Dear LOTR Readers,

I am writing this short, well, letter to you to get you a decent idea of what this story is about. This story is a 'what-if' fanfiction about what would happen 'if' the orcs that fled the demise of Sauron and Mordor did regain strength and had a new king. This goes on to become a longer and longer tale full of adventure, treachery, and a lot of sieges. Below this 'letter' I will place a Table of Contents, however, the table will only show chapters than ARE present or ones that will be coming out within a day or two of message. The main character is obviously King Eldarion, Son of King Aragorn Elessar Telcontar, and it is also obvious that this happens quite a time after King Elessar's death. I hope you will enjoy my tale and please review each chapter after reading it. Thank you.

My High Regards,


Lord of the Rings: Rise of the Orc King


Before time even began, there was One, Eru Ilúvatar, the Creator of All Things. He used his power and created the Ainur, which was made up of the Vala, the omnipotent beings who crafted the world of Eä with music along with other Ainur, the Maia, beings under the Vala who entered Eä more often then the Vala did. The Vala consisted of Melkor, their Chieftan, Manwë, the Lord of Wind and Air, Varda, the Queen of the Stars, Ulmo, the Lord of Waters, Yavanna, the Queen of Earth and Giver of Fruits, Aulë, the Master of Crafts, Nienna, Lady of Mercy, Oromë, the Huntsman, Estë, the Gentle, Mandos, the Judge of the Dead, Vairë, the Weaver, Lórien, Master of Visions and Dreams, Vána, the Ever-young, Tulkas, the Champion of the Vala, and Nessa, the Dancer. These beings used the power of song to craft the world of Eä. During this time, Melkor betrays the Vala and begins the First War in Eä, in Arda. One by one, the Vala descend into Arda, and when the final Vala, Tulkas, enters it, Melkor flees to the Outer Void. Then began the Valian Years, during which was the Years of Lamps, the Years of Trees, and the Years of Sun. The Vala used the light veiling on the ground and concentrated it into two lamps, Iluin and Ormal, and hung the on the two giant peak, Ringal and Helkar, in the far north and the deep south to hang the lamps; theus beginning of the Years of Lamps. These were peaceful years when the Valar settled on the island of Almaren, but this peace was not to last when Melkor returned from the Outer Void in secret and built his two fortresses of Utumno and Angband. He and his Rebel Maia, or Valaraukar (Balrogs) destroyed the two lamps, thus ending the Years of Lamps. It was not long after the destruction of the lamps and the Vala returned to Aman that the Vala tried to build something else. Yavanna made the Two Trees of the Vala. These trees were the silver and gold trees, Telperion and Laurelin. This began the Years of Trees.

During this time, Varda gathers light from these trees to make the Great Stars and many Maia lead by Melian take ships to Middle-earth. Later, Eru awakens the Elves as well as the Dwarves, which were created by Aulë, and the first Ents. However, more dark, sinister creatures began to emerge by Melkor's foul hand. He secretly captured Elves, totured and mutinated them into the first Orcs and soon even Trolls. Soon afterward, Durin the Deathless, the Dwarven King, founds Kazad-dûm, the first Dwarven city. Now, it was Melkor's turn to be besieged, They attack him in his fortress of Utumno, chain him, and sentence him to a term in the Halls of Mandos for three ages. His chief lieutenant however, Sauron, escapes captures, retreats to Angband, Melkor's remaining fortress, and continues to breed Orcs and Trolls for his master. Afterward, Oromë sends for three ambassadors of the Elves to come to Aman: Ingwë of the Vanyar, Finwë of the Ñoldor, and Elwë of the Teleri. Many years passed without many important happenings save the birth of the Lady of Light, Galadriel. However, this peace came to an end when Melkor became free of his sentence and turned his sights on Ñoldor. He decieves Fëanor and turns against his brothers. Because of this, he was banished from Tirion, and is followed by his father, Finwë, and many followers. After Melkor decieves Fëanor, he goes into hiding to escape captured and summons the aid of the giant spider Ungoliant. Melkor and Ungoliant destroy the Two Trees and steal the Silmarils. Because of this, Fëanor renames Melkor Morgoth, the Enemy, and vows to regain the Silmarils at any cost. Morgoth returns to Angand and attacks Fëanor, who is killed by Balrogs. This ends the Years of the Trees and brings about the Years of the Sun. Events during the Years of the Sun however can not be put into exact date. However, we do know that the first sailing of the Sun started around the First Age and the actual creation of the Sun happened as the Years of the Trees ended as well as the creation of the Moon.

