This is an extra chapter that happens after everyone is back at Victor's apartment, but before they eat. It is dedicated to Miss Anonymous hp who gave me the idea to write it. She told me she'd been looking for more interaction between the two sets of brothers, so here you go. Enjoy.

As Dean reached the door of Victor's apartment, he looked back at his brother. Sam was still on the stairwell, breathing heavily and that worried Dean.

Not that he'd admit it.

"Come on, Sleeping Beauty," Dean called down the steps as his brother stopped to rest against the wall at the top of the landing. "Nap time's over."

Sam didn't open his eyes as he returned with, "I'll wait for a different Prince Charming. Maybe a hot blonde."

"Haha, funny," Dean retorted. "We're almost there. It would be rude to be late."

"I doubt they're too concerned," Sam said as he headed down the hall toward his brother. "This is their reunion. We're only invited, 'cause we helped."

"Helped?" Dean snorted. "The way I understand it, you single handedly managed a demon the one sister hadn't managed to defeat in seven years."

Sam shrugged. "I managed."

The door to the apartment opened and Chris walked out, stopping further conversation. He held out a tray of some vegetables with some sort of dip. "Mommy made them," he informed them with a big grin. "Yummy."

Dean stared at the tray suspiciously.

"If you're gonna stand out in the hall, you might as well have some food while you're out here," Chris offered.

Dean reached out a hand and dipped a carrot in the dip. Once he'd covered if so much you couldn't see the carrot he popped it into his mouth. He eyes widened. "That's good. Thanks, kid."

Chris grinned. "I don't remember Mommy's cooking or Mommy all that much, but Grandpa always said she was the best cook ever." He looked up at them questioningly. "What about your mommy? Is she a good cook?"

Sam looked away, not wanting to think about how little he remembered his mom and what he did remember was mostly of her as a ghost or illusions.

Dean smiled, remembering his childhood before his mom had been killed by the yellow eyed demon. "Yeah, she was a good cook. I miss her," he added without thinking.

Chris easily caught onto that. "What happened?"

"She died a long time ago," Dean told him, ending any expectation that the conversation would continue.

"Oh," Chris looked at him worried. He crept closer to Sam and whispered, "Is he always like this?"

Sam chuckled.

Dean looked at them suspiciously which caused Chris to laugh.

A small hand reached around Chris and grabbed a carrot. "You sure take a long time, Chris," Wyatt told his little brother. "I want some dip." Without waiting for them to react, he smothered the carrot in dip and popped it into his mouth. "That's a good one," he said, his mouth still full. "The one on the table with the celery is better though." He looked at the Winchester brothers. "You should come in and try it."

Curious, Sam took a carrot, covered it in dip and tested it against his tongue. He smiled appreciatively as he munched on it.

"Come in," Wyatt repeated, sounding more like he was issuing a command this time.

Sam took a step forward automatically before he checked himself.

"We don't bite," Wyatt retorted. "I thought you'd have realized that by now. And you've been in the apartment before. What's the problem?"

Dean gave him a nervous chuckle. "Nothing. I just don't like being ordered around."

"That's it?" Wyatt asked, speculatively.

Dean shrugged. "How do you like it?"

That elicited a quick laugh from Wyatt. "Not much."

"Please come in," Chris requested. "It's not always good to talk in the hall. You have to watch your words too much. That's boring."

Sam chuckled and walked past the two Halliwell boys into the apartment. He could hear voices coming from other rooms, but on one was in that one. Seeing a couch he sat down, still exhausted from taking on the demon possessing Christy.

Wyatt waiting until Dean had followed him before he closed the door to the apartment. Chris was setting the snack tray on the coffee table.

"So why don't you like witches?" Wyatt asked, his back against the door.

Sam gulped.

Dean looked at him surprised. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Wyatt stared him down.

Dean stared back, their younger brothers both very silent. It was almost a minute before Dean was forced to blink and look away.

"It's not as if you have hidden the fact, so why don't you like witches?" Wyatt asked, casting his look back and forth between them.

"That's none of your damned business," Dean snapped at him.

"Maybe, maybe not," Wyatt shrugged at him. "I want to know. Witches are good. I want to understand why you think otherwise."

Dean glanced over at Sam and muttered under his breath, "How old is this kid anyway?"

Sam chuckled. "Nine, I think." He didn't bother lowering his voice.

Chris snickered. "He'll be ten in February," he offered with a grin. Then, he added, "I'm eight."

Sam's chuckle grew into a full laugh.

Wyatt scowled. "Knock it off."

Chris stuck out his tongue. "You're too serious. Mommy and Daddy are alive. We can relax a little."

"Her name was Ruby," Sam whispered once he stopped laughing.

"Huh?" Chris turned and looked at him. "Whose name was Ruby?"

