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Chapter Two- August 21st

Evan pulled into the driveway, and shut off his car. His professors had found fit to keep him after school for two hours, redoing a few tests that he had missed, and he was, as a result, late. Again. He hated coming home late, because if it was going to be a bad night, Harry would be long past lucid by the time he got home, panicking and crying. Even if it was a good night, two hours late meant Evan would not be home until well past midnight, and Harry would be slowly begin to worry, watching the windows and jumping at every sound. As he entered the house, he made sure his keys made a lot of noise, so Harry knew it was not a burglar, or something.

"Dad, I'm home!" he called, shutting and locking the door. Within seconds a small blur of black hair and white skin was careening towards him at an alarming speed, given said blur's general size.

"You're late again. You've been late all week. Is something wrong?" Harry asked, peeling his arms from around Evan's neck. Evan blinked. That was the most lucid he'd ever heard Harry so late in the night.

"My professors are Asses. Especially Mr. Moldova. Friggin' jerk insists on keeping me after school to discuss 'possible alternative education choices". Like he doesn't know that I'm top of his class." Harry placing a hand on his arm halted Evan's grumbling, and the disgruntled man looked down at his father.

"Sorry. How was your day?" Harry shrugged noncommittally.

"Didn't do much. Watched some TV, read the paper, cleaned up a little, took a nap… Oh, and an owl dropped off a letter for you. I can't touch it though. It burned me!" Harry held out his hands petulantly, showing the pinker then natural palms. Evan pressed a soft kiss to each little hand, before picking up the envelope from the kitchen table. There was a slight tingle, but no burning, as Evan slid his finger under the flap.

Dear Mr. Evan Potter-Malfoy,

I regret to inform you that your paternal father, a Mr. Draco Malfoy, has requested a meeting with you and your maternal father, Harry Potter. I am aware of the circumstances that led to you and your father being removed from Mr. Malfoy's care, and rest assured, there will be both an Auror and a Ministry Official present, both of your own choosing. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Malfoy has made it clear that your not obliging him the meeting will result in a very messy court appeal. For your sake, and Mr. Potter's please at least consider it. Some closure would do all three of you some good.


Remus Lupin

Head of Wizarding Adoption/Guardianship Office

P.S.- Sirius is demanding the two of you come over for dinner sometime next week. You know how he gets.


Evan's hands shook with suppressed anger. How dare that Malfoy slime demand a meeting with his father?! What gave him the right?

"Evan? What did it say?" Harry's voice was timid, and he was wringing his hands nervously. Evan gently guided Harry to a kitchen chair, and sat him down.

"Promise not to freak out?" Harry nodded eagerly, curiosity spurred.

"That Malfoy prick wants to meet with you. All lawyer-ed out and stuff. But we aren't going to do anything you're not comfortable with, you understand? If you don't want to see him, we won't go." Harry had paled drastically, and his hands were shaking minutely.

"W-What does he want?" Evan pressed a kiss to his father's baby soft hair.

"I don't know, but I don't think we'll find out unless we go, either." Harry inhaled slowly, and nodded.

"Fine, but you and Sev are coming with." Evan gave the brunette a squeeze, before leading him up to bed.

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The next day had Harry and Evan seated at a large booth in the back of the Leaky Cauldron, anxiously waiting for Severus and Draco to arrive. It wasn't long until the two men walked through the door, both clearly uncomfortable with the other's presence.

"Well, we're here Malfoy. What do you want?" Evan was not one to beat around the bush. The blonde man pulled out a file, laying it out on the table.

" I've got something you two need to hear. I received this," here he pulled out a folded sheet of paper, " in the mail last night. In a nutshell, what it says is that they have recently discovered a blocked inheritance within Harry, and once he takes the potion to reveal his true self, a change in guardians may be needed. I have volunteered my services." The table was silent. Harry was still, eyes wide with shock, and more then a little fear. Evan's fists were clenched in anger. Severus, even, had a few subtle hints of shock, and wariness. He knew what his godson had done to the other two, after all. No one in his or her right mind would even think about placing Harry back into the blonde's care.

"And who gave you the authorization to do so, Malfoy?" Evan asked through his anger. Malfoy had the grace to look at least partially remorseful.

"The Weasel. I knew he was the only one that would not feel any remorse, or unease in placing Harry into my custody." Harry hung his head at this. He knew that the falling out between him and Ron had been brutal in the gentlest of terms, but he never would have thought the redhead would go to such lengths to hurt him. Evan wrapped a reassuring arm around his father's shaking shoulders.

"And who's to say they won't just place him back in my custody? The second they learn how you treated us, you won't be allowed within a hundred feet of Harry." At this, Malfoy shook his head.

"Ah, I had feared you would try this way, and have planned accordingly. Should you try to combat my guardianship, I assure you, between the photos my associates tweaked, and the comments from a few shunned but well standing wooers, little Potter will never see you again. Even if he doesn't go to me, he will just be punted off to the nearest Ministry funded home like the last time. And we all know how that little anecdote ends, don't we?" Harry flinched violently at this, and Draco had the audacity to look sympathetic. And this was the proverbial straw.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, DUMPING THIS BULLSHIT ONTO OUR LAPS, MESSING WITH OUR LIVES, AND THEN HAVING THE NERVE, THE FUCKING BALLS TO BE SYMPATHETIC?!?! YOU ARE A GOOD PART OF THE REASON HE'S LIKE THIS TO BEGIN WITH! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US, TO HARRY? Why can't you just leave us alone? Because of you, I grew up with no parents. Harry spent years, years in an abusive ministry home, after years of abuse from both the Dursleys and you. Why?" by the time Evan's tirade had wound down, they had the full attention of the entire restaurant, and a few bystanders outside. Malfoy lowered his eyes, avoiding the gazes that pierced his very being.

"I didn't want for any of this to happen. I just wanted Harry to love me, to belong to me fully. When mother married father, she quit her jobs, and left behind all her old friends, unless he deemed them acceptable. I expected Harry to do the same. But he kept his stupid posse of do gooders, and his Quidditch, and his annoyingly sweet poetry. And then he had you, and still, he kept on having a life, while I was swamped with paperwork, and files. I didn't understand why he was allowed a life of fulfillment, and joy, while I was stuck with virtually nothing. I still don't get it. Not really. When I left you, my friends were supposed to agree with me, about how weak, and clingy you were. But they did the exact opposite. They told me that I was the weak, clingy one. That I was wrong to expect you to give up everything. And I want to try. I feel like I'm finally ready to understand your life, Harry. Let me." The room was silent. Then, all at once, noise broke out. Harry's slack hold on his emotions failed, and he let out a small sob, burying his face into his son's chest. Evan growled menacingly at his sperm dispenser, while Severus' mouth gaped as he stared in disbelief at his godson. And the rest of the room booed, shouting insults and words of disgust at the blonde. Draco, for his part, looked confused. Wasn't this the part where Harry leapt up and embraced him, and all was forgotten? Wasn't he supposed to be sharing a manly, yet emotional hug with his long lost son? What the hell was this??

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