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I dodged Naruto easily and connected fist on fist with Tsunadae the two of us knocking each other backwards; she went straight into the Village gate wall and I crashed into the trees Naruto attacking head on. I jumped out of the way his Rasengan connecting with the earth under me the shockwave pushing me back out into the battle field. Kakashi had used Chidori on Sasuke sending him back towards me, the two of us colliding with one another.

"So much for trying to gain the upper hand!" Sasuke growled helping me back up to my feet, Tsunadae and Naruto had regrouped with Kakashi and Jiraiya. I saw Deidara shift in his spot his head turned to the side and we locked eyes. They roughed up him pretty badly clenching my fists I stepped forward letting chakra flow down to my fists Naruto met me half way.

"So it's down to negotiations?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Oh we'll negotiate, your life for his...that's Tsunadae's decision. What'll it be Sakura?" He asked me keeping his voice to a whisper.

"You know I can't do that Naruto." I answered him looking down to the ground, I knew I couldn't make Deidara watch them kill me. I also knew I wouldn't be able to fight Naruto. Naruto was my best friend and I could never hurt him.

"So what he said was true huh? You could never hurt me." Naruto scoffed and I looked up at him, he had a serious face but his eyes were playful and teasing. I was left in confusion.

"Naruto I... ?" I began but he held his hand up to stop me.

"Fight with me...just the two of us against one another in a mock battle." He whispered a bit more quietly then motioned for Sasuke to come over with his head.

"Why are you helping?" I asked once Sasuke reached us, Naruto graced us with a smirk.

"I'm not, I'm repaying a debt. Deidara told the truth so he has done nothing wrong, and you two are my best friends and I will one day drag you two back home...believe it. Now Sasuke as Sakura and I fight you pretend to go down permanently near Deidara." He explained the two of us nodded and jumped away right as he let Kyuubi's chakra leak out. Once we landed we dashed towards him all three of us colliding in battle and like Naruto promised he used Rasengan on Sasuke and sent the Uchiha back towards Deidara, I noticed that he landed not far from my blond. Tsunadae, Jiraiya and Kakashi jumped in to aid Naruto, as I suspected of course.

"You think you can defeat all of us Sakura?! Don't be stupid!" Jiraiya shouted at me grabbing my ankle and threw me to the ground after Kakashi's Chidori connected with my waist. I pushed myself to my hands and knees seeing blood dripping from my injured waist. Standing to my feet a whirlwind of green chakra slowly began to spiral around me and the wound slowly closed up. I had only witnessed this once in my lifetime when Sasori fought my real parents, but never was it as big as mine, I held my hand up watching the green chakra deepen in color.

"Sakura un?" I heard Deidara say, I didn't turn to them I kept my eyes on my three targets. Tsunadae forced Naruto to flee which he did and I smirked.

"How can I be the stupid one...when you three have never known my true abilities!" I shouted and brought my fist down into the ground the green chakra that had surrouned me propelled itself into the ground. For a while everything was silent until the ground under us slowly began to glow a vibrant green, Deidara had flown himself and Sasuke up into the air the ground beneath me, my old sensei's and the Mist village broke apart rapidly destroying everything for miles. Before Tsunadae could get up and attack me head on I propelled myself into the air and caught Sasuke's outstretched hand being pulled onto the bird.

"SAKURA!" I heard Tsunadae scream after us as we flew off into the distance. I only starred behind us in sadness wandering if there would ever be a day that I could go back. Back there I had decided not to bring out my Kekkei Genkei I was not ready to use it yet. I ignored her calls and concentrated on the scenery in front of us as it quickly changed into the city buildings of Amegakure. My smile lit up when Pein and the others came into view standing a top of the tallest building...Akatsuki Headquarters.

