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*Tony's POV*

I've completely lost track of time. I don't know if I've been here for days or weeks by now. Sensory deprivation is a cruel game that I'm losing at horribly. I'm so sore that I can barely move and the broken ribs that I most definitely have make it hard to breathe. Everything on my face is numb as I try not to move a muscle.

Aldo has turned out to be one sick son of a bitch.

Who knew that he would turn out to be such a malicious and, for lack of better terms, creepy guy?

I'm trying to hold on to memories of home to keep me sane. McGee sitting on his computer typing out the latest pages of his newest book in our down time. Gibbs catching him and slapping him.

I let out a laugh at the memory.

My thoughts keep roaming back to Ziva though. I can barely remember the morning that I woke up in her bed. Hell I can't remember that night AT ALL. I know that I must have gone to her house after drinking but ending up in her bed...did we? Is it even possible that we could have...

The sound of footsteps in the hallway bring a cease to all of my thoughts.

The door opens slowly and I already know who is on the other side. Aldo.

He slams the door closed after he has entered and his eyes are wild.

"Aldo," I begin to speak but he quickly walks up to me and sloppily covers my mouth.

"Shhhh." he says.

I can smell the alcohol on him and taste it on his hands. His button down shirt it stained in the front and smells strongly of whiskey. The beer in his hand though is a dead give away to his current state.

I try to inch away but he drops the glass bottle letting it chip and roll to the other side of the room.

In and instant he's grabbed me by the shoulders and has me pinned against the wall.

As he brings his head in closer I bring mine forward hitting him dead on.

As he lunges back and holds his head letting out a string of curses I try to gain my bearings.

So hitting his head against my own is not one of my best plans.

As my vision clears and I look up I notice that he has the glass beer bottle in his hands.

"Anthony, Anthony, Anthony," he slurs "I told you that this was going to happen but you just wouldn't listen."

He rushes towards me and I barely have time to move an inch before he has taken the bottle and smashed it against my own head.

It shattered instantly.

I try to keep conscious but everything starts to blur around the edges as I fall from my sitting position to the floor.

The last thing I think of is the glass that my face is about to hit.

Then the darkness consumes me once more.

*Ziva's POV*

I send a message to McGee that I have disarmed all of the guards that were patrolling the area around the house.

I did this soundlessly and placed them all together tied to a series of trees where we can take care of them later.

He messages back that they're walking up to the front door.

I close my eyes and sit down with my back to the brick wall that surrounds the perimeter of the house.

My stomach becomes sick again and there is nothing I can do but let it pass. This can't be happening. Not while we're trying to save Tony.

I've become lost in my thoughts of what this mission entails when I hear a gunshot.

It's then followed by many more.

I stand up immediately and start running towards the house to aid Gibbs and McGee in whatever trouble has begun.

This is only the start I tell myself.

*Aldo's POV*

I look down at the man strewn across the floor.

If I wasn't sober when I walked in this room I am now as I long for every inch of him.

I can't decide where to start.

I guess I should start by restraining him better just in case.

I unshackle his hands and re-shackle them behind him. I guess I should also shorten his "leash".

When I'm done I decide to clear the glass away from us. No need in hurting myself.

I look back down at him and my breath catches in my throat. He really is something beautiful with defined features and now closed green eyes.

I can't resist anymore and I read for the top of the red shirt that someone placed on him in my absence.

As I try to pull it off of him I realize that it is stuck to him because of the dried blood.

All the better.

I reach for the razor knife in my back pocket and begin to cut the shirt off in strips.

I brush my hands over the planes of his chest. I can't take this anymore.

I reach for the edge of his red pants that match the shirt and he moans in his unconscious state.

I can't help the smile that crosses my face as I turn Anthony onto his stomach and reach for the pants again.

"Oh Anthony." I can't help but moan as the fun starts.

*Tony's POV*

I sit curled up in the corner of the room with a blanket draped over my shoulders. They removed my shackles but I can't make myself move.

I stare at the corner of the room opposite from me but nothing seems to cross my mind. I feel blank. I don't feel anything. Not the pain anymore. Not the embarrassment. No more hope. Nothing. I feel nothing because I am nothing.