When the First Age about 30,000 years after creation, Eru finally awakens the Race of Men, and not long after this Glaurung, the Father of all Dragons, begins ravaging the Elven city of Beleriand. The Lord of Ñoldor, Fingolfin, starts the Siege of Angband shotrly afterward. This siege, however, was broken however during the Battle of Sudden Flame where Morgoth killed Fingolfin nearly 400 years after the siege began. About twenty years later, the hero of Men, Húrin, is captured by Morgoth and dies thirty years later. Quite soon after that, Glaurung is slain by Túrin Turambar, who commits suicide afterward after he was realised from the dragon's curse and discovers he married his sister, who also commits suicide after finding out the same thing after she was realised from the same curse. The mighty Elven hero, Glorfindel slays a Balrog just fifteen years before the birth of Lord Elrond Halfelven and his brother Elros. However, Elrond's birth is followed by the terrible War of Wrath, where Morgoth is finally cast into the Void, where he shall never return. Because of this war, the plauteus of Mordor, Khand, and Rhún rise from the seafloor. Shortly afterward, the Valar summon the Elves back to Valinor, but Lady Galadriel refuses and is banned. Sindar Elves travel east and found an Elven realm under King Thranduil.

After the Second Age began, Círdan founds Mithlond, the Grey Havens, on the west coast of Middle-earth. About 440 years afterward, Elrond's brother, Elros dies, and Sauron rises again sixty years after that. However, he does not attack anyone but remains hidden. It wasn't for another 100 years that the first Númenóreans stepped foot on Middle-earth, adding to the already numerous races and kingdoms on the continent. Another kingdom was add soon afterward. The Noldor founded the Eregion in the lower northwestern part of Middle-earth (this is because not that far north is the ruins of Angband.) After over 500 years of isolation, Sauron starts building his dark tower of Barad-dûr and after 100 more years, he decieves the Noldor, but the king of another group of Elves, Gil-Galad, doesn't trust him and refuses to work with him. It wasn't for another 500 years that Sauron finally instructs the Noldor to forge the 'Three Elven Rings', the 'Seven Dwarven Rings', and the 'Nine Rings of Men'. The most well known rings, the Elven Rings, were made of utmost splendor and resistance to darkness. Vilya, the Ring of Air or the Ring of Sapphire, the most powerful of the three rings with the power to heal and preserve. This ring was gifted to Gil-Galad, who later gifted it to Elrond before the Battle of the Last Alliance. Nenya, the Ring of Water or the Ring of Adamant, was next, it was made of mithril and had the power of preservation, protection, and concealment of evil. This ring was gifted to Galadriel. The final elven ring, Narya, the Ring of Fire or the Ring of Red, was made of gold and had the power to resist tyranny, despair, and darkness. This ring was given to Círdan, the Shipwright of Mithlond, the Grey Havens, who later gave the ring to Gandalf, after realizing his true nature as a Maia, who bore it past the White Towers back to Valinor. What happened not long afterward was that the Númenóreans start there first colonies in Middle-earth. The best known of these first colonies is Umbar. But soon the Elves realise their mistake by finding out that Sauron had forged the One Ring and had completed his tower fortress of Barad-dûr. He starts the War of the Elves and Sauron, and the bearers of the Three Rings go into hiding. To help the Elves, Elrond is sent as a lieutenant to Gil-Galad and founds the Haven of Rivendell. Rivendell and another Elven haven, Lindon, are besieged as Sauron's forces overrun Eriador and the Eregion falls. The Elves are saved, however, by a fleet sent by Minasitr, King of Númenór, to Lindon and the Orcs are pushed out of Eriador. Sauron had lost, and not long later, the Númenóreans first permenant settlements in Middle-earth, but this happiness didn't last. The thirteenth king of Númenór, Tar-Atanamir, defies the Valar and grows hostile to the Elves. There is one group of Númenóreans that are still friends with the Valar and the Elves called the Elendili who recieve Elven messages in secret. They later escape Númenór and found the docks of Pelargir. And Umbar is fortified, for the people of Middle-earth grow fearful of the newly raised Ringwraiths.

