He rebuffed all her attempts to get close – to be his friend, his mate.

Just like he did with her.

Ayame couldn't understand it, and she didn't understand the miko any more than she understood males. They were rude, uncouth – and while it was obvious that though Kouga was enamored of the young woman, he really only wanted her for her skills.

All wolves were the same, after all.

It had taken Ayame a long time to realize that the wolf prince would never be hers. Promise or not, he was blinded by Kagome. And the miko? Kagome was enthralled by InuYasha, who was obsessed with the living dead.

It was a cycle the red-haired demon was ready to rectify.

Kagome was powerful and loyal. She was human, but clever. And as her attachment to the fox kit proved, she accepted people for who they were, rather than what they were.

Kagome's human friends were kind; when the wolves were fleeing their mountain home, they'd tended to her brethren and made sure Ayame would be okay. Kagome mourned the losses her pack had sustained, though she hadn't known them.

It'd never been done before – but so what? Ayame had never been one to follow the crowd; she was bred to lead, and if it meant making some changes, then so be it.

Green eyes took in the green-skirted, slim figure heading toward the hot springs.

Ayame would show Kagome what she could mean to a pack who would truly appreciate her.


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