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Edward was glad to leave the house, the next day. It was still dark out, and it was still a few days before the students left for Hogwarts. He wouldn't have to endure the awkward questions or the pain of explaining what had happened. How would he ever move forward if he had to keep explaining the past?

It was five in the morning when Mad-Eye Moody came to escort him to Hogwarts. Since the train didn't run until September first, the old auror was taking him to a town near the castle called "Hogsmeade" with the use of side-along apparation. From there, he would walk to the school, which wasn't that far.

It seemed simple enough, in theory. Ed understood that one couldn't apparate directly onto the Hogwarts grounds because of all the defenses put in place. Ed wasn't complaining about that, of course. When it came to the protection of a stronghold, he knew that the inconveniencing of allies was a minor issue next to the defense against enemies. He did not, however, like the sensation of apparition. Being pulled by the long, tentacle-esque arms of the "beings" that lived inside the Gate was one thing, but it was something else altogether when one has the sensation of being sucked through a long, thin straw. It was definitely his least favorite form of magical transportation (which was saying something, as he disliked all forms of magical transportation).

In the back of his mind, he figured that the walk from Hogsmeade to the castle was about as long as the one from Risembool station to Winry's house.

It didn't take long to finally get to the castle. He was a bit surprised to see Dumbledore waiting for him at the gate. Didn't he have important Headmaster things to do to prepare for the beginning of term the next day?

"You look surprised to see me," Dumbledore commented as they walked through the gate.

"Perhaps a bit," Ed replied. He didn't like it when something surprised him. He liked it even less when someone noticed it. "I expected t'at you vould be busy."

"Not really," Dumbledore said as they walked through the giant double doors that opened to the entrance hall. "Most of my work begins with term. I also don't get nearly as many letters from the Minister of Magic as I used to. Though, the ones I do get have a very colorful vocabulary, as one might say."

Ed gave a small laugh. He had heard that the Minister was trying to discredit Albus, but he didn't think the man went as far as sending him letters full of swears. By the look of things, the Headmaster thought that this was rather amusing, as well. "You seem to be unfazed by t'e harsh vords of a superior."

"Oh, I hardly consider him a superior, Edward. And it isn't like I'm not used to people saying how daft I am," Dumbledore replied, his eyes twinkling. "There's barely a day that goes by that does not bring an owl with a letter saying that I am unfit to run this school."

"T'is does not bother you?" Ed asked. He would surely be sore if someone repeatedly told him that he was not qualified to be a State Alchemist.

"I don't particularly care about what other people say of me as long as they don't take me off the chocolate frog cards," Dumbledore chuckled.

Ed nodded. This man was strange, to be sure, but he was quite jovial. He reminded the young Alchemist of an older, wiser and less annoying Major Armstrong. Well, no matter how strange he was, Ed decided that Dumbledore was OK, at least for now.

"So, now t'at I am here, I suppose you are going to show me to my room?" he asked.

"You are a sharp one, Mr. Elric," Dumbledore chuckled. "Follow me."

Well, Ed thought, his thoughts taking on a slightly sarcastic tone, they didn't call me a "child prodigy" back home for nothing. He smirked.

Edward followed the old man down the long and winding corridors. He vaguely wondered how anyone could run a school in a place with such a complicated lay-out. Surely, students would lose their ways left and right?

He pushed the thoughts from his mind as they were impertinent. Despite the size of the castle, it took a relatively short time to get to his room. The room was attached to his office which was attached to his classroom, so it was really quite convenient.

"I shall leave you to unpack, then," Dumbledore said, turning to the door. "Oh, by the way, you can get food sent to your room by just calling the House Elves. There is a staff meeting tonight at eight o' clock. There you will meet the other teachers. Well, good day." With that, he left.

This left Ed with his own devices for a few hours. He had a few pictures of Al and Winry (non-moving, of course) that he set out on his desk. Besides that, he had few clothes to unpack.

He realized that his brother would want to know that he arrived at the school, so he set down at the desk in his room to write a letter.

Dear Al,

I just arrived at the school. I don't want to go into the details of traveling, but it was less pleasant than many of our long train rides. This was quicker, but at least I could sleep on the trains.

This school is stranger than anything I have ever seen. The portraits move and speak as if they were just windows into rooms.

I start teaching in a few days, and I wonder if it will be at all possible to teach these children the science of Alchemy when they have learned something as illogical as magic for years.

There is a meeting with the rest of the staff in a few hours. Perhaps I shall find someone who can advise me in the teaching of children.

There isn't much else I can tell you about. Hopefully, I will see you soon. Write back as soon as possible.

Your brother,


Ed felt no reason to tell his brother about what happened with the boggart, especially since he still wasn't sure what happened with that.

He hoped his brother would write back. He would never admit this to anyone, but he almost felt lonely without anyone he knew around. Hell, he even wouldn't mind seeing the Colonel's ugly mug around.

But no one needed to know that.