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Why it Snows in Spring

Chapter One: Lo, at Their Births Good Stars were Opposite

As soon as the meeting ended, Jack turned and left the hall. He had much to think about—that meeting had been… something else in his book.

"I have an announcement to make." Mother Nature's voice sliced through the commotion Jack caused when he showed up late to a very important meeting for the Council of Legendary Figures; they were introducing their newest members, the two other seasonal sprites, to the rest of the Council. The members glanced at one another and immediately took their seats.

Mother Nature's face was taut in a solemn expression; what she was about to declare was law.

"To our seasonal sprites: Jack Frost of winter, Clarabella Bloom of spring, Bridgette Burns of summer, and Doyle Stark of autumn—you are to marry by the end of next year."

Jack was the first to rise, ready to protest, but Mother Nature continued without waiting for the sprites' responses: "Jack Frost will marry Bridgette Burns. Doyle Stark will marry Clarabella Bloom."

From her seat, Bridgette glanced distastefully up at Jack and scowled at the immature, mischievous sprite. She scoffed. "Me marry him? What a preposterous notion." Her voice, although as low and controlled as normal, held the force of an ocean wave crashing to the shore. She flipped a strand of her short hair behind her ear

Clarabella swept her eyes down Doyle's stick-like frame. Although he was a bit on the skinny side, his amber eyes held a fluttering glow that reminded the spring sprite of leaves tumbling from the trees in autumn, and his hair was dark and lanky. Very cute, the blonde thought with an impish grin and a flip of her hair, which held streaks of peridot green in the under layers. "But why do we need to marry each other? Why can't we choose who we marry?" She had asked assertively, being sure to keep her tone polite in the face of her superior.

"What will happen if we don't—" Doyle began, but was so quiet that Mother Nature replied to Clarabella's question without even hearing him.

"You are to marry your seasonal opposites." Mother Nature fixed a firm gaze on each of them in turn. "Winter to summer; autumn to spring. I have heard reports that someone is trying to negotiate their season in order to allow more time for it." The eyes of each legendary figure turned immediately to Jack.

"What?" He defended, holding his ground at the table. From their unwavering stares, he continued, "Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence, all. And you—" He pointed at Santa and taunted with a sneer, "Aren't you supposed to be the spirit of Christmas; spreading hope and forgiveness and the benefit of the doubt?"

Santa spread his arms wide, about to respond when Mother Nature banged her gavel against the table. "Jack, sit."

Throwing his hands up in the air, he replied, "Hey, I'm just sayin'."


The winter sprite stared at Mother Nature for a moment, then shrugged and sat. "My legs were aching to sit, anyway." Bridgette squeezed her eyes shut and pinched the bridge of her nose. Ladies and gentlemen: her future husband.

Mother Nature made eye contact with each of the sprites before continuing with finality, "If you do not comply, you will be stripped of your powers, and another will take your place as herald of the season." She slammed the gavel against the table. "This is final. I must ensure the safety of planet Earth and its inhabitants. This is happening because of one sprite's selfishness: one of you." She pointed a perfectly manicured finger at them, lingering on Jack the longest before slowly lowering it to regretfully claim, "And if I cannot figure out who it is, then you must all comply; marry your seasonal opposite and do not meet with the sprites who govern the seasons preceding and following yours. If I find you alone with a sprite you should not be alone with, I will have no choice but to assume you are part of the power struggle."

Mother Nature fumed, but out of despair. How could they force her into this position? She never wanted it to come to this, but ever since they created job openings for an autumn and spring sprite, she had to keep a careful eye on the balance of the seasons and its affect on nature—her job. She knew from Santa's struggle to marry for love that this was a hefty punishment to bestow upon the sprites. But it was not meant to be a punishment—it was meant to guarantee the safety of every last living thing on Earth. By keeping adjacent seasons away from one another and only allowing them to be around their opposites, she knew that she could restore balance and order in the world: seasonal opposites, having no shared boundaries, could not make negotiations with one another for extensions of their season or gaining specific territories.

She shut her eyes against the anger and betrayal she felt radiating from the sprites in waves. No, she was doing her job, she was doing what was right: she was protecting the planet.

"Meeting adjourned." She stormed out of the hall with Father Time in tow, leaving the legendary figures shifting their gaze from one to the next in bewilderment.

