Starting to squirm, Alfred's panic only increased as he felt it was hard to move. "I trusted ya!" He yelled, not giving up yet. "Yer my only friend!" Alfred continued to try and get the large Russian man off him; bucking his hips to push him off.

That word again. "Friend." He hissed, bringing Alfred's small wrists to above his head so he could grab them with one hand. Now he had a free hand to pull the ripped shirt further down angel's arms, and took pleasure seeing his chest. Yes, this was an angel's chest. But it was never going to look the same, dirtied as it would be.

"Fuck Ivan! Don't do this! Ya don't hafta do this!" Alfred yelled and he twisted and bucked and spun to try and get Ivan off him. This was the first time in his life he felt powerless against another person, ironically enough, it was to the first person he had trusted completely. His hands were clenching and trying to pull away as his face was trained on Ivan's neck; too scared to see the insane glint in his stormy blue eyes. Alfred used to think they were pretty since in the right light they looked purple, but now they were setting fear into his body.

Using his free hand to begin undoing Alfred's pants, Ivan glared at his face. "Look at me." He should at least see who was dirtying him. Maybe this would teach angel to never trust people, because people were not like angels, they were flawed and ugly. But Alfred still didn't look at him, instead looking down. "Look at me!"

His face twitching in confusion of all the emotions he was feeling, Alfred looked up to Ivan's face. "I... I trusted ya." He whispered again, his forehead creased and his body shaking. "I fucking trusted ya!" This was the first day he had sworn at someone in a long time. "Why Ivan? Just le' m'go!"

"You hate me." Everyone hated him, so it was obvious angel hated him, he couldn't fall farther than that, so this didn't matter. Nothing mattered for him, his life was insignificant. Not like an angel's life. They live forever, so Alfred would need to learn to protect himself.

"I don't hate ya Ivan, I hate what'cha doin' to me right now!" Ivan's hand had paused over his crotch, making Alfred squirm more. His glasses were still on so he could see everything clearly which at the moment he couldn't decide if that was a good thing right now or not. "Just... Please don't touch me. Please Ivan, tha's all I ask."

See? He hated him. It was obvious, Alfred didn't want Ivan to touch him. He hated him, and would never do this willingly. This was the only way. How could Ivan even think they were lovers? They could never be lovers, this was the only way he could be close to him. Slipping his hand into the fly of angel's jeans, he felt the soft cloth there.

Alfred's spastic movements started again. "No! Ivan, I don't wanna do this!" He could feel the hand bruising his wrists and the other stroking lightly against his boxers hiding his flaccid cock. There was no way he would enjoy this if Ivan was going to take it by force. The pressure of the man sitting on his thighs made it hard to spin, but his chest arched and shook to try and get his hips to flip him off.

Now putting his hand under the elastic of Alfred's underwear, Ivan revelled at the skin on skin contact. So even angels had cocks. Perhaps they weren't perfect after all. Lifting himself, the tall Russian pushed the jeans down angel's legs, showing more heavenly skin.

Feeling the bile rise in his throat, Alfred tried to put his feet down on the bed to push Ivan off but he just sat back down and ruined his plan. "Ivan, Ivan please....Please Ivan..." He started to whisper, small tears forming in his eyes. He was a guy! He wasn't supposed to let other's take advantage of him!

He wasn't going to fall for those tricks. Ivan hadn't known that angels could play tricks, or that they could cry, but this proved him wrong. Dammit, the look on Alfred's face was too much. Quickly, he flipped him over so he was on his stomach, so he couldn't see the tears or the hurt look.

Using his emotions to help his as well as his adrenaline, Alfred managed to push up quickly with his elbows and knees which threw Ivan off balance for a second. Just as he was about to get free though, Ivan had pressed his weight on him again and roughly grabbed onto his cock. "Gawd! Let me go! I don't want t'be this way! I won't be yer friend if that's wha' ya want!"

Ivan didn't want to hurt him, but he was sure Alfred's wrists were going to bruise. It didn't matter, though, because he needed this. He didn't want to be friends, he wanted to be more! Didn't angel understand that? Didn't he realize?

"Say something!" He yelled, hating the feel of the Russian's hand on his manhood. "Tell me why!" Why the hell Ivan wanted to take advantage of his friendship, why he would think to do this in the first place. "Why Ivan? I didn't do anythin' to ya! I didn't mean to give you 'signals' if I did! I don't think 'bout things like that!"

Now pushing the boxers down as well, Ivan took his hand off of his cock to replace it at the back. "Love." He said simply. Alfred deserved an explanation, after all. It wasn't so much love as it was deeper than that, but love was the closest thing he knew in English to explain it.

More ashamed tears fell down the American's face. "Let m'go and we can talk! Please Ivan!" Having him touch him like that was bad enough as it was, but he couldn't imagine having the large man do what he was seemingly planning on doing. Because of that, he continued to rock and push and twist under the larger man, wanting nothing more than to be able to run away. Even if he had nowhere or no one to go to, it would be better than here.

Nothing angel could say would work, because Ivan was now determined. This was going to happen, and nothing would stop him. He pushed in two fingers, pushing past the resistance there. Obviously it was difficult, because there was no lubricant, but it would have to do.

