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Chapter 7, Enjoy!




[Dates. Times, Locations]


Chapter 7: ...And Again...

[February 14, 2010, Jump City Carnival Pier, Jump City California, 1:45 PM (PST)]

Beast Boy was on cloud nine. His day was made. Everything was perfect.

Perfect that is, until he pulled up to a parking space at the pier, and was ambushed by the H.I.V.E. 5

"Well, well, lookee what we got here" grinned Billy Numerous

"Looks like we got us some tinned meat!" joked Seemore

"Lets open it up and see what prize we get!" smirked Mammoth. He grabbed the roof of the car, and ripped it clean off, flinging it into the ocean. He looked inside.

"Eh? Where'd they go?" asked a puzzled Mammoth

"Behind you, hairy brain!" shouted Beast Boy, as he and Raven emerged from the energy bubble that Raven had used to teleport them from the car.

"H.I.V.E. 5! Eat 'em alive!" screamed Gizmo


[J. Torres Public Park]

"I wonder how Beast Boy and Raven are doing the getting on with the H.I.V.E. 5?" wondered Starfire aloud

"I wonder how they're getting on with each other!" Grinned Robin, as the two strolled in the park, hand in hand, eating ice cream.

"Robin! They are not as bad as that! They are capable of the civilized interaction."

"Yeah, but not with each other..." mumbled Robin under his breath. "I'm sure they're getting along fine, I'm just worried that they might not be able to handle the H.I.V.E. 5 alone." He said aloud

"They will be fine." reassured Starfire.

"Alright then. You want to go to a movie?" asked Robin

"Yes yes!" squealed Starfire

"Okay then, lets go! I'll just leave a message with Beast Boy and Raven that our T-Comms will be switched off" said Robin


[Back at the Pier]

Beast Boy and Raven adopted fighting stances, preparing for the onslaught.

Gizmo, Mammoth, and Seemore hit the pair with all they had. Billy Numerous swiftly divided several times, before charging in to assist his teammates.

Beast Boy was steadily being backed up against a wall. This was so not good. He glanced over to Raven quickly, to see how she was doing. That glance cost him. Mammoth, swinging with part of the car he'd ripped off, smashed Beast Boy's arm hard.

'Oww...' thought Beast Boy 'Better add that to the list of things that hurt like heck. Yup. That's gonna leave a mark'

"Huh, huh." Laughed Mammoth "That's gonna sting!" he guffawed

"Not as much as this!" yelled Beast Boy, morphing his arm into a tiger's paw, and slashing at Mammoth's chest.

"Hey, booger-face!" called Gizmo "Check it out!" he threw something at Beast Boy, who only had a moment to register what was going on, before being blasted across the parking lot by a Gizmo's latest gizmo.

Raven heard the blast, and looking across, saw Beast Boy sail across the parking lot.

"Beast Boy!" Raven cried out.

As Beast Boy flew through the air, he suddenly had a thought. 'Wait a sec, where the heck is Kid Wykkyd?'

Just before Beast Boy landed, a portal opened up beneath him, and he fell through.

'Props to you Raven!' Beast Boy complimented her mentally.


'Whaaaa...?' Beast Boy looked around. "Okay, that wasn't Raven's portal for sure. Oh. That would explain Kid Wykkyd's absence. Crudmuffins." Beast Boy commented aloud. He took in his surroundings. He was in a small dark room about 15 feet square, pretty clean, although the concrete walls were damp. There were no windows, and the only aperture in the whole room was the reinforced steel door, which had a small, square, barred hole in it, that Beast Boy did not even do the justice of classifying as a window. The room was lit by a single lightbulb, which hung from the ceiling by its wire. The only furniture there was, was a small table, two chairs, and a cot. 'I wonder if I get a bathroom break during this?' Beast Boy commented to himself, the situation doing nothing to change his cheerful mood. 'Guess this is when I bust out' Beast Boy tried to transform into a gorilla, in order to batter down the door, but to no avail. 'Or not...' He thought. He took a tour of the room, and inspected everything in it. He turned up no escape routes. On further examination however, he discovered that the moisture that dripped down the walls, was not water as he originally thought, but some strange green liquid. Upon further investigation, he discovered that having it on his skin, or on his clothes made him feel weak, and removed all his abilities. Without the liquid, he retained all his abilities, except transformation. Beast Boy stepped over to the door, and took a peek out. The only sight that greeted him was a long corridor, that he couldn't see the end of, that was constructed the same way as his cell, with a lightbulb every twenty feet or so. He also noticed a blast door, situated about ten feet from his cell door. "Well doesn't this suck." He said aloud, fully aware that he was completely alone.


[Jump City Shopping Mall]

"So... what do ya wanna do next?" grinned Cyborg, addressing his girlfriend.

"I don't know." Sarah replied.

"Well..." Cyborg smiled, drawing the word out for effect. "I have tickets to the 3 Doors Down concert, which starts in an hour."

"ReallY?" gasped Sarah

"You bet!" Cyborg grinned

"Can we go?" Sarah asked, smiling sweetly.

"Well sure, else would I-WHOA!" Cyborg suddenly found himself being led back to the car at a speed faster than he thought was possible for a human to attain unaided.

"Let's go or we'll be late!" Sarah called

"Okay, okay, I'll just send BB and Rae a message, to tell that I won't be able to hear my T-Comm, so I'm turning it off."


[Back with Raven]

"BEAST BOY!" Raven screamed as the changeling vanished from sight, and in that moment, Raven realized for the first time that Kid Wykkyd hadn't been in the fight the whole time.

'How could I have been so stupid?' Raven scolded herself.

'You couldn't have known.' Wisdom replied.

'But I feel like it's my responsibility!' Raven cried in her head.

'Then we better kick some major butt so we can go find greenie!' Yelled Brave.

'I hope he's okay.' Said Timid.

But before Raven could open the can of butt-whoop, the H.I.V.E. 5 scattered and disappeared, as quickly as they'd come, Leaving Raven standing alone in the middle of a parking lot.

"Fine, be that way." Raven grumbled aloud. She pulled out her communicator, and flipped it open, only to find messages from Robin and Cyborg, stating that their T-Comms were offline.

"Well that's just peachy!" Yelled Raven, shoving the communicator back into her pocket.

'Now what?' she thought, a wave of despair flowing over her.


[Back with Beast Boy]

"Yup. Its definitely not here." Beast Boy said aloud, for the third time, after going through his pockets and utility belt for the fifth or sixth time. "No communicator, no food, no nothing. Just great." He grumbled. "Now what?" he asked, to nobody in particular.


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