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Oh yea, and I'm sticking with Fang and Vanille being sisters. Makes it easier.

Wedding Date

Chapter 1

"Do you have a date for the wedding yet?" Serah spoke while helping me fold some of the laundry.

"Serah, you're asking me every hour of every day. I still have time."

"What about Sazh?"

"That would be awkward. Besides, what about his little boy? Dajh wouldn't be able to sit still during the ceremony, let alone the reception."

The room fell silent for a few moments. Obviously Serah's mind was working as to who she could recommend to me next "I got it!"

"No!" I glared at her. The mere look on Serah's face was all I needed to know what name she was going to say.

"You don't even-"

"I said no!"

Again the room fell silent. The rest of the laundry from the basket was folded, hung, and sorted between us. I picked up my own pile and disappeared into my bedroom. How could Serah even think to mention her? She's the last person on this planet I would ever ask to such an event. And even if she was the last person, I'd demand a population recount.

"What's the worst she can say sis?"

"She'll laugh in my face. I can't stand to be around her for more than 15 minutes. How in the hell will I tolerate her for hours?"

"Please…for me, try?"

I let out a defeated sigh and lifted my eyes to look at her. She was serious about me asking her. Ever since Serah had met her, she has sort of adopted her as a second big sister. Much to my dismay. "I'll consider it." I knew that answer would satisfy her. She squealed happily, hugged me tightly and ran from the room.

The truth is though. I had considered asking Fang to be my date. I already asked Sazh, but I couldn't tell Serah that. He wouldn't be able to make it, I remember him mentioning something about Nautilus that day. Probably taking Dajh to see the chocobos. I couldn't admit to Serah that everybody I asked has turned me down. Hope and Vanille are going together. Fang is the only one without a date, just like me.

How bad could it really be? Right? All we have to do is show up together, sit beside one another during the ceremony, sit next to one another at the reception to eat, then we don't have to see one another the rest of the night.

I knew it. I was right. I told Serah exactly what would happen. There she stood, bent at the waist, laughing hysterically at me. "You must really be desperate if you're asking me."

I lowered my eyes. This was a bad idea. "I'm sorry I asked." I took a step backwards before turning on my heel to leave the bar where she worked as a bouncer.

"Wait a minute Light…" She grabbed my wrist. "You were serious?"

"Forget it Fang. I'll just go alone."

"I was actually going to ask you tomorrow." She tilted her head. Our eyes met. Why was my face starting to flush?

"You were?" Stupid. Stupid question Light, she just said she was going to ask me.

She chuckled softly before nodding. "I too had run out of options. And Serah insisted I ask you."

Way to make me feel worse Fang. Thank you. "The rehearsal is tomorrow. Then we're all going back to my place for dinner…" I looked down, it was embarrassing to even ask, but I felt like I wanted her to be there. Almost like I needed her to be there. "…if you want to come of course."

"Hmm…I'll think about it. And I'll let you know tomorrow at the rehearsal." She smiled more at me. "At least have a drink while you're here. It'll help you relax some."

How could I deny it? It's been two weeks since my last drink. Serah's bachelorette party was the last time I had a beer. I held up my hands. "Fine. A drink sounds good." I sat at the bar just behind where Fang stood. Something about being close to her made me feel secure. It's been two years since I fought any battles. Her on the other hand, she escorted people out daily. Just the thought of her fighting some dirty old man four times her size made me smile. I couldn't imagine it.

"I'll go to your sister's wedding with you." I glanced at the man that sat beside me. The alcohol on his breath was strong. The smell turned my stomach. I only shook my head and picked up my beer by the neck of the bottle to take a long drink of it. "Didn't you hear me?" I turned my attention away from him and up to the TV to watch the news.

"Yea, I heard you."

"Don't be a bitch. If you don't want me to go, at least dance with me."

"I think I'll pass."

"Come oooooon." He set his beer glass on the counter and grabbed my hand. My first reaction was to pull it away.

"I said no." My voice involuntarily got louder as I pulled out of his grasp again.

"I think the lady said to leave her alone." I smirked some as Fang grabbed his hand as he reached for me one more time. I kind of missed watching her fight. There was something about it that was just amazing.

A few minutes later, Fang was sitting at the bar beside me, a small bag of ice across her knuckles. "Thank you."

"It's my job to protect the people in here." She smiled at me and lifted the bag to flex her fingers. "Nothing's broken." A laugh resonated from her throat. "Except his nose."

I couldn't stand the woman. But there was a valor about her that I did admire. Maybe spending the evening at Serah's wedding with her wouldn't be that bad.

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