Nothing much happens in the world of Arda for a good while after all that, save when the twentieth king of Númenór took the throne, he chose a name from the language of Men, not from Quenya, the High Elven Language. By the twenty-third king of Númenór, usage of the Elven language and trips by the Elves to Númenór are prohibited. As discrimination grows among the Númenóreans, the birth of one of the most well known Númenórean Kings comes to pass, the birth of Elendil and about 100 years later, his sons, Isildur and Anárion. Soon, after a civil war in Númenór, the usurper king, Ar-Pharazôn, sails to Umbar and takes Sauron captive and imprisons him on Númenór as he planned. There he starts corrupting the Númenóreans. Because of this corruption, he will become the advisor of the same king who took him prisoner. He burns the White Tree there and establishes himself as the High Priest of Melkor. He begins sacrificing known members of the Elendili to Morgoth. He tricks Ar-Pharazôn into setting foot in Aman, and because of this, Aman is removed from Arda and the Valar make the world round. As punishment for the offence against the them, the Valar sink Númenór into the sea. Elendil and his sons escape and arrive in Middle-earth and found the kingdoms of Gondor in the south and Arnor in the north. The others of Númenór who escape become the Black Númenóreans, who travel south to Umbar. Sauron, who's physical form was destoryed when Númenór sank, finally returns to his dark tower in Mordor. The Gondorians build the towers of Cirith Ungol and Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon, at the western border of Mordor to keep Sauron within his land, but Sauron besieges both towers. Isildur flees to Arnor because of this but his brother, Anárion, stays and defends the capital of Osgiliath and the citadel behind it, Minas Anor. Seeing Sauron's attack, the Elves form an alliance with the Men of Gondor and Arnor and begin the Last Alliance against the dark lord. The break through the Black Gate. Sauron emerges from Barad-dûr and destroys many of the forces of Men and Elves, setting the High King of the Elves, Gil-Galad, ablaze, and killing Elendil, King of Gondor, with a strike with his mace. Isildur takes up Narsil, the Sword of Kings, and cuts the One Ring from Sauron's finger, thus destroying the physical form of Sauron again. However, the corruption of the Ring took over Isildur and he took the Ring instead of destroying it in Mount Doom. Thus ending the 2nd Age.

Soon after, the Third Age began with the planting of the Second White Tree of Minas Anor, now known as Minas Tirith, but shortly afterward, in the Battle of Gladden Fields, Isildur is killed by Orcs and the Ring was lost. His squire and only survivor of the battle, Ohtar, brings the shards of the Narsil, the sword that cut the Ring from Sauron's finger, to Rivendell. With the fall of the king of Gondor, Arnor gains a new one, Valandil. And nearby Arnor, Master Elrond of Rivendell, a current bearer of Vilya, the Ring of Air, married Celebrían, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn. They have three children: the twins, Elrohir and Elladan, and Arwen Undómiel. The five Ishtari wizards soon come to Middle-earth as well. The greatest of these wizards is Curumo, the white wizard, who is more commonly known as Saruman. Next in line in terms of power but the greatest in wisdom is Olórin, the grey wizard. His more common names are Gandalf and Mithrandir. Another great wizard is Aiwendil, the brown wizard, who is more often known as Radagast. It is unknown if Radagast ever did return to Valinor but it is known he stayed in Middle-earth at least until the dawn of the Fourth Age. The weakest of these wizards were the two blue wizards, Alatar and Pallando, who disappeared while trying to bring the forces of the east back to the side of good. It is unknown if they ever returned to Valinor. Soon, Minas Tirith is rebuilt and the forces of Rhún, or the Easterlings. They fail in this attack, but they attack a second time and this time killing their king. The following king, King Turambar, and defeat the Easterlings and they become allies of the region of Middle-earth known as Rhovanion.

