Lord of the Rings: Rise of the Orc King

Chapter 7-The Fords of Isen

Fourth Age, 314, May 26

The Fords of Isen, Rohan

Having traveled for days without any sign of another living man, woman, or child, the men of Rohan and Gondor began to loose hope. All they ever cam across were burnt and bloody villages scattered throughout the plains. King Elmoran morned for his people and King Eldarion shared in his sorrow. He couldn't imagine what his friend was going through; seeing his people mercilessly slaughtered and not being able to prevent it. He had no doubt that King Elmoran felt weak at that point. He turned away from the King of Rohan for a minute and looked out ahead. A forested area was quickly approaching, no doubt the Fords of Isen. As he recalled, the last time there was war in Rohan, the King's son was slain there. If this Orc King was that smart, he had to prepare for the worst. Rohan's men had only bulstered his ranks by a few hundred. He only had nine hundred men to use and he knew that wasn't enough for the upcoming battle. He had tried to get Lord Burin and the Dwarves to aid but their numbers were few as somehow more Dwarves fell to the attack than the Rohirrim did. Eldarion inquired that it could be that the Orc King knew how many Dwarves there would be at Helm's Deep and made the Orcs Dwarfbane weaponry to defeat them as he knew the strength of the Dwarves without that type of weaponry would crush his attack. Eldarion sighed. This was all just a guess but it was the best he had comparing it to some other information he had picked up about the Orc King.

"Eldarion," he turned to see Elmoran looking ahead at the same sight he was looking at. "I have a bad feeling about this. The Orc King you've spoken of will most likely not give up easily. I fear the closer we get to Arnor, the greater threats we'll face."

"I came to the same conclusion, but we must press on if there's any hope of saving Arnor from the Orc King's forces."

Elmoran mearly nodded and looked ahead. A cold chill hit both of them, they couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. Still, they pressed on, not willing to let Arnor suffer the same fate it had suffered in ages passed by the Witch-King of Angmar. It wasn't long before they came in sight of the Fords. The only sounds that could be heard were from the feet of horses and men connecting with the ground briefly and the heavy breathing of some of the soldiers. Eldarion ordered his men to slow down and to precede with caution. With the sounds of the army now gone all the could be heard was the silent rushing of water. Eldarion knew something was right.

"Something bad is going to happen," Eldarion thought. "We must be pre-"

A dark figure jumped from the trees above him and tackled Eldarion to the ground. Eldarion barely had time to look up to see an Orc is dark armor hold up a jagged sword, preparing to drive it through the High King's skull. Eldarion frantically searched for Anduril but it was too late has he braced for the death's cold embrace.

It never came. The first thing Eldarion realized was that he heard the clashing of steel. He looked up to see a Rohirrim sword blocking the attack and a spear of Gondor being driven though the Orc's chest sending it off Eldarion and onto his back. Eldarion got up and turned around. There, staring with cold, merciless faces, stood King Elmoran and Balithon. Eldarion got up and finally drew Anduril just as the Orc spoke his last words as loudly as the dying creature could shout, "K-k-ki-ll...th-th-em...a-al-all..."

This alerted the two kings of men immediately as Orc started pouring in from random directions. "TOO ARMS! TOO ARMS!"

The Orcs charged, the Soldiers of Gondor and Rohan fought to defend themselves and their kings. Eldarion was more focused on surviving than anything else. He blocked, parried, slashed, stabbed, and drove forward but the Orcs just kept coming. It was like his father's stories of the Battle of the Black Gate of Mordor. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Orcs, Trolls, Easterlings, Haradrim, and even Fellbeasts came out of no where to attack an army no larger than 1,500 soldiers of Gondor and Rohan. And then they even had their master Sauron watching them, giving them an unimaginably high morale boost. This blustered his own morale a bit, "Come on. If your father could survive that then you can survive this!"

He speed up his movements, getting a feel for how the Orcs were coming in and fighting him. Around him both men and Orc were dying; some didn't even have time to scream. The site of seeing some of his own guard, some of whom he had been friends with, perish at the hands of the Orcs caused him to go beserk. He let out a strong battle cry and charged at the Orcs. They reeled back in terror at the unexpected feriosity of the High King of Gondor. Even though many Orcs fell by his hand, they were always replaced by a new set of Orcs and it wasn't long before he, Elmoran, Balithon, and the last few remaining squads of Gondorian and Rohirim soldiers. It was hopeless.


The sound was growing louder as Men and Orc alike looked around, trying to place the location of the sound.


The ground began to shake, trees rattled, bones shook. Both races looked around in a panic. They knew something dangerous was approaching; something never planned by either side.


It stopped. More nervously and cautiously, the two armies began to look around in every direction. One Orc with a banner nervously said, "I-it's gone..."

As if on que, a giant tree trunk-like figure swung upward and blasted away the whole Orcish army where the Orc Bannerman was. Suddenly, more figures appeared. They were like giant, mossy tree shaped like humans, with branches sticking out around the arms and back and head, and some even had beards of moss and greenery. They began to attack the Orcs, which were all having a panic attack. It wasn't long before the creatures had taken them all out and one, whom was a darker green than most of the others, stepped forward.

"Are you alright, young ones," said a deep and strong voice. "We had heard from the Great Eagles that Orc were threatening this land again and we sworn to prevent them from passing the Fords of Isen, though we failed the first time."

"Your...you are Ents!" Eldarion finally said, relieved.

"Indeed! I am Treebeard, Leader of the Ents. You must be Eldarion! I knew your father before he was king. An interesting man he was."

"Yes, he was, and a brave one, too."

"Treebeard," the Ent looked at the new voice, who was Balithon. "You are old and wise. Do you know how we could possible stop and Orc invasion with this little force."

The Ent looked at the young man a moment, then stated, "Along the way you are, you cannot win, but there is help to be had, even in unexpected places."

Eldarion and Balithon took a minute to ponder that then realized the Ents were walking away. Eldarion rushed forward, "Wait! Can't you help us?"

The Ents continued walking, except Treebeard, who stopped, "We are doing our part by keeping the Orcs from passing the Fords of Isen."

He continued walking, not looking back, "Look for an unexpected source of help, and when you find it, bring them to you."

Treebeard was gone. Eldarion sat down and put his hand on his head as if he was massaging it, "An unexpected source of help? What does that mean?"

Balithon went to his king's side, "My Lord?"

Eldarion got up and strood over to his horse looking more determined that ever before. "My Lord, where are you going?"

"To find help," he said as he mounted his steed. "From an unexpected source."

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