"Welcome home Dei." I whispered to Deidara latching his heart locket back to around his neck before wrapping my arms around his neck from behind and resting my chin onto his shoulder. I was just happy to have my blond back to where he was safe. We landed on the roof all three of us jumping off Deidara's clay creation before it was poofing back to palm size. Tobi ran out and tackled my blond wailing about how worried he was about his Sempai. Sasuke rejoined with his brother, Itachi looking over him finding the injury given to him by Kakashi's Chidori. I sighed and walked over to Pein letting my head hang low.

"I apologize if I had stepped out of line." I said to him waiting for the lecture from hell that I knew was sure to come. I had left without consulting his orders first. I had left knowing that I was walking Sasuke and I into a trap.

"Actually, I'm proud of you. Even though you knew you'd go up against someone you cared for in Konoha, you still went out and risked yourself for us." Pein said ruffling my hair and I smiled.

"Thanks Pein, I'm going to go to me and Deidara's room." I announced and headed down the stairs hugging my arms around myself. I reached Deidara's room not long after and went straight into the restroom locking the door behind me. Pulling my hands out in front of me I saw that they were slightly burnt. Turning the faucet on I ran them under cold water and just stood there ignoring the tears as they slipped through, slowly falling to my knees I heard a poof noise behind me somebody turning the water off.

"Sakura?" Hidan asked rubbing my back. I knew someone would come soon. Hidan was the older brother I always wished I had. I knew he only came instead of Deidara was because my blond was probably being bombarded by Tobi a t the moment.

"It scared me Hidan...I had almost lost him!" I cried clenching the sides of the sink hearing it crack. He pried my hands off and pulled me away from the sink before I could bust the thing, sitting me in his lap and rocked me side to side. Hidan never said anything just let me calm down knowing that my sanity was reaching its peak.

"You know no one would ever think less of you if you cried in front of us again. It shows you're human like the rest of us. When you broke at the entrance gates, Sasori was so devastated that it shocked us. He felt as if he failed you in someway. Then the second he found out you left to go after and rescue Deidara, he had the most proudest look upon his face. Pein has decided on something and is going to announce it at dinner tonight." He explained brushing his fingers through my tangled pink locks. I snuggled my face into his chest silent tears falling down my dirt covered cheeks.

"Sakura...?" He asked, I felt his chin rest on the top of my head.

"Hm?" I answerd trying to slow my breathing.

"Please whatever happens...don't...Don't loose your sanity. It would destroy us all. Especially Sasori and Deidara, it would destroy them the most. Everyone cares for you honey and we don't want to you like you were when you first came to us. Even though I wasn't here to witness it myself, I've heard enough horror stories to know that I never want to." He told me lifting his head back up. I raised my head and looked at him tears still spilling down my cheeks. Hidan smiled a sad smile at me and kissed my forehead.

" sanity is weakening. I can't take this much longer!" I cried burrying my face into his chest again trying in some strange hope to regain some sort of composure. Even if it's a mask it would be better than looking weak in front of my dysfunctional family.

"You have us to come to Sakura. All of us are always here for you." Hidan reasoned with me somehow knowing exactly what was running through my head. Him and Deidara had a talent for knowing what I was thinking and knowing exactly what to say to make it sort of better.

"I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE HIDAN!" I screamed at him, more tears spilling over hugging myself. I didn't like anyone knowing what went through my head, I was happy how it was before, but even then and even now I want help, I need help...before this dark insanity completly consumes me.

"You are the lone princess in place full of criminals and freaks. You are our sanity and if you loose yours nothing will be right here for a while." He said before helping me stand up. I gave him a smile of my own before hugging him.

"Arigatou...Hidan-Niisan." I whispered, we chatted about nothing in particular a little bit longer before he left me so I could shower and get dressed for dinner. I stood in the shower looking up at the showerhead blankly. I remembered the night Sasori had killed my parents, but...I didn't remember anything else and thats where I loose my sanity. Knowing...that I had no past nor a history of that matter. Akatsuki was my past, Akatsuki was my history and I let it fill me to the core once again. The brick wall that I had built up before to hide my emotions was once again in place. Exiting the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my body I paused in the middle of the room starring at the hard wood floor my hand pressed to my forehead as it began cracking once more already. Things were so messed up now, even if I still had a chance to go back to Konoha I knew it would never be the same. No one would trust me and most likely I would be stripped of my Kunoichi Status and have chakra seals placed upon me forcing me to be a civilian. I could never become that.