Jack clenched his fists as he was jolted from his thoughts and to the present. Bridgette and he had been the only seasonal sprites for as long as he could remember. They mostly stayed out of one another's way because their differences made it difficult to do otherwise. And now he had to marry her? Her! That uptight, bland, no-nonsense sprite who looked down her nose at him every chance she got? He was being sentenced to spend the rest of his immortal days in a constant battle between his mischievous ways and her straight-laced attitude!

Not to mention the fact that she was just as old as he, which simply would not do for Jack Frost. He deserved nothing less than the best: a delightful young thing to warm up his lonely winter nights…

That brought his thoughts to Clarabella. Of course, the glimpse of her he had allowed himself at the meeting had told him that she did indeed fit his high-quality criteria, and she certainly seemed to have been graced with a decent sense of humor, unlike Bridgette. But he could never commit his life to someone he couldn't stand, especially for the crime Clarabella committed against him: she upstaged him at every chance she got. All he ever heard come Groundhog Day was the grumbling of humans about how they couldn't wait for spring to come, complaining and questioning why better weather couldn't come six weeks earlier to melt away the dreadful snow and bring warmth to their days…

No, he was definitely better off marrying Bridgette. But how would she fit into his scheme for taking over the title of Santa Claus? She didn't even like him… No, he could think about that later.

Even if he were to marry Clarabella, he could never even hope to get along with someone so attracted to the limelight like a mosquito, sucking every last drop of credit she could from—what?—planting a couple flowers and raining to make them grow? Pfft, even Jack, who barely ever saw her flowers alive since he only encountered them after autumn had ravaged them, could tell all her flowers looked the same—at least he cared enough for his craft to create each snowflake individually and make sure that no two were ever alike.

As he exited Santa's Workshop, he sighed to himself, leaving no fog in the frigid winter air. He missed the good old days when it was just Bridgette and him doing all the work. Sure, things were currently simpler because the difficult seasonal boundaries were now governed by the autumn sprite and spring nymph, and the equinoxes were taken off the solstice sprites' hands which also resulted in less work for them, but.... At least credit used to be given where it was due…

"Jack." A voice like twittering birds found his ears, and he hesitated only a moment before realizing who it had to be.

Shaking his head abruptly, he continued sauntering away, intent on calling it a day with a steaming cup of hot cocoa made to perfection—with just a hint of vanilla—by one of the cocoa elves.

"Jack!" He heard footsteps in the snow; not running, but controlled, as if their owner didn't want to grace him with the satisfaction of hurrying after him.

Jack halted. Could he not be left alone to his thoughts? Or at least be left to enjoy what precious little time he had as a bachelor? He didn't want her around, of all people—she made the icicle-encrusted hairs on the back of his neck prickle on end with annoyance.

Jack half-turned toward Clarabella as she slowly approached in her gold high-heeled boots, her nymph grace preventing her from even wobbling as she trudged a path through the snow. Jack noted with silent amusement that she had donned a long trench coat the color of spring grass emerging from the thawing earth. So she didn't like the cold, eh? If he had his way—and he always did—he'd make sure she never came to enjoy the winter she annually put to an end.

"Miss Bloom." He acknowledged the spring sprite with a curt nod and turned once more to resume his route to the Elfsburg Café.

Clarabella could've sworn the frosted patches on the shoulders of Jack's suit froze to a more pronounced white than before.

"Hey!" Clarabella cried out once more as she reached him. "What's with the cold shoulder? All I want to do is meet you." She stepped in front of him, blocking his path and smiling eagerly up at him.

Jack quickly swerved around her, his shoulder accidentally brushing against hers. Clarabella, although used to the cold that preceded her warmer season, felt goosebumps travel down her arm at his low temperature.

Sliding next to him, Clarabella extended a hand. "I'm Clarabella Bloom."

Jack quickly shook it before retracting his hand. "Charmed." The word shot from his mouth to her ears like an icy dagger.

"You certainly don't sound it," Clarabella declared unabashedly as they stopped beneath the roof of the café.

"Because I'm not," he breezed lightly as he walked through the door. A gust of winter wind rushed past Clarabella and slammed the door in her face.

"One cocoa with vanilla, please," Jack said to the pigtailed elf girl behind the counter.

The bell over the door dinged. The spring sprite was certainly persistent.

Jack inwardly groaned. "Make that a large cocoa," he decided as the elf bobbed her head and set to work on his order. He was going to need it!

With a mischievous smirk and a twinkle in her large bud green eyes, Clarabella approached the winter sprite and spoke smoothly to him, "Don't worry, I'm used to being treated like this."