Then the race of the Men suffer another blow. When the recent king of Arnor, Eärendur, dies, Arnor is split into three parts, Arthedain, the home of Arnor's capital of Fornost, Cardolan, the home of the Barrowdowns of the fallen kings, and Rhudaur, home of the hill people, and also around this time the leader of the Nazgûl, the Witch-King, travels to northern Arnor to a region later to be known as Angmar and begins to rally the remains of the Black Númenóreans who live in the region. He also summons forth the orcs of Mount Gundabad, a mountain peak north of Angmar, as well as the nearby snow and hill trolls that live around the area. Together they build the Witch-King's citadel in Agmar: Carn Dûm. The soon laid waste to the three regions of Angmar, starting with Rhudaur. During this invasion, the current king of Arthedain, Argeleb, and his son, Arveleg, takes the throne. It was not long before the Witch-King turned his sights on Cardolan and it's great tower of Amon Sûl, and it wasn't long before Cardolan was captured and Amon Sûl was burned to the ground. The remains of Amon Sûl became known as Weathertop. With the fall of Cardolan the Barrowdowns of the fallen kings of Arnor were now open and the Witch-King took this opportunity to turn these fallen kings into Barrow-wights. Never again were these downs a place for mourning; they were now a place for fear and death. During this time, back in Gondor, the Lord of Ships known as Castamir usurpered Gondor's king and took the throne, but that king, Eldacar, takes back the throne and defeats the Rhovanians who usurped him. Castamir's sons flee with the fleet of Umbar back south. These men later became known as the Corsairs of Umbar. It was literally a loss and gain of control for Gondor. Then another thing happened near Arnor, something that just so happened to shape the end of the Third Age if not the rest of the whole age itself: The hobbits established the Shire, fourteen hundred years before the War of the Ring even began. Still there was more bloodshed in both Arnor and Gondor, however, in the war with Gondor and Rhovanion, a Great Plague struck both countires, doing severe damage to both, slowing down the war effort on both sides. It was actually this plague that caused the downfall of Cardolan, allowing the hordes of Angmar to enter without hinderance. Meanwhile, Gondor's king, Telumehtar, razes the city of Umbar to the ground and renames himself Umbardarcil in honor of that victory. This 'winning spree' of Gondor soon ended after the Wainriders, who used to control Rhovanion, the forces of the Haradrim, and the forces of Khand attacked Gondor and killed its king, leaving the kingdom without an heir. They then capture and rebuild Umbar. Up north, Arnor wasn't doing much better. The forces of Angmar finally invade and capture Arthedain, thus taking control the realm of Arnor. However, Gondor finally sends aid to this fallen kingdom and manages to defeat the Witch-King's armies at Fornost, the capital of Arthedain. After more than six hundred years, Angmar was no more and the Witch-King fled back to Mordor. Yet even as evil faded from the far north, a new evil awakened when the Dwarves of Kazad-dûm awoke probably the last of the valaraukar, Durin's Bane. The Dwarves were driven from their home after the demon killed their king, Durin VI. What's is left of the Dwarven race founds another underground citadel in a single mountain known as Erebor. More evil begins when the Nazgûl begin to besiege Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon, in Third Age 1980, capturing it and tranforming it into Minas Morgul, the Tower of Sorcery. Soon, Sauron, who disguises himself as the Necromancer, takes refuge in his fortress in Mirkwood, Dol Guldur, and begins to terrify the region.

With the founding of Rohan by Eorl the Young things start looking brighter for the forces of good, but they go down again after Eorl is killed by Easterlings in the Wold. Over the next two hundred years eight kings took Rohan's throne and eventually the last king of the first line, Helm Hammerhand, who founds Helm's Deep. He is later killed by Dunlendings, barbarians from the region of Dunland, which is to the northwest of Isengard, which is settled by Saruman and that same time. The dwarf Thrór is soon murdered by Azog, the Goblin King of Moria. After this offence, the dwarven people begin making ready for war. This war, known as the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, begins in Third Age 2790. After six years the major battle of this war begins at Moria's east gate which is known as the Battle of Azanulbizar. In this battle they win and slay the Goblin King Azog. However, due to fear of the creature within, they do not attempt to retake Moria. This single battle ends the war outright. They return home to Erebor but it is not long before the great dragon, Smaug the Golden, perhaps the last of his kind, takes the mountain and its treasure for his own and the Dwarves begin to flee Erebor in great numbers. By this time the evils of Dol Guldur, led by the Necromancer who is really Sauron in spirit form, has grown the attention of many. Then, Gandalf visits Mirkwood and sneaks close enough to Dol Guldur to unmask the Necromancer as truly being Sauron himself. This begins the gathering of the White Council which would soon attack Dol Guldur; they did this several years later and managed to do so in the year Third Age 2942. Coincidently, this is the same year Bilbo found the One Ring.