"Shit!" The burning pain was too much for Alfred right now. He didn't want to be... To be raped! That was what was happening to him, Ivan was going to rape him. He didn't want to say it, but it was the truth now. Now that he had fingers up his ass there was no going back. Ivan had Alfred right where he wanted him. All he wanted to know now was why it was him. Why not some other person? "Ivan..." He groaned in pain and sadness, still struggling.

Thrusting his fingers in and out, Ivan tried his best to stretch him at least a little. He knew that it would definitely rip if he didn't do this, and he at least wanted to not give him that problem on top of the others. Angels shouldn't bleed.

If it wasn't already insulting enough that his only and best friend was now sexually assaulting him, Alfred could feel that he was starting to get hard from the touch. Even his body was betraying him! It was getting more and more difficult to squirm out of the grasp as the optimistic blond started to lose his energy.

Hooking his fingers, Ivan wanted to find his prostate. Then Alfred would feel good too, and it wouldn't be so bad if they were both feeling good. He was already hard from seeing angel like this, so he tried to hurry the stretching and added a third finger.

Alfred let out an embarrassing moan, sobbing openly after it. "Stop touching me!" Alfred yelled pathetically, squeezing his hole against Ivan's fingers. Having three fingers up there was the most he had ever had and definitely more than he ever wanted. "I'll... I'll jerk ya off, how 'bout that? Just don't rape me!" He hurried to compromised, his voice shaking and cracking.

Ignoring the pleas, Ivan pushed his fingers in all the way, pulling them apart to make the hole bigger. Then he took them out, not being able to wait any longer. Quickly undoing his own pants, the Russian took out his large cock.

"No!" He screamed, thrashing around wildly as he heard the Russian's zipper being undone. "Please! No! Gawd Ivan! This isn't what ya wanna do!" He sobbed again as his glasses pressed uncomfortably into his face as it was on the bed. "Let me GO!" Alfred never knew he could feel so ashamed and so scared at the same time.

Taking Alfred's hands, Ivan held them against his back so he could also hold him down. That was when he straddled him, going closer as he held his cock in one hand. No matter what angel said or did, he couldn't stop.

Screaming out in the unlikely chance someone could hear him, Alfred couldn't believe what was happening. He never thought he had a chance of being raped. That was something that happened to young girls in New York and L.A., not men almost about to celebrate their twentieth birthday. It wasn't until he felt the hard flesh start to push it's way past his slightly stretched hole that Alfred's throat started to hurt with his cries. To distract himself, he dug his nails into his back until it started to bleed.

Seeing the red, Ivan stopped. He pushed the hands up Alfred's back, rubbing the crescent moon marks. "Don't." He said firmly. Angels weren't supposed to bleed, it was just wrong. They were too perfect to bleed, too pure.

"Yer... Yer doin' this and yer tellin' me not to hurt m'self?!" Alfred said venomously, wanting to focus on getting Ivan off him. With his arms behind his back it was going to be more difficult, but he had already decided he wasn't going to let this happen. The head was stretching his hole painfully and tears were still pricking his eyes from behind his glasses.

Once again pushing forward, Ivan couldn't believe that he was inside angel. It wasn't a fantasy anymore, it was reality. His free hand, that had a small smudge of blood on it now, went under Alfred, so that he could touch his cock.

Growling, the small blond couldn't do anything but thrash around more as his own length was touched. This was probably one of the times in his life where he had nothing more to say. Ivan wasn't going to stop, and he wasn't sure what he would do if he suddenly got off him and expected to be forgiven. With this, Ivan had made it impossible to trust him.

As soon as he was fully inside him, Ivan pulled out and went back in. Because there was no lubrication, the friction made it difficult, but that wouldn't make him stop. It was tight inside, so tight it felt almost as if his shaft was being cut in half, but it still felt good.

Alfred let out a whimper of protest as Ivan continued to thrust in and pull out in a slow pace. With no lube, barely any stretching and no experience of having something up there, he was in immense pain. The raw friction felt like it was going to make him bleed soon, even if the Russian was trying to pretend like both parties were enjoying it. The only thing that even felt remotely good was the hand on his dick, rubbing it in time with the thrusts.

Squeezing the head of Alfred's cock, Ivan wanted him to feel as good as possible. His thrusts started getting faster, the friction burning their skin. "Perfect." He whispered, because angel was incredibly perfect, even when he was being defiled.

More pained and desperate moans came from Alfred as Ivan continued to pound into him without abandon. All he wanted was a friend! What made him think to do this?! Not that he pitched for the other team, but he would have been willing to try without putting out just to see if it'd work.

It wasn't too noticeable at first, but Alfred could tell that the cock inside him had worn the sensitive skin and he has started to bleed. There wasn't much to begin with, but it had continued to flow until it had made it easier on his rapist -not friend, Alfred didn't think he could ever trust him after this- to thrust deeper.

This was bad, he was bleeding! He had made angel bleed! But there was nothing to do, so he just kept thrusting. It made it way easier, because it worked for lubricant. He made his hand go faster, wanting them to cum at the same time.