She produced a compact mirror from her pocket and gazed admiringly into it as she flicked a few strands of buttercup yellow hair out of her face, fancying herself a supermodel with the spring breeze only she could feel constantly fluttering back her locks.

He discreetly mocked her antics while collecting his drink; he batted his eyes, all-too-daintily feathered back his hair, and muttered snootily beneath his breath.

Lifting the mug to his lips, he inquired, "Oh really; and why's that?"

Smooching the mirror, she snapped it shut and slid it back into her pocket. "Oh, it's simple, really." Her face brightened with pride and sincerity as she continued, "Men are so startled and frightened by my beauty that they get defensive and try to push me away. They all come around and fall head over heels for me sooner or later, though. Don't worry," she said with a forgiving wink paired with a grin, "I know your kind very well."

Jack snorted into his cocoa. "You're certainly a modest little thing, aren't you?"

As his mouth left the rim of the cup, she noticed the faintest hint of a twitch in its corners.

Clarabella smiled. "Knew I could get a grin." Gesturing to an Elvin-sized set of table and chairs, she requested, "Please, just five minutes of your time. I know you must be a busy sprite, so I won't be long if you don't want me to be."

Jack lifted a frosted eyebrow, but took a careful seat in the short chair she offered. "Sounds fair enough." He said as he settled. "But only five; I've got places to be and people to meet with."

"Of course, of course. Oh, and by the by," Clarabella mentioned as she perched with poise at the edge of her chair and pulled off her jacket, "I made all that up. Well. You know." She flicked her wrist to illustrate the obvious. "Except for the fact that I'm beautiful, as I'm certain you're already well aware—most men are." She fluttered her eyelashes as she lavished self-praise. "But they don't all fall in love with me, I'm afraid."

"Isn't that a shame?" Jack muttered sarcastically into his drink.

"Only the ones I want to," Clarabella blurted enthusiastically with a wide grin at her own joke.

Jack leaned onto the table to flip open his silver pocket watch with a flourish. "You have three minutes and fifty-nine seconds left to go, Miss Bloom. Time is snowflakes." He tucked the watch away and continued, "It may behoove you to make every moment worth our while." He turned his icy gaze toward her expectantly.

Clarabella bobbed her head. "Yes, yes; I'll cut to the chase. The reason why I followed you out here, Jack, is because…" she fixed him with a solid, sincere gaze, "I've wanted to meet you forever."

A surge of arrogance shot down the winter sprite's body and inflated his already oversized ego. Lowering the mug slowly, he masked his surprise by inquiring around a smirk, "Well, who wouldn't? Just out of curiosity, though, for which of many reasons were you so interested in meeting moi?"

Clarabella grinned at him. "Well," she began, scooting her chair closer to his, "for starters, I adore your work!" She giggled and unabashedly continued, "All your snow and ice really is very beautiful—and so intricately made! You know, I have never found two snowflakes that look alike. And trust me, I've tried. In fact, I confess," she lowered her eyes and, thumbing the edge of the table, continued, shyly for once, "I always leave it alone for an extra six weeks after Groundhog Day because I hate to see it all just… get erased." She raised her gaze to meet his. "Especially after all the hard work you obviously put into it."

Jack felt euphoria bubble up into his head at her praise. What made it all the sweeter was the fact that he believed she was in competition with him—what a victory!

"Well, well, well… I completely and utterly retract my earlier statement," Jack declared in awe, mischief upturning his eyes.

"Which would be?"

Jack gently took hold of her hand, which was slightly warmer than his but not nearly so heated as Bridgette's, and replied, "That I was not charmed to meet you; I am most certainly charmed to make your acquaintance, Miss Bloom." He pressed a light smooch to her middle knuckle and smiled intensely up at her.

"Please, call me Clara. I had hoped we were going to be working together soon, but, after that meeting with the Council…" Clarabella rubbed her arm and shook her head sadly. The breeze fluttering back her hair faltered for the moment, and the suspended strands wilted. Suddenly brightening, her hair rising in the air once again, she confessed, "But I'm so happy I got the chance to meet you! I'll have you know that I am your number one fan!"

"Impossible—I've met my number one fan, and he knows far more about me and my work than you do," he dismissed her with a wave as he took another sip of his cocoa.

"O-Oh…" Clarabella said, feeling put out like a dandelion with its seeds blown off. "Well… Who is your biggest fan, if not me?"