Going back a few years, just after Gandalf's discovery, Arathorn II, Aragorn's father, becomes Chieftan of the Dúnedain and fathers Aragorn to the elf Gilraen. He was to be known as Estel until his 'coming of age'. Then perhaps one of the most recognizable parts of the mid-Third Age happens. The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, was visited by Gandalf and thirteen Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain. These Dwarves were led by the heir to the Dwarven throne, Thorin Oakenshield. They journeyed across Middle-earth, during which time Bilbo discovered Sting and Gandalf uncovered Glamdring, but while in the Misty Mountains, Bilbo got serperated from the rest and discovered Gollum's cave, the sly creature who took the One Ring from the River Anduin nearly four hundred years before after murdering his brother Deagul. He takes the Ring after tricking Gollum and later uses the Ring to free his comrades from an Elven prison in Mirkwood, and later he uses it to sneak into Smaug's lair and steal a golden two-handed cup. Because of this theift, Smaug goes on a rampage and is eventually killed by Bard the Bowman with a single black dwarven arrow. Then the Battle of the Five Armies takes place between the Dwarves, Men, Elves, Orcs, and Great Eagles. The battle results in Thorin's death and the rise of King Dain Ironfoot. With the fall of Smaug and the end of the Battle of the Five Armies, Bard begins to rebuild the city of Dale, which lies just outside of Erebor. As Bilbo returns to the Shire after his long adventure, the creature Gollum leaves his cave in the Misty Mountains to look for his 'precious'. That was when Sauron openly revealed his regrowing power in Mordor and all races went on high alert. Aragorn, now that he has come of age, is told about his heritage, however, he simply returns to the wilds as a Dúnedain ranger. It is during this time he meets Gandalf the Grey and befriends him. However, Aragorn travels to Rohan to aid King Thengel, father of Théoden. He later served Ecthelion II, Steward of Gonder and father of Denethor II, in defeating the forces of Umbar. Between these two services, Lady Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond, pledges herself to marriage with Aragorn, starting up their relationship that would later come true at the beginning of the Fourth Age. Around this time, Frodo's parents are killed in a boating accident (they are eaten by reef sharks) and he comes under the guardianship of Bilbo. Not too long before that Balin, one of the thirteen dwarves who accompanied Bilbo on his adventure, visited him. Unknown to Bilbo, this would be the last time he'd ever see his friend, for the same year Bilbo became Frodo's guardian, Balin entered Moria to recolonize Moria. They eventually succeeded after driving the goblins and orcs out, however, they forgot about the other creature which slept in the dark. After only five years, Durin's Bane reawoke and the goblins retook Moria from the dwarves. Balin, as well as all the other Dwarves of the expedition, died in the process.

