I wandered to myself how I got into this, being carried on a clay bird, an Akatsuki cloak folded and wrapped around my waist the person next to me putting pressure on my waist looking at me worriedly. He was Deidara of Akatsuki, my secret lover, my body guard. Recently, I, Haruno Sakura, was attacked by Konoha Anbu Black OPS for trechery. The blond man I loved so dearly saved my life before I was killed and he was rushing us back to Ame before I died.

"I'm so sorry...I failed." I chocked out and he shushed me, rain began to fall and I knew we made it. I sensed Konan and Pein as we landed on the roof of the tallest building where Deidara lifted me up and passed me to someone else. Most likely to Pein.

"What hapened?!" I heard Pein snap rushing me into the infirmary where Konan got my shirt off to see the wound pulling the shuriken still logded in grabbing a towel and firmly pressed it to my waist now.

"Get me the fucking stitches!" She shouted at the two bickering males pushing chakra into the wound to stop some of the bleeing. Deidara rushed to the end of the room and soon brought the supplies back to her. In and out of consciousness they did the procedre until eventuall...my world went black. The last thing I heard was Deidara screaming my name. The world around me was black and silent with an eerie danger that warned me that I needed to wake up. Running in the direction behind me the faces of all my friends in Konoha flew past me and I ran into the light. My eyes opened to reveal that I was in Deidara's room now, he was laid next to me his arm gently drapped over my stomach his nose buried in the side of my hair. Pushing him onto his back I slowly sat up wincing as pain shot through my waist up my side, climbing out of bed I walked to the bathroom and turned the light on. I looked like fucking shit! My hair was a mess and smudged with mud and blood, my face was pale and my eyes bruised from lack of sleep and nutrition, and then my clothes were all raggety from battle. Sighing I turned the shower on making sure the water wasn't too hot or too cold before stripping down and climbed in standing under the water letting it hit my face, my eyes closed. The hurt expressions on all of my friends faces still haunted my memories, but...Naruto's was the worst. Not only was it of hurt, but of betrayal and anger, and I still remembered his words.

'How could you Sakura! I never thought you to be Sasuke...No...YOU'RE WORST THAN SASUKE AND I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! BELIEVE IT!' He had yelled, it took me by surprise and that was how Kakashi managed to lodge the shuriken into my side. Deidara rescued me soon after. Jumping in surprise I felt Deidara's arms wrap around me resting his chin on my shoulder kissing my cheek every so often.

"Are you alright un?" He asked the mouths of his hands licking my stomach.

"His words hurt so much Deidara-Kun...He was my best friend." I cried, he shushed me rocking us side to side. His fingers did circles on the bottom of my stomach the mouths on his hand planting odd kisses as well.

"I know, but there is nothing we can do about it Sakura. You're sent there as a spy for us when you were 7. No one knew what you really were when your foster parents adopted you from Iwa, they had no clue you were planted there. But I remember, very well do I remember when you were dropped off at the orphanage by Zetsu. At that time neither was I a member until you were 12. But I remembered that I wanted, no knew I had to be your friend for many reasons. In the end our friendship became genuine and when you were adopted by that family in Konoha, I vowed to find you and get you back. I love you Sakura, truly I do un." Deidara whispered turning me in his arms smiling down at me. I remember Deidara as my child hood friend for a short 6 months before I was adopted, we were very close for kids who barely knew one another. Even after I was adopted the two of us found a way to stay in contact from him sending clay bird carriers to me, and when I found out he was a part of Akatsuki was when not only did I send messages to keep in touch, but I also sent messages with information.

For two and half years I had wandered why he never sent me anything and the day that bird carrier came with his apology note along with an order from Pein, I knew then everything was starting. It was the morning of when Naruto returned and my predictions were correct that was when it truly began, with Gaara being kidnapped. I remember when we entered the cave and I came face to face with my favorite artist, my best friend and my lover; but it killed me to kill Sasori, the one who never gave up on me and trained me when no one knew it. He was the one who killed my biological parents when I was 2, it never bothered me that he had killed them and I had followed him all the way to Ame where I learned I had an emmense amount of chakra and could conceal it quite well.

"Deidara, you promise to never leave me right?" I asked looking up to him he sighed disappoinntingly.

"You know that answer Sakura, how many times do we have to go through this?!" He asked resting his forehead upon mine. Wrapping my arms around his waist I tilted my head up and softly kissed his lips; Deidara gripped my cheeks gently but firm, deepening the kiss and manuvered me until my back was pressed up against the wall my arms slowly slid up his chest and linked around his neck. We pulled apart when we heard the dull sound of the door being banged.

"Come on two mother fuckers we have a god damn meeting!" We both heard Hidan yell before walking away the both of us rolling our eyes before washing each others hair and having a bit of fun washing each other. In the end because my clothes were ruined I ended up barrowing a pair of Deidara's training clothes which consisted of black cottom pants and an overgrown black tee-shirt. Deidara however wore his gray shirt with a v-neck with had fishnet stitched in to cover the skin under the v, along with black cotton capris and his black sandals. I found my own akatsuki cloak hung in the closet next to his and slipped it on as did he. The boths of us walked to the meeting room (which may I add was in the living room where there was at lest 3 to 5 couches in ther... I think) entering hand in hand.

"Hey look who decides to finally join the world of the living!"Kisame joked coming over and lifted me into a giant bear hug my feet dangling from the ground. He was my overgrown teddy bear with gills and blue skin. The hug only lasted a few seconds when Pein finally came in, Konan wasn't with him which meant we had someone to replace Tobi since we all knew that idiot was incapable of being an Akatsuki.