"Sakura...un?" I looked up to see Deidara standing there finishing with shutting the door behind him. He starred at me in worry rushing over to me in an instant. I was only able to look up at him and into his blue eyes before my brick wall crumbled once more and I broke into hysterics. I felt arms around me holding me up as my knees had given out.

"When Hidan stopped me to tell me to keep a close eye on you...I had no idea it would be this bad. Sakura...we need to go see Pein once you get dressed un. Or if Hidan hasn't done so already" He said sitting both of us onto the floor. I felt my head shacking no repeatedly. I didn't need that, not right now not when he was finally proud of me.

"! He can't know!" I heard myself crying out wrapping my skinny arms around his chest. Sobs tore through my throat and I tried to contain them when I heard the door to our room open.

"What the fuck happened this time?!" I heard Hidan yell running over to us and kneel onto the floor his hand resting onto my head.

"How should I know un?! I came in and she looked out of it. The second I was standing in front of her she lost and broke. I don't know un. I'm just as worried as you are. She doesn't want Pein and probably no one else to know." I heard Deidara explain his hands rubbing up and down my back. The sobbing wasn't slowing down and I heard more footsteps echoe into the room and my blond went rigid for a second.

"Sakura-chan? Come on sweety lets get you into some clothes then we'll go to the office okay?" Konans calm voice said into my ear. I felt myself gripping onto Deidara more tightly, I knew I was going to be put under soon. I shook my head no rapidly, I couldn't take this anymore. As expected I felt the prick of a needle enter my arm and soon my world slowly went black Deidara's distant voice telling me everything was going to be okay. Deep down I wanted to believe him but reality knew it was far from ever being okay.

~Flashback~ (Normal POV)

A young girl ran through a grassy field chasing after a dragonfly laughing to her hearts content. She had vibrant pink hair which flowed just a little past her shoulders her bangs hanging all in front of her face. Her greens brought out her face even more.

"Sakura darling it's time to come in!" A woman shouted from a cottage up on a hill just above the field.

"Alright Okāsan*! I will once I take Mr. Rock back to the river!" The young girl named Sakura shouted and grabbed a rock with a drawn on face and began running for a set of trees. Her trip to the river was short since she jumped tree branches with the little ninja technique her parents had taught her. Landing by the river bed shortly the young pinkette girl placed the rock name Mr. Rock into a certain spot and smiled.

"Hello little girl." A deep voice echoed causing her to jump and spin around to see a large huddled figure with a straw hat on its head.

"He-hello." She squeaked standing there her hands now placed against her chest. The girl walked closer to the figure who wore a black cloak with red clouds upon it. She found herself being intrigued by the figure.

"You're a Ningyō*?" She asked looking up at the face of the puppet.

"Yes I am, it keeps my true identity a secret. What's your name young child?" The person asked, you could hear the teasing behind his words.

"My name is Sakura and I'm three years old!" Sakura smiled brightly linking her hands to behind her back.

"Wow! You're three and can already use chakra and jump from tree branch to tree branch?" The man asked with a slight surpise in his voice. Sakura only giggled for a moment.

"Yup! My Okāsan and Otōsan* teach me an hour a day they want me to be big and strong when I grow up!" Sakura explained with enthusiasm.

"My, my that's impressive. I bid you good luck on your training young Sakura." The man said turning and began heading back into the woods. Sakura stood there the wind blowing her hair slightly.

"A-ano! What's your name kind sir?!" Sakura shouted knowing she needed to start heading home. She could hear her mother yelling for her in the distance.

