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I had not been able to stop my mind from racing. Thoughts were plaguing me left and right and even when I did sleep my dreams were of that conversation. Why did Itachi say that my company sold things to bad people that did bad things? Ever since that stupid lunch, that was not a date, my mind could not let it go. My brother would never have allowed any criminal activity of any sort. My brother was not a criminal. He was the nicest, most wonderful brother on this earth. There was a nagging in my mind that what if my brother hadn't known? Was it possible for someone else in the company to have sold the material?

These questions are why I am driving to my office at 2 in the morning. I wasn't even dressed for work. It was Friday night, well technically Saturday morning. People that had lives would not come to work today.

I had pulled on the things closest to me when I had awoken; which was a pair of faded light blue jeans, Coclico black suede boots, and a pale grey t-shirt with a black swirl design. I had thrown up my hair with a random scrunchie found on my floor. My bedroom floor was like a mine field. I was definitely not the most organized person in the world. Heck I was probably the messiest out there, but if you asked me to find something I could get it for you in no time at all.

I arrived at the building and pulled into my designated parking spot. Everything was extremely creepy. Every little tick the building gave off made me jump. Needless to say I all but ran to my office for safety. I flicked on my office lights than went to the file room. They had files from every year in it. Even though everything was on the computer we had it backed up in paper. There would be traces of it in here.

So I stood starring at the boxes frowning, no freaking clue on what year to start on. I bit my thumbnail just looking over the mass number of boxes. Each year was split into 12 boxes going per month. I scanned them and the year 2008 was missing along with a couple months from 1993 and 1964. 1964 was when my Grandpa had founded the business. In 1993 my Father took over. Oreo took over in 2006 but that year was still here. I lifted the lids of those boxes skimming the files. They were all accounted for.

I made my way back to my office biting my thumb some more; trying to work things out in my mind. Mom used to scold me for biting my nails and would swat at my hand making me laugh at her. I used to do it in front of her to get a reaction out of her. She was never the most affection Mom out there. She had always been more focused on how we presented ourselves. Oreo had always been the star of the family. He took to business like a fish to water. Everyone at the company loved him and his passing hit everyone hard. Farther had already died of lung cancer, I told him those cancer sticks would kill him one day. Mom was alive somewhere I think. After Oreo died she refused to even look at me. Oreo and I had had the same green eyes and brownish hair. I didn't blame her but what was I supposed to do?

When I arrived back at my office something was off. I went to my desk hitting my hip on one of my drawers.

"Ouch son of a cracker monkey!" I exclaimed rubbing it to try and ease the pain from the muscle. I frowned looking at it thoughtfully; I had not pulled that drawer out. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled sending my pulse racing. Someone else was here.

Before I could reach for my phone there was an arm around my neck. I tried to scream but he was cutting off my air flow and blood flow. This was a sleeper hold, a modified one. My brain ran through all of this while struggling. Black dotted my vision as I tried to grab anything off my desk. I got a paper weight and brought it back viciously. I heard a satisfying crunch and he released me cursing. I scrambled to get away from the man but he caught my arm swinging me around. Before I could raise my arms he'd hit me across the face sending me to the floor dazed. He was on top of me instantly. He'd crossed his thumbs putting pressure on either side of my jugular. I tried to hit his face but he put more pressure on my throat making me wheeze and my body was fighting for air. My visions had started to go white when the pressure was off of me.

Rolling on my side I started coughing rubbing my throat gently. That would definitely leave a nasty bruise. I heard scuffling, grunting and a crunch. I tried to get up but everything was rubbery. I ended up falling into the wall, grabbing it for support. There was a crash than the slam of the door. I was still wheezing; trying to catch my breath that just wouldn't come. There were hands on my shoulders and I turned to fight.

"Easy Heaven." Itachi stated and I have never been so happy to see the egotistical, smug, genius in my life. He tilted my chin up gently making me whimper. My whole neck hurt horribly. He led me to the little couch I had in my office. I used it for daily re-energizing periods. Temari just complained that I was slacking off.

My eyes scanned Itachi's face for a sign of a paper weight mark, but there was none. He was not the man who had attacked me. His gentle fingers were prodding my neck carefully. He got up going out of my office and my eyes scanned it in his absence. My lamp was broken, a plant over turned and a dent in the wall. At least my computer was still intact.

When Itachi came back in he was holding a back of ice from the break room. He placed it on my throat gently and instructed me to hold it there. He was dressed in dark jeans, pumas and a black shirt with the navy seal's crest on it.

"How d -." I stopped because talking seemed to hurt my throat. I winced as I pushed the ice a little harder onto my bruise. He frowned again though tilting my face up. There was fury in his eyes but then it was gone just as he got up. He grabbed a tissue from my desk dabbing at the blood under my nose. I guess the guy hit me harder than I thought.

"Being connected in the black market has its perks." He stated simply making me even more confused. I went to asked him something but he glared at me making me shut my mouth.

"Someone's ordered a hit on you." He informed me and I froze.

"What?" I shrieked and immediately regretted it when my throat gave a flare of protest. I tried to get up but Itachi held me in place firmly.

"Whisper." He commanded moving the ice pack to look at my throat.

"Why would someone order a hit on me? I haven't done anything." I protested weakly. This day could not possibly get any worse for me.

"Anything you started?" He pushed resting his elbows on his knees and resting his chin on her interlaced fingers.

"I started looking into where and how much of our products are going." I mumbled looking down at my hands. I felt him tense next to me.

"You didn't know?" He confirmed to himself more than asking me a question. I got up slowly pushing his hand away that kept me down. I went to my desk logging onto my computer. I pulled up the folders of the files that were missing but they were all gone. Itachi came over leaning behind me; one arm on the back of my chair the other on my desk.

"Paper copies?" He questioned.

"Checked for those first." I answered, this was going absolutely nowhere. I was going to die because someone in my company was selling things illegally.

Itachi frowned and pushed me out of the way. He took out the key board and his fingers flew over the thing. Lines were popping up on my screen and files that I'd never heard of.

"Someone erased them but left a document." Itachi informed me clicking on it. On the screen was a black heart with barbwire around it and wings on either side of it. Itachi hissed through his teeth gently than pulled out his keys. I did not take him as the type of person who carried a flash drive on his key ring.

After he copied it he shut my computer down standing up. I got up, the ice pack forgotten.

"What is it?" I asked grabbing his arm gently.

"Encoded message under the picture." He stated grabbing my upper arm firmly before leading me out. I had enough time to grab my satchel. The thing was made of canvas and had been through everything with me.

"Where are we going?" I demanded as we took the stairs down which confused me. The elevator would've been faster.

"My place." He answered as we continued down the 9 stories. Why did the head offices have to be on the top?

"Why?" I whined confused on top of everything else going on. My throat had renewed its throbbing with triple the effort.

"Decode the message." He clarified before giving me a final tug through the garage door. This was going to be a very long night.

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