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Once upon a time there was a person who created the best TV series known to man. Everyone on fanfiction envied that person with ALL their hearts. The person lived happily ever after with ever so interesting story lines and characters...
THAT PERSON IS NOT ME! Though a girl can wish...right?

There was something about the morning that just never agreed with a person. Was it the fact that the sun was to bright after an 8 hour rest? Maybe it was the whole fact of coming back to reality after blissfully ignoring it.

"Ughhhhhh" Neal moaned out loud, realizing the aching feeling in the very pit of his stomach that boiled and bubbled within him, not like his head was the least bit better or anything. He didn't open his eyes, he didn't want to open his eyes. There was just something that warned him not to. What happened last night? What did I do to make myself feel this way?...What happened to me?... He wondered through the pounding cinder blocks in his head. There was an up motion in the back of his throat. Neal quickly leaned over the bed and brought the garbage can under him, retching everything he ever could have ate in just a few blows from the stomach.

That horrid, salty, burning taste in his mouth lingered around as he finished retching and pulled himself back up fully onto his bed. His mouth was bone dry. Neal finally gave into himself and opened his eyes, squinting heavily at the blinding light above him. He sat there for a moment, eyes halfway open until they adjusted to that then he opened them all the way. It was bright, he gave it that, but it always dimmed. Days like this he wished he didn't have such huge windows. Neal stood up and shook off the dizziness and aching pain in his stomach as he stammered his feet with a low moan to his bathrobe and stuffed his arms into it. He soooo wished he didn't do that now, but in a way it was worth it. He didn't even remember going to bed. He waltzed down the hallway only to find part of someone's head hanging off the side of the couch. Neal always had someone there whether he invited them or not, its just how all of it worked.

He furrowed his eyebrows together and leaned over the back of the couch only to see Peter fully clothed but completely passed out. Why was Peter on his couch? When did he get there? Neal left him to go put up some coffee before he woke Peter. As he walked into his kitchen he noticed about 4 bottles of wine in the open trash can and an empty bottle of liquor on the counter. Surprising enough to him, he remembered where they came from:

It was close to 5:30, about the time that Neal leaves for Peter's house when El makes dinner. Boy, did she make a good one. Neal being Neal of course was fixing himself up in his bedroom in front of the large mirror hung close to the dresser. As he was tying his tie he heard a familiar knocking at the door.

"Just a minute!" He called to the person at the other side. When he was finished with his tie, Neal walked proudly to the door and opened it only to see Mozzie standing there with a few bottles of wine. Neal counted them. 'one…two, three, four...' He thought, looking at Mozzie with a confused gaze. It wasn't the cheap stuff either, it was the kind of stuff you would expect from a fancy outing. The type that went for up to $150 a glass ((umm…is that possible? Sorry if its not!))

"We are going to drink this…tonight." Mozzie said to Neal. Neal shook his head and let Mozzie into his apartment.

"No can do Moz, sorry. I've got dinner plans."

"With the suit?"

"With the suit."

"I don't understand why you always suck up to him, hes not going to let you off your leash sooner. Your just a pet to him Neal, you know that."

"Listen Moz, Peter and El are my friends persay. They invite me places I accept, its free food!" Neal said. Mozzie nodded slightly

"Alright, I guess you've got a point there. The suit's wife does make good food." Mozzie admitted as he walked to the dining room table and placed the bottles down. "Common Neal, one glass of each. That's nothing. I need a second opinion on these. Four glasses is nothing." He begged Neal. Neal pondered this for a moment. It really depended on your alcohol consumption rates. If you drank a lot it really wasn't anything, if you drank a little or hardly ever then it would be like a bombshell. It also depended on the amount of alcohol in each bottle, the percent. Mozzie pushed for an answer.

"Can't we do this later tonight?" Neal asked. Mozzie shook his head no.

"I need this for tonight." He said to Neal. Neal gave in and plucked the bottle opener from his kitchen draw and walked back to open the bottles. That's where it all started.

Neal glanced down at the wine again. Of course Mozzie had something to do with this, who else? Him and Mozzie drank a lot of the wine, maybe a whole 2 or 3 bottles by themselves. Mozzie then left for home, leaving Neal with the glowing wine bottles. Neal couldn't help himself and started drinking the others without realizing it. His head pounded against his skull as another wave of bile pushed up his throat. Neal ran toward the bathroom down the hall before it escaped his lips and leaned over the toilet, letting it cascade down into the toilet. When he was done a few minutes later he whipped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve and sat there for a moment, making sure he didn't have to puke again. When he was completely done he stood up shakily and flushed the toilet, going to the sink as he brushed his teeth and walked back out to the kitchen.

The dizziness was worse and Neal knew if he didn't get water soon there was a likely chance he would pass out from dehydration. Neal went to the sink in the kitchen and filled up a glass of water and started drinking it slowly. He turned the coffee pot on for Peter and walked lazily back into the living room, taking a garbage can and water with him. He slouched onto the couch and rubbed his head with his hand. The light was still so bright. There was no adjusting. Neal pushed on Peter's foot with his own to wake him up. The agent stirred quickly and woke with surprise. He looked at Neal and raised his eyebrows.

"Well, look whos up. It's the man who thought he could fly." Peter sat up on the couch and looked at Neal who now had his eyes closed as he rubbed his head with his hand. "How do you feel, kid?" He asked. Neal grumbled something that Peter couldn't make out. "what?"

"Like crap." Neal said in a partially shouting tone.

"Yeah, you look like it to."

"Gee, thanks." Neal said sarcastically. Peter glanced around the room and then back to Neal. "When did you show up?"

"Ahhhhhh… after party amnesia." Peter teased. "Well I showed up right when you were about to pass out at the kitchen table. You thought you were Peter Pan and then you called me Peter Pan… Then you thought you could fly. Then you were mumbling something about me not looking good in a bikini…Not good, really."

"That bad huh?"

"Yeah, that bad."

"I'm terrible when I get drunk, everyone tells me that." Neal slightly smirked.

"Well, I can believe them. I second that."

"More like thousandth." Neal corrected as he leaned over the couch and retched into the garbage can even more. A few minutes later when he was done Neal sat up and looked at Peter with glassy eyes. "Why did you stay?"

"I didn't want you to 'fly' off the balcony." Peter said to him.

"That wouldn't have been fun." Neal mumbled.

"You would have thought you were Superman, you wouldn't have noticed.

"True…" Neal sighed. Peter glanced over to him and sighed himself.

"Listen kid, you should sleep and I should get home to El before she thinks I was drinking with you. Come to work when you feel better, if you need the day take it. If you feel better later, come in later. Just don't blow chunks all over my office." Peter said as he stood up and took his jacket from the back of the couch and placed his arms though the sleeves.

"Theres coffee on the counter, if you want some. I made it." Neal said to him. "Oh, and Peter?"

"Yeah Neal?"

"Thanks for the help last night." He chuckled.

"No problem kid." Peter nodded to Neal and walked into the kitchen and poured himself some coffee in a disposable coffee cup to go and then started for the door. He turned out of the kitchen and headed toward the door as he glanced to Neal. "See you later Neal." He said only to realize the con was fast asleep already. Peter chuckled lightly to himself and turned toward the door. Man, that was a heck of an experience. Guess you never truly know a man until you walk in on them wasted…

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