"My name is Akasuna no Sasori, I like you Sakura. As a fair warning to you I wouldn't leave your bedroom tonight." Sasori answered and soon vanished within the shelter of the forest trees. Standing there with a bewildered look but decided to take the mysterious mans advice. Jumping into the trees once more the young girl made her way home for dinner deciding to not speak of her encounter with her parents. The last time she had an encounter with a ninja they were forced to move. She didn't want to move again.

'Otōsan always speaks about that you should live your life with a sense of justice. If you do something wrong you should face the punishment and not run. We always run when I am confronted by one of those cloaked ninja. Okāsan and Otōsan did something wrong, they should take their punishment and make it all right again! I won't say anything to them, I don't wish to move again!' Young Sakura thought as she landed in the field once more and began running towards the cottage where she saw her mother standing at the door waiting for her.

"What was taking you so long Sakura? I was beginning to worry about you! Otōsan almost went out to get you!" The woman scolded she had long black hair and blue eyes and tan skin. Sakura only smiled up at the woman apologetically.

"I'm sorry Okāsan but there was a little chipmunk who was saying hello to me! I couldn't resist playing with it!" Sakura giggled running into the cottage and over to a man with dishwater blonde hair and brown eyes sitting there sipping at a cup of tea.

"Next time just bring the chipmunk with you sweetheart. It's a dangerous world out there and we don't want you getting taken from us." The man said and Sakura merely shrugged taking her seat at the table as her mother set a bowl of ramen in front of her.

"Itadakimasu*!" Sakura smiled and dug into her meal immediatly. After her meal the young girl went straight to her room saying she was just going to play with her toys for the night. Silently beginning to pack her pack with some scrolls her father had given her, some clothes and her travel bedding she sat at her window seat watching as everything slowly began to become dark and Hotaru* began flying about the field she loved to play in. Running to the lanturn in her room she blew the candle out and ran back to the windowfolding her arms onto the sill and rested her chin upon them. Her head perked up when the site of the cloaked ninja appeared from the forest line and slowly made his way towards the cottage. She felt the breath in her lungs get caught as fear began to slowly etch its way through her.

'They did do something bad! But why, why?!' Sakura thought jumping from her window seat and ran to her pack throwing the one strap over her head to her shoulder and stood by the door listening. She held one of her kunai's in her hand. She didn't know what to expect, the man had warned her to stay in her room, but she was so curious as to what her parents did. Quietly sneaking out of her room Sakura was careful as to where she stepped keeping her back pressed to the wall and using the shadows as her hiding tool. She stopped once she was close enough to hear voices.

"How did you find us?!" She her Otōsan snap at the man she had run into in the forest.

"It was easy Kenji-San. We have had Zetsu-San following you two since the day you betrayed Akatsuki and ran off selling information about us to many nations. We don't take likely to traitors you see. And don't give me that look Megumi, I know what you fear. Sakura will not be harmed!" Sasori explained he was out of his puppet Hiruko, his red hair shimmered in the candle light, his eyes though were shadowed and Sakura couldn't make out their color.

"And you're just going to kill us and turn her into an orphan?!" Megumi shouted pulling a kunai out readying an attack on Sasori. The man chuckled dryly before turning a hateful gaze towards the two adults.

"Sakura isn't even your child to begin with! You two stole her when she was just a new born and ran. That girl once she finds out is going to have a identity crisis later on in life with not knowing who she really is! She may be three but she is a smart girl and probably already has a feeling you two aren't her parents seeing as she looks nothing like you two ugly people!" Sasori spat stepping closer to the two adults.

"She knows us as her parents, and that's all she ever needs to know! Better us to be her parents than the low life parent she did have." Kenji laughed darkly a large shuriken appearing as he to got ready to attack Sasori. Sighing Sasori summoned a puppet from a scrool and soon the room was outlined and criscrossed with metallic wire. Both Kenji and Megumi froze where they stood.

