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Summary: So Sam went to get his booster shot?...maybe I shouldn't punch him in the arm.

Warning: Plotless...cursing.

Disclaimer: I am a tree, a tree with a pen! :) no real thought processes here :) at all! :)

"How's Bobby?" Sam asked, fidgeting in the passenger seat.

Dean shrugged. "Spoke to him earlier...he knows he's family, and he isn't going to try anything stupid ever again."

Sam smiled fondly. "You told him off didn't you?"

"Damn straight I did, he's got a new nickname by the way."

"Oh yeah, what?"

"Iron sides." Dean winked, "that one's sticking."

"Yeah, you think we should still call you McCain?" Sam chuckled.


Dean reached over, deadly prescision and punched the centre of Sam's arm.

Sam gasped, his hand coming to cover it quickly as he rubbed the area.

He hissed through his teeth as he growled back at Dean.


"Sam, you okay?...Did that he-witch do something else to you?"

Sam began to smile at Dean's widening eyes.

"No, it's nothing you idiot."

Dean frowned, his head cocking back. "What?" He deadpanned.

"My booster...for the uh...thing I had." Sam muttered.

"Oh...oh" Dean reached over and pulled up Sam's sleeve, seeing the red bruise he just caused and a darkening patch of red over the small round band aid. Whoops.

"Wuss." Dean commented, secretly wincing when Sam looked away.

Sam grunted a laugh. "Yeah well, you should've seen the size of the needle they used...just a sting my ass."

Dean laughed. "Did they give you a speech about using protection next time."

"Yeah." Sam whined. "I bet she picked that needle just to...wait, how do you know that?"

Dean shifted. "Nurses man, evil." he coughed.

"Hey Dean," Sam grinned, opened the palms of his hands and clapped. "Yeah...you've so had clap."

"Shut up Sam." Dean reached over and punched him in the arm again.

"OW! Dean...god, it's the same damn spot!" Sam rubbed it again, the small needlemark throbbing.

"Hurts, doesn't it."






"You started it-"

"No, you started it with that damn witch-"

"It was Bobby first." Dean declared.

Sam huffed.

"You know...really, if it wasn't for Bobby, you wouldn't have clap. Bobby gave you clap." Dean gave a short burst of laughter at Sam's disgusted face.

Sam stared out the window, one hand covering his arm for anymore sneak attacks.

"I love Bobby." Dean smiled.

END! :)

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