In the year Third Age 3001, Bilbo turns one hundred and eleven, throws a large party, and leaves for Rivendell as it ended. He left Bag End, Bilbo's large hobbit hole, and the One Ring to his nephew Frodo, who turned thirty-three the same day. Gandalf leaves Hobbiton and with Aragorn's aid, captures Gollum and imprisons him in Mirkwood, being guarded by Wood Elf guards and Prince Legolas, King Thranduil. Unfortuneately, Gollum escaped and eventually fell into the hands on Mordor and Sauron. He was tortured until he gave away the location of the One Ring. Evil begins to spread even furthur when Saruman the White, now under the control of Sauron, begins to take hold of King Théoden and the forces of Sauron attack Osgiliath. After finding out that the Ring is in the Shire, he sends forth his Ringwraiths (Nazgûl) to find his Ring in the Shire. Gandalf returns to the Shire on April 12th, seventeen years after he had last seen Frodo. He arrived in time to warn Frodo about the Nine in order for him to escape to Rivendell while a few rangers defend the Shire from the Ringwraiths, but are forced to retreat. Gandalf seeks the help of Saruman but finds out his betrayal too late for he is arrested there. He later escapes and travels to Rohan where he tames the Lord of Horses, Shadowfax, and rides to Rivendell. On the road to Rivendell, he begins to travel with Samwise, Merry, and Pippin and they come across Tom Bombadil and his wife Goldberry in the Old Wood, who save them from the Barrow Wights of Cardolan and Old Man Willow. At the village of Bree, they meet up with Aragorn, who takes the name of Strider. At Bree, the nine catch up to them, however, they only managed to 'kill' dummies of the four hobbits while they escaped. At Weathertop, they meet up again, and this time the Witch-King wounds Frodo in his Twilight form while Frodo is wearing the One Ring. Glorfindel arrives in time to drive the Nine away and brings the mortally wounded Frodo into the House of Elrond, where Master Elrond of Rivendell heals Frodo in time. Many other Middle-earth's greatest champions of Good travel to Rivendell to decide what they are going to do about the Ring, put together the pieces of the Ring's tale along with that of other members of the counsil, and forms the Fellowship of the Ring, which is made up of Gandalf the Grey, Frodo the Ringbearer, Aragorn, who is revealed to be Gondor's heir, Prince Legolas, Gimli, son of Glóin, one of the thirteen dwarves who accompanied Bilbo, Boromir, son of the Steward of Gondor, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuc, and Peregrin Took, on October 25, Third Age 3018. Bilbo gives Frodo his sword, Sting, and a mithril mail shirt for protection. The Fellowship doesn't actually set out until December 25th. After failed attempts to enter the Gap of Rohan and pass of Cahadras peaks, they decide to journey through Moria and arrive on January 13th. They are attacked by wolves but they are driven away by Gandalf. After a horrible encounter with the Watcher in the Water they retreat into Moria despite finding out that goblins have retaken Moria and killed Gimli's cousin, Balin. After traveling four days through the darkness of Moria, Pippin accidently arrouses the many evil things of Moria and a fight in Balin's Tomb ensues, with Gandalf holding back a monster which nearly broke through. This monster soon revealed to be Durin's Bane, which Gandalf then fights on the Bridge of Kazad-dûm. He breaks the Bridge, causing the demon to fall into the abyss, however, with a crack of its whip it takes Gandalf with him. The Fellowship, full of mourning, exits the East Gate of Moria and arrives at Caras Galadhon, the heart of the Elven Lands in Lothlórien, two days later. During their stay in Lorien, Gandalf follows the weakened Balrog up to the great mountain peak of Zirak-zigil and slays the Balrog at the cost of his own life. It is unknown who brought Gandalf, a Maia Spirit himself, back but it is speculated that the Valar didn't have the power to bring back one of their own kind. This leaves only one being capable of bringing Gandalf back to life, Eru Ilúvatar, the Creator himself. He is brought back the same day Frodo looks into the Mirror of Galadriel. After being well rested the Fellowship depart from Lorien with gifts all their own. Gandalf arrives in Lorien on Gwaihir the Wind Lord not long after their departure. Floating down the River Anduin in three Lorien boats, they soon discover they are being tracked by Uruk-hai, a hybrid of Orcs and Men, who were sent by Saruman to recover the Ring from Frodo. The Fellowship passed the Argonath, two gigantic statues of Elendil and Isildur, and camped at Parth Galen. The flowing day, the Uruk-hai strike at the Fellowship, killing Boromir, who sounds his horn whose sound reaches Minas Tirith, and taking Merry and Pippin with them back to Isengard.

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli start to track the Uruk-hai while Frodo and Sam head across the river to continue the quest. The Three Hunters travel across Rohan for four days before discovering that Éomer, third Marshal of the Riddermark, had slain the orcs with a band of Rohirrim two nights before. The trio hurry to Fangorn to find any hope that the hobbits survived. That day before, Merry and Pippin are found by Treebeard, the leader of the Ents of Fangorn. This day is full of many other findings such as Frodo and Sam finding Gollum and Faramir finding Boromir's funeral boat taking him down the Anduin towards the sea. The next day, the Entmoot, a meeting of the leaders of the Ents, begins, discussing if the Ents should go to war or not. The following day, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum cross the Dead Marshes and are nearly spotted by a Ringwraith on a fell beast. At Fangorn, while the Entmoot continues, the Three Hunters encounter Gandalf, reborn as Gandalf the White. The travel to Edoras, capital city of Rohan, and arrives there on March 2nd. Gandalf cures King Théoden of Saruman's curse who decides the best way to defend his people is to travel to Helm's Deep, the fortress built by Helm Hammerhand, to seek defense. As the Rohirrim left Edoras along with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, Gandalf went out in search of Erkenbrand, Master of Westfold, to come to the aid of the King. Saruman orders Isengard to be emptied but as the Uruks leave Isengard is attacked by an army of enraged Ents lead by Treebeard, Merry, and Pippin. On March 3rd, the Battle of the Hornburg begins with the Uruk-hai almost succeeding until Gandalf, Erkenbrand, and the rest of the Rohirrim he rides with arrive and killing the last of the Uruk-hai. Those who attempt to escape are stopped by the Hourns of Fangorn Forest. The next day, Gandalf, Théoden, and a few others travel to Isengard where they encounter Merry and Pippin, and they begin to reason with the fallen wizard Saruman, whose staff is destroyed by Gandalf. With that Saruman and Grima, Saruman's chief henchman, are forced into exile and Gandalf and the rest go back to Edoras with Saruman's Palantiri, which was the main reason Sauron was able to take the wizard over. During the night, Pippin accidently touches the Seeing Stone and many visions flash before him, most notably the ones of Sauron's Eye and the White Tree of Gondor burning. It soon becomes apparent that Sauron now thinks Pippin has his One Ring and Gandalf travels with him on Shadowfax to Minas Tirith to prepare the defense.

