I was walking around the store on a friday afternoon.

Aimlessly wandering, that's what Mr. Magorium would call it.

Then, a girl walking by tripped on a rolling baseball bat and fell into my arms.

Literally, fell.

Don't believe me?

Ask the baseball bat.

Anyways, I couldn't just let her drop onto the floor, that would be rude.

So, I caught her.

As I looked down, I was mesmerized by her bright green eyes.

"Er" was all he could say.

"Thanks" the girl said.

"My name's Katelyn, what's yours?"


She smiled, and my heart stopped.

Katelyn was gorgeous.

Her long, brown hair seemed to shimmer, catching the light perfectly.

"I'm sorry Eric, I have to go. Thanks again"

Then, she was gone, leaving me in a daze.


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