"Professor!" Harry Potter yelled, trying to catch up with his headmaster after dinner. The old man turned around to reveal his twinkling blue eyes and the most ridiculous outfit Harry had ever seen. Apparently Dumbledore found it funny to wear orange robes with purple stars on it. If Harry hadn't been so distressed, he would have had a laughing fit for sure.

But since Harry was quite distressed, and Dumbledore picked up on his mood as he always did, Dumbledore led him to his office to join him for lemon drops and tea.

When they were finally seated on opposite sides of the desk, and with a steaming cup of tea in front of them, Dumbledore asked what was bothering Harry.

"Uhm, well, you see, professor… I think the Mirror has broken down." Harry said, flushing with the memory of what exactly he had seen in the Mirror only half an hour before.

"What mirror is it that you are talking about, my boy?" Dumbledore asked, eyes on full twinkling mode, and Harry just knew that Dumbledore knew about witch Mirror he was speaking.

"The Mirror of Erised, professor." Harry answered, humouring Dumbledore. The twinkles in Dumbledore's eyes only grew bigger at his answer.

"And why is it that you think that the Mirror of Erised has broken down, my boy? Last time I looked into it, I still saw myself with only a pair of socks in my hands." Harry frowned. He just knew that that was a lie. He just knew that Dumbledore wasn't seeing himself with socks, but he knew that Dumbledore would never admit that either.

"Uhm... Because I saw... something that I don't desire." Harry mumbled, his cheeks now being almost as red as the Weasly hair. "Something that I couldn't possibly desire, sir."

Dumbledore just smiled over his cup of tea, before standing up, clearly dismissing Harry. But before Dumbledore could disappear into his private quarters through the door in the back of his office, he turned around, and said "Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, Harry."

Harry just sat there, for a few moments, before standing up to leave the office, all the while with one thought running through his head. "I can't possibly be desiring THAT."

Several weeks later, Harry was running after Snape and Malfoy for killing Dumbledore. He was angry, grieving and sad. Sad because now, his vision in the Mirror would never come true. He would never have Draco Malfoy standing at his side, a wedding ring on both of their left hands, and a couple of black-haired grey-eyed or blond-haired green-eyed children holding their parents hands, waving at Harry from in the mirror.

Draco Malfoy would never love him back...