While all this was happening, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum entered Ithilien Forest where they encountered the rangers and Faramir, Boromir's brother. They traveled through Ithilien to Osgiliath, which was under attack by an Orcish army. Faramir and the hobbits entered the city and Frodo was nearly captured by a Ringwraith on a Fell Beast but was saved by Samwise. As Frodo, Sam, and Gollum escape through the sewer systems the city is attak once again. The few who remain escape the city but are pursured by the Nine on their fell beasts. Many riders fall before reaching the city but they are rescued by Gandalf when he scares the Nine away with a flash of shining light. Before then Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli went through the Paths of the Dead and they leave Erech with the Oathbreakers, orr the army of the dead, the day the siege of Minas Tirth starts which is made up of an army of hundreds of thousands of Orcs, Trolls, and Evil Men. This army was seen leaving Minas Morgul bu Frodo, Sam, and Gollum just a couple day before. Gollum goes to see his mistress Shelob, an evil thing in spider form. Frodo enters the darkness without Samwise and is found by Shelob and poisoned. Sam arrives a mortally wounds Shelob with Sting and begins to head down the path with the Ring to complete the quest by himself. He soon realizes that Frodo isn't dead and that orcs have taken him up to the tower of Cirith Ungol. However, before Sam can get there, the Uruk-hai and Orcs in the tower begin to argue over who should get Frodo's mithril shirt and begin to kill each other. Sam only needs to fight a couple Orcs to save Frodo. He then does the something no other being in Middle-earth could've done: He gave to Ring back to Frodo. Together, disguised as Orcs, they leave Cirith Ungol and finally reach the forbidden lands of Mordor. In the meanwhile, the Rohirrim have arrived to give Gondor aid after the Grond, a giant battering ram named after Morgoth's weapon, broke through the gates of Minas Tirith, driving back the Gondorians to seventh level. Denethor was killed by his own grief as he tumbled to his death on fire after trying to kill both himself and Faramir, who he thought was dead. As the Rohirrim charged, the great giant Oliphants, or Mûmakil, arrived. These giant elephants, capable of carrying many Haradrim archers, easily defeated the puny Rohirrim hrosemen. Suddenly with a giant screech the Witch-King of Angmar came from the sky and killed King Théoden. The Orcs were sure they had won with the arrival of the Black Ships, only to discover in horror the rising of the Flag of the King of Gondor. With that Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas and an army of the dead had arrived to Gondor's aid and have killed the remaining enemy legions. Eowyn and Merry together kill the Witch-King but they were both severly wounded in the process. Also, due to a fight with the Witch-King, Gandalf lost his staff, ending his ability to use potent spells. After the battle, Aragorn went into a tent outside the city (He refused to enter Minas Tirith until he was crowned king) and he discused with many of the Gondorian captains as well as the present Fellowship and Eomer what they should do next. Using the Palantir captured from Isengard, Aragorn communicated with Sauron to show him he had the very sword that defeated him an age ago. Sauron in return showed him a vision of his dying beloved, Arwen. A few days later, Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Eomer, Merry, Pippin, and a small army of Gondorian and Rohirrim soldiers march on Morannon, the Black Gate which was broken through by the Last Alliance so many years before. The leaders of the forces of Good try to negotiate with the Mouth of Sauron, Sauron's right hand. In the end, Aragorn killed the Mouth of Sauron and begins the Battle of Morannon. The Armies of Good suffer major losses as they are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Orcs, Trolls, and Evil Men. The remaining eight Ringwraiths ride in on their fell beast to help finish the job but are turned away by the coming of Gwahir and many great eagles. During this very hour, Frodo and Sam reach the Cracks of Doom, they were ambushed by Gollum and Frodo finally surcame to the corruption of the Ring. Seeing the Ring so close to Mount Doom, he sent the three remaining Ringwraiths to Mount Doom. However they were too late. As Gollum fell into the Cracks of Doom with his beloved precious so was Sauron destroyed, vanishing into the Void. Mount Doom erupted, bringing with it the remaining Ringwraiths and most of the Orcish Armies.