"Me!" Jack revealed his joke with a wide smirk and a teasing wink. "But I must say," he swept his eyes down her person purposely, "you are far more appealing to these eyes, my dear."

Clarabella glowed at the attention. "Allow me to get you a cocoa; there's no better place to get them than the North Pole." He began raising his hand to gesture for service when Clarabella interrupted.

"Oh, I've never had hot cocoa before. And the five minutes are up; I know you're a busy man, so…" She smiled regretfully but sweetly up at him as she began pulling her jacket on. "I really am very excited to have met you—"

"Oh, pfft," he brushed off the time with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Please—for such an exquisite thing like you, Clara," she beamed when he used the nickname she'd asked him to use, "I have all the time in the world. Now, why would you never have had a cocoa before?"

"Too many calories," came her immediate response as she outlined her slim waist by sliding her hands down her curves. "Besides, drinking cocoa is a winter tradition—a way of keeping warm despite the cold. People are more into drinking tea in the spring, when the herbs and plants used in it are freshly grown. So, I usually just stick to drinking tea."

Jack wrinkled his nose in disgust. Tea tasted bitter and bland to him. "Well, there's a first time for everything." He waved down an elf to place an order for a hot cocoa with vanilla. "And this really is the best place to get it. Of course, it isn't nearly as good as my own special recipe," he shamelessly promoted.

"Ooh, what's in it?" Clarabella leaned forward with interest. Her elbow touched his, sending pleasant prickles up her arm.

Jack shook his head. "No, no—I only tell those closest to me my super secret recipe." He tugged at his cufflinks primly. "Remind me to make you a cup sometime."

Clarabella's eyes narrowed in delight. "I'd really like that, Jack." The elf placed her cocoa in front of her, and she thanked her before taking a sip.

"Well?" Jack arched an eyebrow. "What do you think? Doesn't it taste like a cup of winter?"

Clarabella frowned in concentration. "Well… it's a bit too thick… and sweet… but…" She shrugged and gulped some more at the drink. "It's different," she decided with a small smile. She looked out the window for a moment before gasping and throwing on her jacket immediately. Grabbing Jack's arm in one hand and her cocoa in the other, she said, "Would you show me around? I've never been to the North Pole before—I'd love to be given a tour by the one who makes it so beautiful up here."

Jack chuckled and patted her hand, tucking it into the crook of his elbow. "Oh, Clara, you really are too good for my ego." The nymph's tongue wriggled between her teeth at the compliment. "Of course I'll show you around." He crossed to the door of the shop and held it open with a dramatic bow. "After you, Mademoiselle."

Clarabella giggled and hopped out of the café before slipping her hand into his elbow once more.


"Jack, what a wonderful ending to what I was sure was a ruined day! I got to meet you, and you gave me a tour of the North Pole," Clarabella gushed as he saw her to the door of her suite.

Jack chuckled low, his blue eyes darkening with the shadow of a scheme crossing his mind.

"Would you… mind if I asked you something?" She asked before immediately answering herself with a comical roll of her eyes. "Well, of course you wouldn't mind, this is me. Anyway," she sobered and asked him hopefully, "I would… simply jump at the chance to watch your technique. You know, with your work. Would you let me watch you work sometime?" She batted her eyelashes at him, as if her looks would convince him to reply in the positive.

Jack grinned broadly. "My dear, I would be honored." Taking hold of her hand in his, he kissed the back of it and said, "And now, Clara, adieu. Until we meet again." He fixed her with a charming smile and smooched her knuckle once more.

Clarabella curtseyed and fluttered her fingers at him in an airy wave before disappearing into her suite.

Jack hurried back to his suite on the other side of the little Christmas village. Locking the door behind him, he leaned against it.

The nymph was interested.


Once he discovered a way to become Santa Claus, he would not have to worry about satisfying the Mrs. Clause that required him to take a wife. Since Bridgette didn't even like him, he wouldn't have to even worry about how he would get her to say yes. He could just as easily fool Clarabella into thinking she was in love with him, not only interested in his work.

It would be simple: all he needed was to get her to say yes. At this rate, he could probably get her to tell him yes tomorrow, if necessary.

Jack strutted to the kitchen, where he kept a constantly-heated batch of his secret recipe hot cocoa. Pouring himself a cupful, he unbuttoned his jacket and folded it over the nearest chair before approaching a mirror.

Slicking his hair back deviously, he smirked wickedly at his reflection.

"Hello… Santa Claus."

He raised the mug to his lips.

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