Too tired and worn to fight back with enough power to actually become loose, he let the heavy weight on top him continue to bring them both to orgasm. There was nothing Alfred could do now. There was no way he would be able to live a normal life after this.

Ivan could tell he was about to finish, so he thrust a few more times and was glad when he felt a wetness on his hand, signifying that Alfred had orgasmed. Because of that, he let himself release his seed deep inside angel.

Gasping as he climaxed, Alfred felt disgusted and ashamed with himself. Soon after he felt Ivan suddenly stop thrusting as he released his cum inside his bleeding, torn ass. Immediately after, he let his face fall onto the pillow, sobbing openly. This was the worst he had felt in his life, both mentally and physically. He was too upset with himself to even get angry with Ivan for staying pressed against himself for an extra minute.

Pulling out slowly, Ivan let his now-limp cock fall from his wet hole. He took his hand out from under Alfred, wiping it on the sheets. Then he let his wrists go, breathing hard. It was over, it was done. Now was the end of it, so he got off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. Yes, he knew what he just did was bad. After all, he had just defiled angel in the worst way.

Alfred just lay there in shock, only moving to curl up on his side and take his glasses off. If anyone was to see him like this, they wouldn't have believe it was Alfred since he was normally so optimistic and cheerful. Now it was like Ivan had absorbed everything good in his life and left him to realize that he was alone. No one would care if he just stayed here. No one would wonder why he wasn't playing his trumpet out in the city. No one cared. Ivan had been the one to keep him interested for the last two months, but now it was nothing.

Tears continued down his face, knowing full well that Ivan was still sitting there but not finding a word to say to him. After everything that had just happened, he didn't deserve anything Alfred could say; vile or otherwise.

Still silent, Ivan stood up from the bed. He tucked himself into his pants, and zipped them up. Then, he went to the door, opening it up and stepping out. He would leave, he had to. He couldn't let angel see him again.

As soon as the door to his bedroom closed, Alfred grabbed the small trumpet from his side table -he had been so proud of it- and threw it against the wall. It's small pieces fell to the floor silently like the American's tears did from having his body so broken. Laying on his side, Alfred ignored the blood and cum oozing from his ass and the way his entire spine seemed to be on fire. There was no way he could live normally again. Trust had become an idea of the past; one he had shared much too willingly.

Ivan paced around the small kitchen, hands pulling at his hair. He had done that to angel! How could it be possible? Horrible, horrible, horrible. He had ruined the best thing in the world! He had to be the worst person ever for doing that!

Looking at the counter, Ivan saw a large kitchen knife. Slowly he grabbed the handle, turning it around in his hand. Then he went back through the doors, going once again to Alfred's bedroom.

Alfred heard his door open again and his body spasmed when he saw it was Ivan. "No, leave me alone! Y'a'ready raped me!" He yelled, crawling to the headboard with the blanket wrapped around his naked, bleeding body.

Going closer to the bed, Ivan put down the large knife right in front of Alfred. Then, kneeling on the bed, he lifted his head, leaving his neck vulnerable.

He glanced at Ivan with fear in his eyes before hesitantly reaching for the knife. When he felt that the Russian wasn't going to pick it up, he snatched it and held it with a shaking hand. "Now get outta my house if ya wanna see another day."

Lowering his head, Ivan looked at him, clutching the knife. Did he not understand? "Please." He said, lifting up his head again. Angel deserved to do this, to take his meaningless life.

"Ya... Ya want me t'kill ya?" Alfred shook, almost dropping the knife from his convulsions. He was angry with Ivan; hell, he would kill him. If it wasn't the fact that no matter what happened to him, he couldn't handle taking another person's life. Right now he would be upset for letting this happen, but he would also have the guilt weighing him down if he murdered the man.

Nodding, Ivan made sure to not look at him, for he did not have the right to. His dirty self should never look at angel, should never have done those things to angel. He needed to die, there was no other way. It had to be angel doing it, or it wouldn't mean anything.

There was a flicker of anger that almost had Alfred lashing out at the man, but it quickly disappeared. How could he ever do it? This man... This man had once been his friend. Just an hour ago, they had been talking and laughing and being together. Now... "I can't do it... Just... Leave..." His body continued to tremble, nervous he would become upset and turn the knife on Alfred.

Closing his eyes, Ivan gave a short nod. He couldn't go against what angel wanted, after all. He got up and left the house, thinking of where he was going to go.

Alfred was starting to slip into a strange numb feeling as time went by. He kept the knife close by him on the bed, in case Ivan did come back and wanted to try again. There was no way he could kill him, but he wouldn't hesitate to cut him up a bit. Just to show that he meant business when armed.

About the time he slipped into a cold sweat, the American felt nausea rising in his throat but couldn't be bothered to get up. Instead, he just leaned over the side of his bed and let his stomach release the food inside; burning his oesophagus with the taste of shame. There was nothing he could do, no one he could turn to. All he did was lay there on his blood stained sheets, rocking himself to sleep with the smell and taste of vomit overpowering his senses. Ivan was his only friend, and only enemy.

The End