Hello. This is my first Scryed fic so I hope you enjoy!

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It's been four years since then, thought Mimori as she took a break from her lessons. Four years since Ryuho told her to go back home to the mainland; four years since she had decided that she would stay here and wait for the day that Ryuho would come back to her. Ever since that day, she goes out to the spot that he left her behind every night and stands there for several hours, remembering the time they had together and waiting for the day he will finish his fight and come back to her. This night is no different as she goes to the cliff's edge and stands there, waiting and remembering.

"I miss you, Ryuho," says Mimori to the wind, "Please come back to me."

"If only I could, my dear Mimori," said Ryuho out of sight but no more than 20 feet away from her.

Ryuho has been fighting the mainland for the past four years, trying to keep the Lost Ground independent and free from their influence. The Lost Ground is slowly but surely becoming independent but they still need more time to grow. Ryuho has been supporting them by fighting off the mainland whenever they try to interfere. The fights are hard on him but he continues to fight so that Mimori stays safe and out of danger. On the days where he is not fighting he goes out to the spot where he left Mimori and watches her as she stands there and waits for him; longing to go there and comfort her.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the mainland had sent a spy to the Lost Ground to report on the movements of Mimori and on Ryuho. The spy has been there for two weeks without seeing Ryuho but it is on this night that he hears this exchange of words and finds the opening that he has been looking for. He quickly gets on his communicator and tells his superiors.

"Good work," said one man. "Report back to the mainland. You will be handsomely rewarded." The line goes dead.

"Finally, Ryuho," said a second man. "We have found your weakness. You will soon belong to us."

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