Now, the Ring of Power has been destroyed. Its dark magic exists no longer nor does its temptations over the minds of men. Where Isildur failed Frodo succeeded. On the 25th of March, in the year 3019 of the Third Age, the One Ring fell into the Cracks of Doom and was destroyed, what should've happened an age ago. Frodo and Sam escaped a fiery end when Gandalf riding Gwahir and his brother took them up from the burning mountain and to Minas Tirith. The Ring of Doom ended that day and the forces of Mordor fled from their own dark home. Manyof the Forces of Mordor fell into the abyss that day, but there was a good thousand that did escape. Though King Elessar of Gondor tried to exterminate them all indeed a few managed to escape. These few fled to Mount Gundabad in the Grey Mountains. They sought a leader, one who could bring their dying race back, and indeed the found one, Dúr-shalafi, which mean in Quenya, Black Master. He greatly increased the orcish forces in sixty years, making their numbers grow at a rate which would have impressed even Sauron. Despite this, they remained undetected by the forces of Arnor and they were allowed to rebuild the great citadel of Carn Dûm back to its former glory though without the dark lord it didn't have the dark power like that of Minas Morgul or Barad-dûr.

While these orcs remained hidden many things began to happen in the outside world. King Elessar and Lady Arwen celebrated marrage and the three elven ringbearers: Elrond, Galadriel, and Gandalf, along with Lord Celeborn and the two hobbit ringbearers, Bilbo and Frodo crossed the sea to Valinor, the Undying Lands, but not after defeating Saruman at the Shire along with his ruffians, finally ending the War of the Ring. Afterward, Eomer became King of Rohan and Legolas and Gimli started traveling the world together. Gimli eventually founded a dwarf colony in the Glittering Caves of Helm's Deep and Legolas passed by the sea giving him the urge to pass to the Undying Lands. Later, King Elessar and Queen Arwen had child, Prince Eldarion, son of King Aragorn, grandson of Lord Elrond, and great-grandson of the Lady Galadriel. With this heritage, once he became king he'd become master of Gondor, Arnor, and the elven lands, save Mirkwood, which was still under the control of the wood elves lead by King Thranduil. The hobbit, Samwise the Brave, had married his beloved Rose and became master of Bag-end, Frodo and Bilbo's previous home. He became mayor of the Shire seven times in his life. Meriadoc Brandybuck, another hobbit of the Fellowship and the esquire of Rohan, became master of Buckland, and Perigrin Took became the Counsellor of the Northern-kingdom. Then on the 29th of September, in the year 3021 of the Third Age, Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, and Celeborn, pass the white towers on a ship bound for Valinor. The departure of the last of the ringbearers, save Sam, marked the end of the Third Age and began the Fourth Age. It was over a hundred years later that the great King Elessar Telcontar died at the age of two hundred and ten after his reign of one hundred and twenty years. His funeral was long and sorrowful as his people mourned the loss of their great king. Arwen left to Lothlorien and later died there, and it was Prince Eldarion who took the throne afterward. After the previous king's death, Gimli and Legolas built a white ship in Ithilien and sailed down the river to the Undying Lands. The hobbit Sam left to the very same place after the death of his beloved Rose. Merry and Pippin, after surviving a number of years in the Shire as well known people, died as well and are said to have been buried next to the mighty King Elessar. So ends the tales of the Fellowship, but not of the tales of the second king of the Reunited Kingdom (Sound familiar without the 'Re'?), King Eldarion.

After these events, King Eldarion started loosing faith of the formal peace accords from Harad, Rhún, and Khand. Because of this he musters his forces to prepare for war if necessary. He does not realise that war would not come from the south, but from the north. He does not see the forces massing. You see, by this time Dúr-shalafi has muster an army of well over 10,000 and has taken Carn Dûm, the former fortress of the Witch-King of Agmar, and it is here he shall launch another war on the north just as his master did over three thousand years before. They are coming...

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