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I make my way through the crowd and towards the backdoor of the club. The lights flashing everywhere are distracting and are making the whole mass of people dancing seem to become one eclectic being. Tonight I'll be meeting more of Angelo Minaccia's associates.

I've been under cover for almost four months now trying to infiltrate this man's drug, prostitution, and extortion rings. It took me about a month and a half to get myself into his "family". I started out harassing one of the shops he protects hoping that I could get noticed by him. When his enforcers came to deal with me some back talk was all it took for me to be taken to talk with the boss.

When they threw me to my knees in front of him I mouthed off immediately. When Angelo told me my mouth may cost me my life, I could only think of one thing to do and I guess I earned myself a trial run with Minaccia the same way I got into NCIS. I smiled. Thank God for me he smiled back and told me he would keep an eye on me.

I continued to go about my life acting as Anthony Ingannare. I would go around try to extort a couple new businesses and visit older ones each day. I knew that they were watching. I knew they were watching when I went out to buy groceries to make myself dinner and I knew they were watching as I went home to my one room apartment. Even as I was pulling the bed down from inside the wall and moving my table out of the way so that it could fit, I knew somehow they were watching.

After a small passage of time Aldo Delveccio, Minaccia's main enforcer, came to visit me at my apartment. He commented on how small it was and how even though they had told him about it he hadn't actually expected it to be this small. Then it happened, he offered me a position following him for a while and learning the ways of the "family". He said he had looked me up and knew about my mother's death and father's desertion. He explained to me everything he had unearthed. I would have to thank McGee and Abby for deciding to make such an extensive history for my cover.

By the time I was called back to Angelo himself I had been under about a month and a half. He offered me a position by his side, enforcing his needs, and reaping the benefits beside him. Now, here I stand in this club making my way to the back. It's been two and a half months since I was officially invited in and I've spent most of my time learning most of Angelo's associates. Tonight I'm going to meet four new large cohorts in Angelo's plans.

I open the door and turn to look back at the crowd once more, I hope after all of this that I never have to see another strobe light again.

The room that I've entered is large with a small dance floor in the middle. A metal pole is in the middle of that and is currently occupied by two women doing various tricks around it and each other. Around the dance floor are these rectangular shaped tables that completely surround it. I see Angelo across the room sitting in a chair that faces the door. All of his associates backs are to me. He motions to me and I come over and stand by his side. I lower my eyes as he introduces me.

I hear the names and mentally try to keep track of them hoping that the bug McGee and Abby have placed in my belt is catching everything. Then as Angelo begins the name of the last man I look up. My eyes lock with the man being introduced. My breath catches in my throat and suddenly it's very hard to breathe.

"Tony?! What the Hell are you doing here?!" My father asks as he stands from his seat.

Suddenly, all eyes are on me.

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