Sam looked at Wyatt. "Ruby was a witch centuries ago. She most certainly wasn't good."

"Maybe she was a warlock," Chris suggested, looking up at his brother for help.

Sam shook his head. "I'd have remembered that. She was definitely as witch."

"What was her power?" Wyatt wanted to know."

Sam frowned at that. "What do you mean? She was a witch. She could . . . cast spells and stuff."

Chris grinned at his brother. "Should I?"

Wyatt chuckled. "Go for it."

Chris stared at the two of them and held out his hand. His breathing came out evenly and he just stared.

Sam recognized that look and groaned.

Dean frowned. "What is he . . ?" he stopped as he realized he couldn't move. "What on earth? What did you do to me?"

Chris dropped his hand. "Witches do more that just cast spells and 'stuff'."

Dean tested his movement and backed over to the door. "That's not witches. That's demons."

Chris shook his head and grinned.

Wyatt rolled his head. "Show's what you know. All magical witches have powers. Some like Chris and mine are active powers. Some like Aunt Phoebe's main power are passive. They are varied and different and that doesn't make them evil. Powers aren't evil. They aren't good either. They are neutral. What makes them good or evil is how you use them. Good witches use their powers for good. Evil witches and warlocks use their powers for evil."

"So you admit that witches can be evil?" Dean asked with satisfaction.

Wyatt shrugged. "Most are either good witches or warlocks, but yes, some can be evil witches. They are the ones that don't kill other witches. Usually they don't kill anyone, though I've heard of some that do. Usually you are either fully on one side or the other. I don't think your Ruby was either of those things though."

"You can't know that," Dean protested. "Ruby said she was a witch."

"There's another option," Chris suggested. "Maybe your Ruby . . ."

"She's not my Ruby," Sam protested not liking hearing those words used to describe Ruby."

Chris shrugged. "The point is that maybe she's a nonmagical witch."

Both Winchester brothers stared at Chris blankly.

"A witch practitioner rather than a magical witch," Chris tried to explain. "They can still cast spells and create potions and good or bad they are witches since unlike warlocks they remain human when evil."

Dean frowned. "A what?" He shook his head. "That's crazy. Witches are witches. They either are or they aren't. I concede that there are some of you that aren't bad, but you can't tell me that those are normal and that there are different types of witches. Magical, nonmagical. That's . . . that's just a phrase to describe the supernatural things that you don't understand."

Chris bit his lip to keep from laughing.

Wyatt shook his head. "Maybe you're saying that because you don't understand magic. Nonmagical witches are witches who do not have powers of their own. Grams told us about her coven. She was the only magical witch in it, but three members of her coven cast a spell when Mom and her sisters where still learning their magic that summoned a demon and ultimately got them killed."

"That doesn't mean she's right," Dean protested.

The two Halliwell brothers looked at him. "Which one of us is a witch?" Wyatt asked.

Chris snickered at that.

"Well, you are," Dean admitted.

"You're digging a hole," Sam teased his brother.

"And which one of us should know more about witches?" Wyatt pushed.

Dean clamped his mouth closed.

Sam joined Chris in laughing.

Chris turned to Sam and in a loud whisper he said, "Older brothers think they know so much, don't they."

Sam opened his mouth to answer as Piper entered the room.

Piper smiled as she saw the four. "Oh, good. You two arrived," she commented as she headed over to her boys. She reached them and leaned down to give them each a kiss.

Wyatt tried to look cool about it, but he looked more pleased.

Chris giggled and reached up his arms to hug his mom.

"Dinner's ready," Piper told them as she straightened up. "Wash up, boys, and come in."

The two Halliwell brothers jumped to do what she said and hurried out of the room.

Piper turned to Dean and Sam with a smile. "Thank you for your help. How are you feeling?" she asked, focusing on Sam. "It must have taken a lot out of you."

Sam smiled. "I'm doing fine. Glad I could help."

"Well, wash up and come eat with us," Piper directed. "The table's through there." Without waiting for a response, she headed in the direction of the table.

"What are we, four?" Dean complained. "We don't need to be told to wash up."

"Let's just do it," Sam suggested. "Our hostess is probably dealing with the fact that her babies aren't babies any more. And we're getting free food. I think we can overlook a little bossiness."

Dean grumbled, but he headed off in the direction the two boys had.

Sam sighed and got up from the couch. He walked slowly across the room after his brother. All he wanted to do was to collapse on a bed somewhere and sleep for a week, but that would have to wait. He didn't want to show how weak he was feeling. He was just going to have to stay up and pretend a little longer.

More ideas are buzzing in my head for another extra chapter, but as I have so many other things planned, don't expect one any time soon. Hope you enjoyed this little bit more.