My vision goes hazy and I remember I have to blink. The only think that I can remember to do without thinking is breathe and even that is difficult.

*McGee's POV*

We had barely been talking to the man at the front door three minutes when another man came up from behind him and asked what agency we were from.

"NCIS." I said quickly ready to explain our full name when the man's face formed into a grimace.

He pulled out the gun that we had not seen at his side. As he aimed and fired I felt something tear through my shoulder. In an instant Gibbs had pulled out his own gun and proceeded to take down the two men as more began to emerge from other rooms. We took refuge behind the walls of the entrance but I was having a hard time firing with one hand while my other shoulder burned fiercely.

As I turned to look in the house to fire again I felt a presence behind me. I faced front ready to shoot only to see Ziva.

The three of us made our way into the house firing as we went and taking down any other guards that were in the home.

"McGee! With me upstairs! David go check the downstairs!" Gibbs hollered over the gunfire.

With a nod to Ziva I rushed to backup Gibbs as we ascended the stairs and watched Ziva head off for the rest of the home.

Gibbs walked slowly near the top stairs listening for anything.

The only thing I could hear was the gunfire coming from downstairs.

We reached the top landing and Gibbs signaled me to take the left hallway as he took the right.

I walked up slowly to the first door and kicked it open, which was no easy task with a hurt shoulder and it's normally left to Tony or Gibbs anyway. In the room I found nothing. The bedroom was empty.

I had barely reached the second bedroom when Gibbs began calling for me.

I tried to make my way to him as quickly as possible without jostling my shoulder.

As I entered the room he had called me from I saw a man on the ground clutching his side and Gibbs above him with his gun aimed at the man's head.

"Call in McGee, tell them that we have Angelo." Gibbs said while his gaze never left the man.

"Where's Tony?" I heard Gibbs say threateningly as I noticed the six guards all in various positions on the floor.

*Ziva's POV*

After a brief scuffle in the kitchen of the house I find a door that leads to a basement.

I reach the landing and realize this is no ordinary basement. It must stretch under all of the grounds including where the trees are.

I look left and right trying to decide which concrete hallway to take. I hear a noise in the left on and decide to follow it.

That noise I realize is footsteps. As I quietly make my way towards them I suddenly sense someone behind me.

As I turn something hits me across the head and I black out.

As I come to I realize I am in a completely concrete room and my hands are zip tied in front of me.

I also notice someone huddled in the corner of the room in a blanket.

I slowly make my way closer and recognize the face staring blankly back at me.

"Tony!" I let out in a rushed breath. I can hardly believe he's here in front of me.

As I reach out to embrace him I realize he has not moved. Not even blinked.

I begin to reach for him when the door opens and a man walks in.

He spots me reaching out to Tony and immediately rushes us.

"Don't even THINK about touching him." The man spits out, "He's mine."

With his last words he reaches out and tries to throw me away from Tony. I resist but that only earns me a hard hit to the side of my head.

More men walk and the first says "She's all yours guys. I want her gone in an hour."

The men approach me and the first grabs me by my hair as the second moves behind me. A third large man comes through the door with dark eyes. He takes in my appearance before bringing his fist back and punching me in the gut.

The second releases my hair and tries to punch me as well. In an instant I have overwhelmed the man that was once holding me.

As I make a break for Tony I am grabbed by one of the men and thrown to the ground where a strong kick to my stomach then head leaves me reeling.

I try to crawl and still make it to Tony.

The men start to kick me again so I try to regain my footing as I bring my arms around one of them and incapacitate him.

The other two look at each other before rushing to the door never breaking eye contact with me.

I'm sure they are going to get what is left of their backup but as soon as they are gone I sit next to Tony and take a moment to breathe.

I'm reeling an in a great amount of pain. I do realize though that Tony never once moved during the entire scuffle.

"Tony," I place my shackled hands on the sides of his face "please talk to me. Tell me your OK."

Suddenly I feel something something wrong. As I look down I realize that my pants are stained and I'm bleeding. My face pales as I realize what is happening.

Whatever future this child may have brought for me and Tony was now gone because I was miscarrying. Perhaps this just wasn't mean to be.

Looking back at Tony though I can't handle or focus on this right now. I pull my self closer to him and try to warm his freezing skin as my tears slowly fall.

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