"Welcome back Sakura, everyone was worried when they found out you were serverly injured." He said taking a seat on an arm chair, I smiled before running over to a couch near the back window and sat in between Deidara and Hidan, my two favorite Akatsuki's. Deidara because he was my lover and body guard; Hidan, well that was because he was just Hidan, loud obnoxious and fun to chill with.

"Okay down to business, we've got two new members one of them being a part of us once. But that was thanks to Sakura with finding me the scroll which consisted of the justu on how to successfully revive someone back to life, without the justu doer dying. The other well, it took Itachi a while to convince him without being killed." Pein explained with a devilish smirk playing across his face, Konan came in soon after, my mouth hung open in shock and I knew everyone else was as well. There stood right in front of us was Sasori with a real body might I add, but he still looked 15 and one of my other so called friends from Konoha. The one who left us those years ago...Uchiha Sasuke.

"YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" Hidan and I both yelled standing up each pointing at one of them. Hidan pointed at Sasori while I pointed at Sasuke.

"Sakura?! What the hell are you doing here?!" Sasuke snapped glarring at me.

"I should be asking you that asshole!" I snapped back, I could see Sasori glarring at us both, but Pein looked utterly amused.

"Oh no I'm asking you Ms. Hokage's Pet!" He growled and I smirked.

"Look who's the naive one now! I've been working for Akatsuki since I was 2 years old when they took me in. But I'm not getting into detail." I smiled dangerously like Sai always did, Deidara held on to my wrist firmly probably to keep me from attacking if Sasuke were to piss me off. Which was working might I add.

"So you're not Naruto's friend the one he trusted with his life, you didn't betray him?" Sasuke asked with narrowed eyes, I was suddenly gone Sasuke went through 2 walls landing in the dojo skidding to a stop one hand resting on the floor sword already weilded. I appeared 10 feet away from him trembling in anger.

"You know NOTHING about me!" I hissed clenching my fists before slamming one of them into the ground. Sasuke jumped into the air and brought his sword over his head as he descended upon me swinging it downward. I jumped out of the way as the sword cut into the ground, his Sharingans bore into me glarring evilly.

"You would seriously sell Naruto out after everything he has done for you?!" Sasuke shouted walking towards me and I snapped running towards him fist engulfed in chakra. Sasuke put his sword away and activated Chidori running at me as well. Before our attacks hit Pein appeared grabbing each of our wrists our attacks fading away.

"I will not have ANYONE in this organization killing one another! Is this clear?!" Pein hissed dangerously clenching our wrists tightly.

"Whatever." Sasuke hissed and yanked his wrist away. I clenched mine tighter and gritted my teeth snarling at the Uchiha.

"ARE WE CLEAR SAKURA?!" Pein yelled his eyes narrowing.

"...Crystal." I sighed letting the chakra dissipate before my wrist was released. Sasori, Deidara and Itachi ran over to us. Itachi walked Sasuke off to keep him away from me, Sasori backhanded me with a pissed off look. I just stood there looking at my feet. I knew just because I wasn't of blood to him, I was still like his daughter and knew better.

"I'm sorry Sasori-Tou-San." I muttered keeping my head downcast. I had done alot of disappointing things in the past couple days. Right now though I felt that I disappointed him the most. My eyes widened when he pulled me into a warm embrace.

"Sasuke is a fucking idiot, his words are just out to piss you off." He said his hand stroking down my pink locks.

"But he's right. I did betray Naruto, my best friend, and I'm selling him out! A best friend wouldn't do that, but I have to if I want to stay loyal to my family, but I still wish to stay loyal to my friends. Not just here but in Konoha to." I whispered resting my forehead on his shoulder, Sasori pulled me to arms length holding my shoulders.

"Sakura no one is expecting everything out of you. All of us just want you to be happy, follow your heart and be yourself." He told me with a smile on his face. I smiled back.

"I am following my heart, my heart belongs with my family." I said, he shook his head and I knew I wasn't understandind something. Deidara looked as confused as I did and the two of us shrugged. Sasori ruffled my hair before kissing my forehead and walked off, Deidara stood next to me and Hidan came over and stood in front of us.

"So are you two as fucking confused as I am?" He asked pointing to behind him. Deidara shrugged and I looked to behind Hidan to see Pein starring at us. He smiled to me before walking off and I was now even more confused.

"I guess we as in all of us are following our hearts. None of us were ever really accepted in society and Pein was kind enough to accept us all when no one else did. I know there are going to be days when I wish I could be back in Konoha, but...This organization, no...this family is all I ever knew and I love them all and I am trully happy where I am. I would not wish to be anywhere else." I explained starring at the spot where Pein once stood, I felt Deidara and Hidan starring so when I turned my head I saw that they were. My two boys looked so proud and I wandered why. It was like I said some sort of epiphany everyone was waiting for me to realize.

"That's what makes you, you my Sakura un." Deidara smiled wrapping his arms around me, I looked up at him and smiled back, he leaned his head down and I met him half way our lips connecting for a few seconds before parting.

"A world without you Deidara is a life not worth fighting for. I am dead without you." I said, Hidan began making crying noises.

"Oh hush Hidan I'd be dead if you weren't in the world as well Hidan, you're like my big brother!" I said rolling my eyes at him. Hidan and Deidara began laughing and I soon joined in hugging my stomach cause it began to hurt.