"If you had only ran for betraying Akatsuki with only the act of selling out information about us, you would have been left to live after we threaten you and torture you to ensure you never open your mouths ever again. But the act of taking Sakura though has signed your death warrants. I hope when she is older I and the Akatsuki can be there to be pick up the pieces when her identity crisis happens." Sasori said somberly before flicking his wrist only slightly and the wires caved in on the two adults slicing them to pieces. Sakura stood there eyes wide in as she watched the gruesome murder in front of her. Sasori's words echoed in her mind.

'But the act of taking Sakura though has signed your death warrants.' Sakura replayed the red headed mans words in her minds her arms limp at her sides as the Kunai fell from her hand falling to the floor. Tears slipped from her eyes and her body began to shack as she lifted her hands to her face. She heard a scream echoe through the room not realizing it was actually her who was screaming. Sasori had stepped into the girls view shielding the gruesome sight from her eyes and knelt in front of the pinkette.

"I thought I told you to not leave your bedroom tonight." He said setting his hand onto the top of the girls head. He only waited as the girl didn't answer him and soon she had passed out, Sasori craddling her in his arms.

"You look so much like your mother. I only wish she could be here to see that you are growing to look exactly like her. When you wake please go to the village and do not follow me. I beg you Sakura, I don't wish for you to be in a life of crime and lies." Sasori whispered carrying the girl with him outside to the field laying her on the ground. Turning to the house after standing he made another flick of his wrist and the house exploded into a ray of flames engulfing it quickly. He only gave Sakura one more glance before climbing into Hiruko and began heading back towards Amegakure where he would be meeting back up with the Akatsuki's.

'I hope when she is older I and the Akatsuki can be there to be pick up the pieces when her identity crisis happens.' Sakura's eyes snapped open at the repeat of Sasori's final words and she sat up starring after his retreating form. Standing to her feet she watched as her home began to slowly burn. She could her shouts coming from the village that was at the opposite direction from where Sasori was heading. The young girl didn't want to go to the village and be treated like an orphan child who would probably die in a few months because no one would care for her. Making the final decision Sakura turn towards where Sasori was heading and ran after him planning to use as less chakra as she could and keep a ways behind him. Sasori was trying his hardest not to loose his patience as he sensed Sakura a ways back watching him from up in a tree as he sat drinking a cup a tea from the dango shop he had stopped at.

'How did I know that she was going to follow instead of going to that village.' Sasori thought looking up into the tree where he watched Sakura dart to hide still watching him.

'She heard the conversation about not being their child and now she is curious. I can't blame her but...Pein is not going to be too happy.' Sasori thought standing from his seat not bothering with getting back into the Hiruko and began walking down the forest path. Sakura jumped to the ground and kept a ways to behind her curious eyes starring straight at him. Peering from behind her tree she watched as Sasori had stopped walking before beginning again. This went on for all three days they traveled into Amegakure. Sasori had explained to the gate monitors to just let her in because she was harmless. The two ninja at the gate were stunned to watch the young girl follow Sasori trying to be stealthy and not get killed by the red headed ninja. Sasori counted down as he slowly walked up to the large building were a small group waited outside. There was a blue shark like man, a man with green beady eyes, a man with a large green contraption on him, a man with orange hair and many piercings, a man who was almost snake like and she didn't like him at first thought, and then there was woman with blue hair and a white origami flower in her hair.

Sakura stayed a ways back watching as Sasori conversed with the man with piercings intrigued to get closer to hear what they were saying but that would leave her into the open. The two seemed to be talking for hours and her body ached from the long travel and she wanted to sleep and eat. She scanned through the group once more when she began watching the woman and noticed Sasori was suddenly not there. Scrunching her eyebrows together in confusion she leaned forward a bit wandering where he had gone. Sakura yelped suddenly in suprise when she was lifted off the ground and hoisted onto someones shoulder.

"You really are something different young Sakura." Sasori chuckled and walked back to the group. Sakura wrapped her arms around the top of Sasori's head looking to everyone skeptically.

"Please tell me you left food for her to eat!" The woman said taking Sakura from Sasori's shoulders and placed her on the ground before going to her knees so she could examine the pink haired child.

