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It was another beautiful morning in Free Country, USA. Strong bad took note of how it never rained. That would be good for one of his emails! He laughed as his cleverness and hopped onto his stool.

"Oh my god, Becky, check out this email, it's so... great."

'Dear Guy i wish i was,

Dude, isn't it, like, soo sad how poor homestar is dating marzipan even though she tottes doesn't eve nlove hime? Seriosly!

With loads of crap,

Mary-Sue, Crystal Fortress'

"Oh wow. I'm eating my words."

He grunted and began typing.

"Dear Macky-Sue,

Please to be considering that I have more important things to worry about then Dump-Star. Now kindly take a hammer, go to your English teacher, and hammer him/her with said hammer.

Don't email me ever again, Seriosly,

Strong Bad."


Strong bad grunted again. That was so awful he didn't want to answer another email ever again. He sarcasticly chuckled. Like that was a choice.

"Meh. I'll just skip this week. If there are as many Mary-Sue's in this world as I think, then no one will notice."

He whistled a random Limozeen song and walked into the TeeBee room to catch a rerun of the one time marathon special season finally of Dart Mouth. Ol' Darty was finally going to beat the villian, get the girl, and inevitably cover her mouth in sweet, loving, darty pain. Strong Bad almost squealed with anticipation, but didn't, because he was a macho man. He sat onto the couch with a bag of Thai Peanut Buffalo Garlic Cheddar Onion Sour Cream, and switched the TeeBee on, witch, of course, was already on the exact channel he wanted to watch. He loved how things tended to go his way these days. Strong Mad and The Cheat were off setting matresses on fire, Strong Sad was at his weekly scheduled Breath-A-Thon by the stick, and Strong Bad was here, all alone with the TeeBee and the whole house to himself.

It really couldn't be any more per--

"Heyyo, Stwong Baed!" chirped Homestar, popping up from behind the couch. He began to explain why he was here but was interrupted by a bag of Thai Peanut Buffalo Garlic Cheddar Onion Sour Cream. And then a fist. And a remote.

"Owwww! Geez Stwong Bad, if I didn't know better I'd think you weren't happy to see me! Good thing I do!" He then continued to happily tell his story.

Strong Bad attempted to tune him out, but couldn't help hearing a few tid bits. Something about Marzipan's garden, a fire, an argument and 'No where's to be!'. But he kept watching the show, become increasingly annoyed with Homestar's presence.

"But I didn't die that time either! So long story short, i needsa place to crash, Bad-Man. So I'll just put my stuff on your bed and occupado the basement!" Homestar said, then quickly tried to rush off before Strong Bad could realize what he had just said.

Before he could make it more than a foot away from the couch Strong Bad grabbed him by his... um... craw.

"Ooohoho no you don't! You know very well the likes of you have never been welcome in Casa y Strong! Now get'cha rear end outta my site!" he finished, and let go of Homestar so that he may re-glue his eyes to the screen.

"Thanks, Stwo-Bwo, I knew you'd undewstand!"

Strong Bad growled in frustration, wanting to show his current nuisance what for. But this episode was only going to be showed once today, and if Strong Bad had to wait another day to see it all, there was no doubt his head would engsmsplode! He decided he would just get him once the episode was over.

Not that he got to enjoy it anyway. Homestar had happilly taken place next to Strong Bad on the couch, placing his feet on Strong Bad's lap and taking his Thai Peanut Buffalo Garlic Cheddar Onion Sour Cream. He crunched and talked through out the whole hour about golf, bi-monocles, plastic cups, and his plan to fix the country's current economic problem with nothing but a paperclip and a piece of Juicy Fruit.

As you can imagine, once the credits had come up, Strong Bad would've shot Homestar, had he a gun. Homestar was now licking the chip crumbs off his fingers (or lack thereof) and rambling on about how dogs are better than chinchillas if you're trying to win a race.

"Though i guess a chinchilla might me better at throwin' them little towtle shell things..?"

Strong Bad screamed, hands raised in the air, and stomped of into the basement. Homestar sat for a minute, looking confused, but quickly got up and followed Strong Bad to the door.

"Awe you okay, Stwong Bad? You seem kinda upset."

Strong Bad growled. Normally he could handle Homestar but... this was HIS day to himself... he'd had to save up for TWO WEEKS to buy that bag of chips that HOMESTAR ATE. It took hours of persuading and bribing to get The Cheat to take Strong Mad out of the house for a few hours, and even more hours of convincing to make Strong Sad think Strong Bad wasn't going to attack him during his glorified nap. He had worked so hard to prepare for this day, and Homestar had ruined all of it. This was probably the most effort Strong Bad had ever put into something, and he was not happy.

"AM I FREAKING MAD!? AM. I. FREAKING. MAD? You know what? No! I'm not mad, Homestar."

"Oh goo-"

"I'M FREAKING FURIOUS! And ya wanna know why? Well, first of, you break into my house, TWO, you eat my freaking chips, THREE, you do it all on MY special where I was supposed to be ALONE by MYSELF so i could get some FREAKING QUIET TIME! AND you wanna move into my house AGAIN just 'cause your stupid freakin girlfriend realized what a selfish stupid little prick you are! You know she only dates you because she thinks you're MENTALLY RETARTED AND SHE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU, RIGHT? It's true! Ask her! That's how everyone feels about you! No one really likes you, it's all just pitty!" Strong Bad was really getting worked up. "And--"

Homestar ran out of the room and The House of Strong before Strong Bad could finish his rant. Strong Bad scoffed.

"Good Ridance."

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