Sunday. the day of rest, so said god. Mr. Magorium was fond of saying: "Sunday is not only the day of rest, but the day of clown shoes and bunny sneakers"

No one knew why he said that, but hey. Mr. Magorium often didn't know his own logic.

Katelynne was in again, and this time, I set a personal goal.

I wanted to kiss her.

Raise your hand if you think that's a bit much.

Wow. That's a lot of hands.

Oh well, even if I don't, then i'll still get to hang out with her.

Which is good...Right?


Oh crud, I just realized.

I have no idea how to kiss a girl.

That could raise some major problems.

I'm screwed.


When she came in, I was sweating.

Could I really obtain my goal?

Yeah, I probably could.

Then I saw what she was wearing.

It was a pair of jeans, and a purple tank top.

Purple was my favorite color.

She came closer, and I got a good look.

She had curves.

I gulped.

I so couldn't not do this anymore.

So in a word, I chickened.




A chicken is my Zodiac animal.

Wait, now my mom is saying that thee isn't a chicken zodiac.

Well, if it were a Zodiac symbol, that's what I would be.

Thirteen years old and still a chicken.

Bok Bok Bok.


I do a pretty good impression.


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