Sesshomaru Todd

Kohaku: *sitting on Kirara, singing* I have flew the world and seen its wonders; from the temples of India to the walls of China. But there's no place like the Feudal Era!

Sesshomaru: *sitting on Kirara as well* No, there's no place like the Feudal Era.

Kohaku: Mr. Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru: You are young; life has been kind to you; you will learnnnn….. There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and it's morals aren't worth what a half demon could spit and it goes by the name of Feudal Era. On top of the hole sit the privileged few, making mock of the vermin of the lower zoo, turning beauty into filth and greed. I, too, have flew the world and seen its wonders for the cruelty of men is as wondrous as China! But, there's no place like the Feudal Era!!

*They get off Kirara and head toward the villages.*

Kohaku: Are you alright, Mr. Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru: I feel ghosts everywhere.

Kohaku: No wonder; you're standing on a grave.

Sesshomaru: *looks down* Oh… whatever. *starts to sing* There was a demon and his wife….

Kohaku: What's with the singing?

Sesshomaru: Shut up! *clears throat* A foolish demon and his wife… She was his reason and his life, and she was beautiful, but so was he. *flips hair*

Kohaku… no comment.

*Past: Kikyo and Sesshomaru walk together, her holding a child. He flips his hair to show his daughter how pretty he is. He smiles.*

Sesshomaru (V.O): There was another man who was that she was beautiful… or maybe he was looking at me.

*Naraku and Hakudoshi spot Kikyo; (Sesshomaru frowns when he realizes they're not looking at him)*

Sesshomaru: But, he was a spider of the law, and with his claw, he removed the demon from his plate!

*Naraku's henchmen take Sesshomaru away. Kikyo gasps sadly*

Sesshomaru: And she would fall so lost, so young, and so beautiful!! But, not as beautiful as me!!

Kohakau: She did succumb?

Sesshomaru: Huh?! Oh, it was many years ago. I doubt anyone would know. Well, thank you, Kohaku. If you have not spotted me, I'd still be stuck in that tree.

Kohaku: Will I see you again?
Sesshomaru: I doubt it; this is the Feudal Era. We don't have street numbers, but I guess you can try. See ya. *Leaves and heads to his former village*

Scene 2:

*Sesshomaru heads to a small hut and looks at it. The sign says "Miss Kagura's meat pies." He groans and goes in. Kagura is chopping up meat with her dance of blades. She sees Sesshomaru.*

Kagura: *gasping, singing* A customer! *Sesshomaru tries to leave* Wait! SIT DOWN! I haven't seen a customer for weeks. Want a pie?

Sesshomaru: Not really.

Kagura: My head hurts, but don't worry about it. *steps on bugs* Eww, those things always get into my pies! No one comes in here, but I don't blame them. These are the worst pies in the Feudal Era.

Sesshomaru: Yeah, saying that really makes me want one.

Kagura: I know why they don't take them; they're not good at all. Just take a bite.

Sesshomaru: *bites it* What the hell?

Kagura: It's gross, isn't it? It's nothing but crusting. Here, drink this, you'll need it. *hands him tea* The price of meat is really high. It's hard to make good pies. But, Mrs. Kanna does a business. It's weird; cats everyday disappear. A pussy cat pie? That's sick. And men always think it's a treat to find animals in the street. Time is hard, sir!

Sesshomaru: Uh-huh.

Kagura: Harder than my pies.

Sesshomaru: That's nice.

Kagura: They taste like pity and... and a woman alone with limited wind, and the worst pies in the Feudal Era! TIME IS HARD!!! *spoken* You need more than tea to take the taste out. Let's go see if I have alcohol or something.

*Sesshomaru follows her to the other room (she has a big hut)*

Kagura: Here, you go. Sit down.

Sesshomaru: You have a room over the hut. Rent it out, if you need money.

Kagura: No. It's haunted. A woman who lived up there got raped.
Sesshomaru: Raped?

Kagura: Yeah. You see… *singing* There was a demon and his wife and he was beautiful…

Sesshomaru: I bet he was

Kagura: He used his claws, not a knife, but he was sent to a far away land for punishment… And he was beautiful!! Kato his name was….Nikito Kato.

Sesshomaru: What did he do?

Kagura: He suffered from stupidity.

Sesshomaru: O:

Kagura: He had this wife… pretty little thing… silly little nit had her chance for a moon on a string.

Sesshomaru: How the hell do you do that?

Kagura: Shut up, I'm singing. *singing* There was this Lord, you see. Wanted her like mad, every day he sent her an arrow, but she did not take it and cried with a sparrow.

Sesshomaru: ….WTF?
Kagura: Poor fool, but there much worse to come. The Beadle calls on her one night, and the Lord blames himself for her plight and she must go to his house or something. Of course, when she goes there, he's having a party with cake. She knows no one there, so she drinks and thinks of jumping in a lake. "Where is the Lord?" she asks. He was there, but not contrite that night! She wasn't no match for such craft and so he raped her and everyone laughed. The end.

Sesshomaru: OMG! Why didn't anyone do anything?

Kagura: You're Nikito Kato!
Sesshomaru: Where is Kikyo; where is my wife?

Kagura: She poisoned herself, I think. And he's got your daughter?

Sesshomaru: Naraku?

Kagura: Adopted her.

Sesshomaru: 15 years of sweating in a living hell….

Kagura: Sounds hot.

Sesshomaru: I know. 15 years dreaming of coming home to my wife and child.

Kagura: Yeah, your life sucks, Mr. Kato.

Sesshomaru: No. No Kato. That man is dead. I killed him. It's Todd now… Sesshomaru Todd. And he will have his revenge.

*Kagura takes him upstairs to the hut above the shop. Sesshomaru looks at pictures on the wall. Kagura opens up a cupboard*

Kagura: When they came for your daughter, I hid them. They seemed more important.

Sesshomaru: *opens it* Poison claws! *puts them on* heehee! *singing*These are my friends! See how they glisten. See this one shine in the light! My friend! My faithful friend! *puts claw up to ear* Whisper, friend. I'll listen.

Claw: Hi

Sesshomaru: OMG, WTF? Ah, never mind. *resumes* I know you've been locked, just like me. But, I've come home, and you were waiting! We'll do wonders, won't we, friend?

Kagura: I'm your friend too!

Sesshomaru: Shut up. Let me hold you.

Kagura: Okay!

Sesshomaru: Not you! My claws!! With a sigh…

Both: You're warm in my hand!

Sesshomaru: My friends!

Kagura: I always stalked you before.

Sesshomaru: *twitch, twitch* Rest now, my claws.

Kagura: You can move in here.

Both: Splendors you'll never have dreamed all your days…

Kagura:…will be yours!

Sesshomaru: My sexy friends! Your shine used to be so green….

Kagura: Green's good enough for me.

Sesshomaru: Soon, you'll drip precious rubies.

Kagura: Awesomness! *puts her head on Sesshomaru's shoulder*

Sesshomaru: *turning to her* Get off me…. And leave…

Kagura: FINE!! *storms out*

Sesshomaru: *gets up and holds out his hand* Finally, my arm is complete again! With my sexy figure nails! *He smiles*