Spencer Reid slowly stirred the sugar into his morning coffee. His coffee maker at home had broken, so this was his first caffeine boost of the day. as he turned and walked back to his desk, he collided with something. Or rather, some one.
She was slender and came up to his shoulders, with dark brown hair falling just bellow hers. Her hazel eyes were filled with shock from their collision. Then again, it could also be from the fact that she was now wearing his coffee on her shirt.
"I'm so, so sorry. I should have been watching where I was going." Spencer apologized, despite the fact he was mad about loosing his coffee.
"It's alright, I wasn't really watching where I was going either. Accidents happen. This isn't exactly how I wanted to make a first impression," she laughed, "But at least its not a white shirt."
"Um, can I help you… I mean, do you want to clean up?" He stammered.
"It's a dark blue shirt, so it shouldn't show. A few paper towels to dry off would be nice though."
He went back into the break area to get rid of his now empty coffee mug, and returned with a fist full of paper towels. He ripped half off and handed them to her, then bent down to wipe the floor.
"I'm sorry," He said as he stood back up, "but I don't recognize you. Are you looking for someone? Maybe I can help you?" Please let me be able to help you was more along the lines of what he was thinking. Actually it was more like please let me help and I hope you're looking for me. But with his luck she would be looking for Morgan.
"I'm here to see Aaron Hotchner." Okay, not Morgan, but still not him. "But I know where his office is. Thanks anyway. And thanks for the paper towels…"
"Reid, Spencer Reid."
"Thank you James Bond, a.k.a. Spencer. My name is Amy. Mind if I ask one more thing of you?"
"You really didn't give me an option there," He smiled. "but sure, ask away."
"Can you show me where I can throw this?" She held up the wade of paper towel.
Pointing into the break room he said, "Trash in in there Amy no last name."
"Thanks again." She grabbed the paper towels from him as well and went to throw them away. On her way back through to Hotch's office she said, "By the way Spencer, my last name is Hotchner."