"No but she was eating berries and nuts she found. Though I did try Konan-San but she never noticed it. She is exceptionally strong for a three year old and her chakra reserves and control are impressive to. She already knows a few techniques thanks to Kenji and Megumi, but not much." Sasori explained watching as Sakura stared at the woman and poked the Origami flower and giggled.

"The flower is pretty." Sakura smiled her hands pressed to her chest again.

"Thank you very much Sakura-Chan. My name is Konan and we're going to go get you some food, a bath and into new clothes then you and I are going to find Pein here and discuss what we should do." Konan smiled picking the girl up and walked off into the building with the pink haired girl who starred back at Sasori longingly.

~End Flashback~ (Sakura's POV once again)

I opened my eyes starring up at the ceiling walls of the infirmary. I felt groggy and my head ached from the memory I hadn't remembered for a long time. Turning my head to the left I saw Sasori sitting in a chair his eyes closed and a silent snore came from him. I felt my lips up turn into a smile and I sat up triggering him to wake up. Sasori was out of the chair and to my side in an instant.

"How're you feeling? You gave everyone quite a scare Sakura." Sasori said setting his hand onto the top of my head.

"Just a sligh headache Sasori-Tousan. But my head feels a bit more cleaer now." I answered a heavy sigh escaping my lips. Sitting on the edge of the bed I laid in Sasori rested his forehead upon mine his eyes closed.

"What are you thinking Sakura-Chan? I don't want to see you broken again." He said, I slowly closed my eyes taking deep breaths.

"You were right that night when you killed my parents Kenji and Megumi. When I got older I would have an identity crisis. Sasori-Tousan, I don't know who I am and it hurts and every time I come close to loosing one of you guys I part of me dies. I can't take it anymore. I put up my brick wall but everytime one of you looks at me worriedly it instantly breaks." I explained feeling tears beginning to fall and I gripping onto the blanket drapped over me.

"Then don't put it up Sakura, you're strong but you're not emotionless like most of us can be. Don't try to be okay? You're single flower in a hurricane storm trying to hold onto the branch. All other flowers have fallen but you refuse to. That proves your strength. Now lets get you back to Deidara's room before he has a mental break down. YOu've been out for quite a while. We'll talk more tomorrow in Peins office okay?" He said helping me out of the bed. I merely nodded my head let him lead me out of the room and down the halls holding my hand. I watched the back of Sasori's back and memories of something he once said rang through my head something I don't think he realizes I heard.

"Sasori...did you know my real mother?" I asked and I feel a pang in my heart when he freezes in mid step not turning to face me. Tears threaten to fall from eyes once more.

"Sakura somethings are best left unknown for right now. Just be patient okay?" He said and walked me back to Deidara's room. He gave me one last embrace before disappearing down the dark hallways. I stood there one hand pressed to my chest tears finally falling. A part of me knew the answer but another part of me didn't wish to find out. Walking into the room wiping the tears from my eyes I looked up at see Deidara starring at me with a hopeful gaze. I shut the door behind me and gave him the best smile I could muster.

"I'm anything but fine Deidara. I just need support for a while. Don't leave me okay?" I asked and I was pulled into another embrace once again hugging onto him.

"I could never dream of ever leaving you Sakura-Chan. Just promise to never leave me." He whispered leading me to bed where eventually we both fell asleep in one anothers arms.


There you go guys I finally finished the chapter! YESH! After three years of no updates with this fanfic I think I can finally say I have an Idea as to where I am going to go with this story wise. I do need some help with deciding what Sakura's secret Kekkei Genkei should be LOL that is the one thing I have not figured out what I had originally planned out. Now I must think of something new. There will be another flash back here in the next few chapters LOL about what break down Sakura had that has all the Akatsuki's worried. Now LOL hopefully I can get the next chapter up soon.

Japanese Words used:

Otōsan- Father

Okāsan- Mother

Hotaru- Fireflies

Ningyō- Puppet

Itadakimasu- I gratefully receive