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McGonagall, Sinistra
challenge; Pairing Names Challenge
pairing name; Black Cat
a / n; For the challenge we were given a random pairing name and challenged to guess who it referred to, my clue was 'slash/femmeslash, professors'. Fingers crossed that I got it right. :) Also, feel free to gawk at the absurdity of the pairing. Oh, and did anyone else know Sinistra's name was Aurora? Harry Potter Wiki to the rescue again.
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Minerva was far too practical to allow anything to happen; far too responsible, sensible, respectable-- old, even.

It had been twenty years, twenty long, arduous, ceaseless years since the girl had danced her way out of the familiar common rooms, the stone hallways, the greening grounds. She would be a fool to say it hadn't been a relief-- the girl, Aurora, had always held her head in the clouds, had failed miserably at transfiguration, and yet--

there was a stirring in the air when the teenager moved, a wistfulness, a whim, and Minerva couldn't help but stiffen around the way she said 'Professor'.

It was never anything, never. She had long ago filed it away on a shelf in her office as a peculiarity, an inexplicable fascination with wide eyes and spidery fingers.

Indeed, she had very nearly forgotten it when she opened the staffroom door to black hair and white skin and the diminished charm of a seventeen-year-old witch gone and back again--

Aurora Sinistra, Professor, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.