't read it, you should, although it's not important that you do.) Starfire was in the kitchen, supposedly making dinner, while Cyborg supposedly watched her, although neither were doing a good job. Cyborg was engrossed with his videogame, and Starfire had a purple and blue mass that seemed to be breathing. Beast Boy was in his room doing, something. Something Cyborg didn't want to think about. Raven was meditating, and Robin was on patrol, although he was due back soon.

The doors swished open, and Beast Boy walked into the common room. Cyborg was glad to notice he had been asleep. 'Good' he thought 'That means the grass stain hasn't been plotting anything'

"Yo Cy!"

"Hey grass stain!"

Beast Boy gave Cyborg a look, then went to examine 'dinner.'

"Star, I told you, I'm vegetarian." Beast Boy shook his head at the pulsating mass in the pan.

"This is my favorite tamaranean vegetarian dish! It is my famous Schehle'cghe' casserole."

"Uh, Star? Vegetarian dishes don't move around, and, that does."

"That is all part of the congealing process."

"I'm not hungry"

Just then, Raven walked in, saving Beast Boy from explaining exactly why he wasn't hungry.

"Friend Raven! Surely you wish to partake of my delicious Schehle'cghe' casserole!"

"No thanks."

Starfire's face fell.

"But I'm sure Robin would love to try it. He should be here any minute now."

Starfire lit up like a christmas tree, and Robin chose that exact moment to walk through the door. Blissfully unaware of what had transpired he walked over to Starfire. But before she could offer him some of her concoction he held out a bouquet of roses and said,

"Happy almost-Valentine's Day Starfire!"

Starfire immediately forgot about the 'food' and accepted the flowers from Robin before giving him a bone-crushing hug.

"Thank you boyfriend Robin! I cannot wait for the day of valentines! What shall we do tomorrow?"

Starfire dragged a slightly protesting Robin over to the couch and immediately started to plan their day, despite robin's attempts to mention dinner. Cyborg wasn't about to get caught up in the conversation, so, he saved his game a shut off the gamestation, whispering to Robin as he did.

"Trust me, you don't want to know about dinner. I'd drop it if I were you."

That was about when Beast Boy left. Walking down the hall, he got into the elevator. After riding the elevator to the correct floor, he made his way to his room. He was just about to go in, when he heard the distinct 'swoosh' of Raven's powers, and, thanks to his animal senses, a mumbled, "Nobody gets me flowers..." in a voice that sounded dissapointed. Then it was cut off, as her door clicked shut.

Immediately, Beast Boy, being Beast Boy, morphed into a green rat, and skittered down the hall to Raven's door. Pressing his ear to the door he heard more. "...I know most....think I don't....flowers...but...I do...especially violets...." then a soft sniff, then silence. Beast Boy felt crushed. He hadn't even noticed her mood, if it wasn't for his lack of respect for her privacy, he would have been none the wiser. He immediately resolved to make tomorrow the best day of Raven's life. So far. Running off to his room, he pulled out his secret planning notebook, and, turning to a blank page, began to write down his plan.

So, what are Beast Boy's plans I wonder? You'll have to wait to find out. This is my first attempt at a story with chapters, so I've only posted the beginning. I'm taking something that will probably turn out to be like my first story, and breaking it into manageable chunks, with less wait in between parts. You have no idea how long it took me to write my first story. I'll probably post again tonight, and it will probably be considerably longer, but please review, especially if you like it, or want to find out what happens.

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