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Author's Note: 'Fine Dining' is one of several oneshots branching off the premise that Dr. Quinzel worked with another theme criminal before Joker. This scene would be after Harley's gone rogue.

Fine Dining

Harleen insists on feeding him one night, and despite all protestations she still ends up in his kitchen. He watches her—a harlequin awhirl amid faded blue and white tiles. She'd brought her own ingredients ("Leftover Chinese, Jon? Is that really the best you've got?"), trilling lyrics from 'Sweeney Todd' every so often. Priest indeed.

They sit together at his foldout table and eat on dishes with ugly silverware. The smell of garlic bread is overwhelming. Her chicken parmesan looks out of place, like a child's scrawl on legal documents. He tastes it.


Jonathan only smirks and keeps eating.